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Season 3 is out, and with it comes a new best method for the unlimited Essence glitch. Today I'm going to be showing you guys how you can get unlimited Essence from scratch, and it takes you no time at all. Make sure you follow my steps carefully to get this done as fast as possible. This updated article will be included in my next glitch compilation, so make sure that you're subscribed and turn on notifications to keep up with all the latest and greatest glitches.

Previously, there was an extremely OP aftermarket attachment called the Jack Purifier. Man, I missed this thing already. This thing was a killer and killed Mega Abominations in seconds. Unfortunately, like all OP items, they nerfed it as a part of the release of season 3. Luckily for you, no matter what the best method is, I will look into it for you guys, so let's get right into the fastest way possible to get unlimited Essence.

So if you're not already doing the tombstone duplication glitch, you need to be doing that each and every single game, but the glitch that we're going to be doing today requires multiple players. In fact, it's actually better that the more players that you have on your team, the more it actually multiplies your winnings, so if you have three players on your team, it's going to go three times as fast.

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So without further ado, let's get into the steps of this glitch. I'm going to make this article very quick so that you guys can get the updated information and be on your way. First of all, if your teammates have a tombstone on the map, make sure that everyone destroys it now. Like I mentioned before, we had the Jack purifier, but we no longer have it, so we're going to need to find an alternative.


Method in order to actually gain the essence and that's where this new method comes into play now I don't want to waste any of your time so what I'm going to do is explain exactly what's changed first of all at the start of this article so in my previous article if you are subscriber you'll remember this one I was cancelling contracts in tier 3 in order to generate a bounty contract if you didn't know a certain amount of contracts, usually show up in each zone so if you cancel a bunch of them it will generate them and randomly select one or the other and usually it was a bounty contract that would show up I got really lucky with mine at least but the problem was is in tier three I tried to do the delivery contracts instead of bounties since there's no flamethrower it's going to be a little bit harder.

I found that they don't generate as much as the Bounty contracts; it was the weirdest thing in the world. It took me about 20 cancellations just to get a single delivery contract after I did my first one. So you may be asking yourself, Okay, so what is the best method I'm going to give it to you right now?

It is tier 2 Bounty contracts. Now, I'm not lying; let me explain in the next 30 seconds to a minute, because I know some people have differing opinions, but I have justifications. In my opinion, all right, first of all, you're going to need an upgraded scorcher. Now the reason for this is obvious: you can fast travel.

As you can see here, I am flying around the map. You can get from one Edge to the map to the other within 45 seconds. I've already demonstrated that in previous articles. Now here's a straightforward explanation of why Tier 2 Bounty contracts: Are relatively easy with upgraded Pack-a-Punch guns, right?


However, you only need a scorcher for this because an upgraded scorcher kills the bounty extremely quickly, so literally, you don't have to bring your friends along at all; you can fast travel and kill the bounty super quickly, so let's watch how fast I actually kill this, and now my aim is terrible here just for warning you.

I don't know how I missed that, but you can see it here within seconds. I've killed the Bounty now; this is the slowest one that I had all right. full disclosure This is the slowest bounty that I had; however, fast travel to it saved me a ton of time, and it only took a couple of seconds. As you can see here.

I actually ended up having a bounty contract all the way in the North Atlantic on Ross's map, but that's not a problem at all because, again, just like I said, you can get from one edge of the map to the other in about 45 seconds. It's easy to actually fast-travel if you do it correctly, so make sure you check out that article if you want it somewhere on my channel.


So what you want to do is just run around and keep killing these bounties, and for each player on your team, it's going to multiply your winning, so for example, if you have three players on your team, you are going to be getting 6, 000 Essence. Now, you may be thinking of yourself well with a Tier 3 contract; I'm getting 15, 000 each.

And here's the thing, guys: you only need about 30, 000 to actually start doing the glitch. Keep in mind that we haven't even started the glitch yet; all you're doing is gaining Essence in your first game, so once you get around 30, 000, we can actually get into the glitch itself, so let's get into those steps real quick and close this article out.

At this point in the article, you need to consolidate all the items into a single player. If you have too many items to hold on one player, that is fine, but what you want to do is for each player that does this part of the article, which is the actual glitch, you are going to need them to be holding everything that is valuable to you.


So what you want to do is make sure that they have Tombstone and that they have all the items on their player. So let's say that it is 30, 000 total between you and all of your teammates who want to go down with Tombstone. And then give up and plead for help, and what's going to happen is that it's actually going to take away your tombstone.

It's a little bit weird, but what's happening is that you're actually placing a tombstone on the ground, so you are still in the game and you still have the ability to be picked up. But here's the simple process: you need to repeat; you need to equip Tombstone plus all the essence; go down; plead for help; get revived; and then the other players will essentially repeat those steps.

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Now the last and final step is to die and leave the game. I will show you in a second exactly the order of operations, because you need to be careful here. You can mess this up if, for example, you buy Tombstone or drink it. After this point, once you've gone down and pleaded for help, your tombstone is gone, you do not have it on the ground anymore, and you have messed up the glitch.

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