News - They Added A Secret Mastery After Interstellar Warzone 2

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So I thought, after unlocking Interstellar and Camo, I was done. No, I was very wrong. It turns out that after that, there's another mastery grind called Grand Mastery where, with each weapon in the game, you have to get 100 kills with the Gilded camo, 200 kills with the forged camo, 300 kills with Priceless, and 400 kills with Interstellar.

By adding up to 1, 000 kills per weapon you do this for, you get a special reward, and once you have mastered every single weapon in the game, you get the grand mastery reward. This year. I want to get 1, 000 likes on this article, and I'll carry on with my next weapon, but for now, let's master our first gun, and here we go to get this grand mastery, so just like last year, you get a charm for completing the ultra mastery grind.


All grand mastery I don't know which one it's called, to be honest, but last year, when you collected all of those charms for each and every weapon, you got a special charm again. But this one was a special one but we were all move man but we were all kind of hoping we didn't really know but we were hoping that okay once we complete this grind we're not just going to get a charm we're also going to get something else now the talk at the time was it was going to be the camo combination, feature where you could add multiple camos to the same weapon that never happened but I don't think anyone has completed the grand mastery for this game yet so there's still a chance that we don't only get a charm I don't even know if that's supposed to be the main reward for this game, but there's a chance that we get something else, especially after all of the complaints that happened last year because it was only a charm, so we'll see if we're going to continue to work our way through this all year.

We've got enough time, but that is a lot. Of this man's got, Yo, that is a lot of kills to be getting. Let's be honest: 1, 000 kills with each weapon, like sheesh. At first, I thought this weapon was terrible, but it's actually really good. At the start of this game, we needed around 140 kills with this interstellar camo on our gun to have ultra-mastery or grand mastery again, whatever you want to call it, so hopefully we can get They've just got a Vall.


Do you know what I'm going to try to do? Let's see if we can break the streak. Where is it? Woo took that out, but they've also got a Vall too, so we're still down. They just got another one, It, No my, I cannot step. Outside, I got my advantage with the UAV, but I can't step outside still. Advantage UAV in the sky: there's someone really good on the other team.

I think the only way we win this is if we drop a nuke, and I highly doubt that's going to be possible in this Lobby just got an OverWatch Hilo again. I'm about to lose it. I got to hit it this time. Come on, he just got a. Are you flipping serious, all right? So, as you guys can see, I've already completed the guilded mastery.

the forged mastery the priceless mastery now for the interstellar mastery We only need 53 kills with the interstellar camo on, and we'll have that complete, which will then give us our first Ultra Mastery charm. By the way, can we just appreciate how good this blueprint looks? That's the only reason I'm doing this one first, okay?

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So annoyingly, we've only got a team deathmatch, meaning for us to get what it was, 53 kills might be pretty difficult, so we've got to lock it. In, well, there's. Three, what no, that was the best start we could have asked for, though I'm actually looking forward to the rest of this series because it actually gives me a reason to hop on and play every day, you know, because if you don't have something like this to work towards, it's kind of like.

Ah, you know what special is there to go for once you've got all the camos out of the way? It's kind of just like whatever now I've got something to aim for; you know, it makes me have to use specific weapons, specific camos; it's kind of fun. By the way, I really hope you guys had a great Christmas.


You know, I know some of you guys don't celebrate it, so either way, I hope you had a great past couple days. I hope you guys were able to spend time with family. Those of you guys who got gifts, I hope you guys got what you wanted. I really wanted to get a article out on Christmas Day, and I did that, but a lot of people, of course, didn't see it because it was Christmas Day.

A lot of people were not watching YouTube and spending time with family, which makes sense, but if you guys didn't see it, I found the Christmas, noobs of Modern Warfare 3 bunch of fun. If you haven't checked it out already, go do so. But another reason why I really wanted to get a article out that day is just because, you know, a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas, or you know.

I don't have any loved ones to spend time with, or just because I'm not spending time with them all day and want the article to be watched as usual, so I've got you guys, man. I wanted to make sure I did that every single year. How many kills did we get? 45 actually, we're very close. Wow, we're actually really close.

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We should be able to do this very soon. I'm hoping there's a pop-up for this. Right, please tell me there's a. What are you doing? Please tell me there's a popup for this. I think we need one more kill. There we go. The weapon challenge was completed. It actually pops up too. That's so fire.

I didn't notice the other ones pop up, but I guess they do. That's cool, man. If it didn't pop up honestly, I would have, and that was the end of the game as well. If it didn't pop up genuinely. I would have lost so much motivation to do this for every weapon, but that popup just made me feel so much better, so let's check it out and see how it looks, as you can see on the right view.

Weapon Mastery All of the ticks are there; let's go over to this view weapon. Mastery Okay, there we go. We've got all of them done, guilded, forged, priceless, and interstellar, meaning we now have this charm. The grand mastery reward has to be better than this, please. I guess that's part of the fun of doing this is the fact that we actually don't know if we go to the charms.

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Here we go, and here it is, right here—actually, DM 56 Mastery. We have, yeah, this is what we spend time doing—not gold, not another camo, anything like that—a weapon charm. You know, sometimes it's not all about the reward; it's about the feeling that you have when you complete a whole grind like this.

There's been times in the past when I thought you knew certain mastery camos that we've had just didn't look that good, but I still got them because it's that feeling of having it, so I want to hope that even if it is just a charm that you get at the end, at least I will have that feeling right. Who knows but let's look at our reward.

So there is another Mastery Grind after Interstellar Camo in Modern Warfare 3 and today I thought I'd check it out. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.
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