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Let's get right into things. At first glance, I noticed multiple huge content updates in this season, including the return of Rebirth Island, one of our favorites. Now it's going to return as a Resurgence, as well as six multiplayer maps, including what looks to be four maps that will be included right on launch, so that is.

Rebirth island (new changes!)

Rebirth island (new changes!)

You may have noticed, or rather, Bad Company may have noticed, that buildings explode well. This is Raven Software's. Equivalent of it for Modern Warfare so what's going to happen is sometimes prison will implode, sometimes there will be a large explosion on the map I for one am fully supporting this I think that this is an amazing, thing to bring to Call of Duty and back in the day cuz I've played for 15 plus years in Call of Duty this is something that like I'm really excited about because that was something that Battlefield always had that Call of Duty never had right the maps on Call of Duty and this is kind of my only criticism of Call of Duty have always been very stagnant, right in the terms of like nothing would change, right and so that kind of brings me in my second point and I'm going to bring this up later when we go over that section, but there's going to be a variable time of day so you're going to have three different times a day that you're actually going to be able to play on rebirth Island so it's going to be really cool, weather elements will change but we'll go into more detail into that.

Later so to keep things on schedule I will quickly mention these modes and contracts all for rebirth Island right below here including that there will be a ranked Resurgence, mode for rebirth Island, the Champions quest which is not new will be offered for this map as well as a brand new contract called spy drones now basically what this is it requires you to locate some flying drones, that will be appearing to gather some data is what it says you need to destroy them as fast as possible and you will gain a reward as a result So the faster that you are with this contract the more rewards that you will get so that's a little hint for you guys to take advantage of that contract if you find it in rebirth Island. Chugging right along here, we're going to go over the six Call of Duty multiplayer maps.

New multiplayer maps!

New multiplayer maps!

Now you can see them at the top right here: emergency six-star Grime tanked, grow house, and checkpoint. Basically, emergency six-star Grime tanked, grow house, and checkpoint. The first four, if you're looking at it vertically, are going to be included at launch.

The rest of the other two, Grime and Checkpoint, will be included later in the season, but you should know checkpoint number one is a part of Rebirth Island. Just know that it is near the stronghold area, so if you play War Zone, make sure you practice in this area because you can play that map in multiplayer as well.

But just so that we can get through this guide very quickly, I'm going to go over the four maps that are going to be included on launch, including emergency. Six-Star Tank and Grow House, so let's go over the emergency first. It's near a medical facility; it's going to be nestled in between a bunch of mountains; Six-Star is going to be Dubai.

Resort that's on top of a skyscraper, now this one is going to have a lot of short-range combat emergency is going to be kind of a medium-size, combat now tanked on the other hand this is actually part of vondal so this is part of the vondal war zone map that will allow you to actually have longer sight lines apparently so you can use long range to medium-range weapons as well as an inside obviously in the aquarium where you can use shorter range weapons now last but not least is grow house grow house actually came from Call of Duty Vanguard, now this is a remastered map apparently the entire. Vibe has changed, and the environment has changed, if you will, so it will look a little bit different, but the general placement of the map should be the same.

Multiplayer modes! (new)

Multiplayer modes! (new)

Now quickly I'm going to go over the modes for multiplayer that are coming including Capture the Flag One in the Chamber Minefield and escort so starting off strong, we have capture the flag now capture the flag is going to be included on launch so you're going to be able to play that with all the new maps that are on launch also seeing a return is One in the Chamber Now One in the Chamber is one of my personal favorite game modes so I can't wait for that is just a single shot pistol game next we have Minefield, which is how they describe multiplayer, with mine so that I mean that's it and then lastly is escort so if you've ever played OverWatch they essentially copied overwatch's game mode so you're going to be escorting something, and that is the objective for the game.

As more information comes out on those game modes, two of them, Minefield and Escort, are going to be in season. I will keep you guys updated, but let's move right along. So jumping right into things, we're going to go.

b man

New gulag + warzone changes!

With the feature section next, we're going to talk about Climb and Punishment, the Google public event.

First, this one's pretty simple; actually, two ladders will drop. You have a choice: either you and your opponent can go back into the game free of charge without any fighting or you fight to the death and one of you leaves, so it's pretty simple. That's going to be a really good addition to Battle Royale, and I can't wait for it.

Polyatomic and oron jeez. I'm just not on it today, but long story short, depending on your level that you actually have when you take it to the buy station, you can get more and more rewards, so for example, for bronze, you can get random and ammunition, you can get cash, you can get armor plates, lethals, or tacticals, and then for oron, which is the highest one, you get a redacted free item selected at the buy station as well as a classified weapon or additional, redacted weapon.

barrier glitch

Of course, they want to be extra careful about giving us all the details, so long story short, you can actually get some additional in-game or permanent reward, so be on the lookout for that. Next, we have smart displays. Smart displays are actually pretty simple. Not only are they going to show the weather events that are coming up, such as the variable time of day that we talked about, but you are also going to be able to see heat maps, so this is really good for like those really good players who are trying to rack up kill counts during a game or have a very, you know, aggressive game where they're fighting people the entire time.

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