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A new method was discovered for the Easter egg bypass glitch and I'm going to be showing you all exactly what you need to do in order to do this glitch every single time that you come into the game you can do this Solo or with teammates and I highly suggest that you tie this in with your Tombstone duplication glitch, now this article will be included in my latest glitch compilation, now I post these after every single patch season 3 is coming up make sure that you're subscribed, in order to keep track of all the latest and greatest glitches so previously you would lay down to access those boxes is this method has changed so here we are in the main menu of zombies so let's go over the requirements for this glitch and then we'll go over the actual, steps.

So first of all, as you can see, I have a blood burner key in my inventory. Now I'm going to go ahead and craft a second one. I highly suggest that you have two blood burner keys for the first time that you do this glitch if you plan on doing it multiple times. If you're just doing this to check out and move on with your life, feel free to just have one blood burner key.

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So here we are in Game and again you can do this Solo or with teammates so in this case I'm tying this in with my Tombstone duplication glitch and I'm kind of farming, rare items as well as Essence so what I'm going to do is I'm first going to go over to my Tombstone here and make sure that I have all of my items and then going to show you guys exactly where you need to go from here because typically a lot of us are doing the tombstone duplication glitch especially, if you're watching this article on my channel then you 100% are likely doing the tombstone duplication glitch most people who watch my channel are and so I'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to get to the location from the graveyard so I'm going to go ahead and grab all of my items making sure that I replace whatever I have duplicates of because obviously, most of the time I will have my ether blade once you've done that we're going to go ahead and head over to the.


Location so the location that we're actually going to go to is in the Southeast, region of the map so there's this little Tunnel right here it's a cave that's at the end of this little Mansion now I'm going to speed up the article for you guys so that I don't waste any of your time this article is going to be very quick so make sure you watch for all the details so we're going to go over here and this is where the cave is actually located, you're going to run in and what you're going to notice is there's a little bit of an inlet there as well as a doorway back there so what you're going to look for is this little lamp post right here so go ahead and walk up to it and what you want to do is just simply walk forward while you're firing your Scorchers so you're going to see me do it right here I'm going to shoot myself up and hold forward, and I'm going to get stuck here now at this point you don't have to keep holding forward you just simply do that and as soon as you fire your scorcher, you can stop holding forward.

Next, you just want to charge your scorcher two more times, but what I realized a while back is that you don't actually have to charge it a lot; you can just fire it twice really quickly again and then just simply. Jump, and you will actually get into this little glitched area, so you'll see exactly where to run here.

It's very simple to do, so you run from here in a straight line. Just go over here now. You need to be super careful. I mean, watch here. I immediately dropped off. I haven't done this glitch in a while, and the only way to save yourself from dying is to actually fly over towards this pool because, for whatever reason, Call of Duty counts.


Water is going down, and I don't know how to describe it. The depth the depth, of a pool is like way deeper than it actually is above ground so long story short aim for the pool if you fall but don't fall just please be careful while you're doing this glitch so anyway what you want to do is come over to this room here, and what you're going to do instead of laying down cuz you can see I can't actually access it is you're going to take one of your blood burner keys and you're going to spawn the blood burner while you're standing, towards the center of the room now I messed this up a couple of times so make sure that you're very careful with this portion of the glitch, make sure you're standing about right where I am and go ahead and spawn the blood burner as you can see it almost spawn outside of the room so go ahead and spawn it and when you lay down you can actually access the blood burner which will then glitch you into the room now you may be asking yourself.


Okay, but can I even get out? The answer is yes; you can actually unlock all these doors from the inside. I've never done the Easter egg so maybe you spawn into this room and then you unlock the doors for your friends, but what you're going to do is you're able to access all of these chests now I highly suggest, that you take the blood burner out of the room because what it's going to do is you won't actually jump on it accidentally jump on it and you also can have a clear line to get away from the mimic so one of these chests is going to have a mimic, and if you have an upgraded scorcher, it will be light work now since I'm a scaredy cat I kind of backed up and did it but it was it was super easy to actually kill him so as you can see I got a wonder wol I got a couple of perks I got a self-revive.


Unlock the doors and let your friends grab the loot; it does not matter now to end the game. I would highly suggest that you go and do either the scorcher method for the tombstone duplication glitch because it's literally right there on the edge of the map or simply make your way over to the main portal.

The main portal method is obviously the bad signal method; typically. I prefer this method, but if you already have blood burner keys in your rucksack or you've already spawned a blood burner, then you can actually go and do that version of the glitch, and it's actually closer than the main portal.

So anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that you can do either of these methods, and it won't really matter which ones you do. All I do is just want you guys to make sure that you're actually doing the tombstone duplication glitch along with this because, again, the blood burner is required for this, so if you simply have a slot in your rucksack, for example.

dark aether

I have legendary ether tools. I'm typically not using a normal weapon. I prefer the ray gun and the scorcher as my two weapons of choice; that's just my personal choice, so if you're like me and you like Wonder Weapons better than normal weapons, then you don't really need a legendary ether tool, so I'm able to sacrifice one of my rucksacks.

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