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So it's Wednesday, and we all know what that means. However, this one's a special one, so if we go over to challenges, of course we can see weekly challenges. We have a new set of weekly challenges, this one being week eight. However, this week I actually don't care about the main reward. The main one for this one is this Rook blueprint.

Who cares about a blueprint? We can preview this right here; it's part A of HRM. I don't care; we do not care. What's special about this week is the fact that it's week eight, and throughout all of these weeks that we have been completing, we haven't only been getting the main rewards; we have also been working towards a grand reward, which is this rotten Inferno.

Camo. As you can see, we have completed seven of the eight weeks, and today is going to be the eighth. Just look at what we are about to unlock: this crazy flame, animated camo man. Ah, you guys already know that each week we get a new set of weekly challenges, and you have to complete five of them in order to get the main reward and also to complete the week, meaning we will get this rotten Inferno camo, so that is exactly what we are going to do, so I've set five of them tracked so that I can look at them in game.

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First of all, I need to use this backs saw kit while in tact, I believe. I also need to get kills while sliding or in midair, so I guess we can do that too. Even though we're sliding with this gun, or at least this build is not the one, let's say that maybe I should just jump. Instead, I'm literally just hopping right next there.

We got that one out of the way, too. Now we also need to get double kills with the melee weapon, so on shipment, that should be pretty easy. Stay still; I missed your shot. Thank you he's got a riot shield. Go; don't ruin this. Do not ruin this. Yo, this guy ruined my double kill. Actually, I think that might have counted as an advantage.

UAV, what is going to make this so much easier? I may have counted as one, so now come on, come here, and there we go. Is that another one done? There we go. Three operat melee kills done, so now we need to get double kills with the Jack Magift equipped, and honestly, on shipment again, this should.


Be insanely easy. I feel like this week's challenges are a little bit easier than some of the others that we've had recently. I will gladly do this; that's already done. Now we need to get long shot kills with a recommended weapon, so I think what I'm going to do is put on a shotgun and also put on the slug rounds, which yeah, we can take off, and then also put on the Red Dot site, which is what we need to put on the glassless optic just because long shots with a shotgun are much easier to get.

We're on shipment, so we can't really get extremely long-range kills, but with a shotgun, it counts a lot closer than it would with an assault rifle that was a long shot, for example, which would not have been the case with an assault rifle, and of course the slow grounds just to make it a one-shot kill even at those ranges.


Come on, we need one more. That was it. I think that was it. Ten Inferno and locked. I saw that on the right. Look at that week eight challenge complete, which means we have them all done. Mastery reward: complete all a see wait, so it's a Mastery camo. I don't want to hear any complaints. So now if we go over to challenges weekly challenges, we can see camo collected as well as this Rook HRM.

I don't care about that rotten Inferno collected, so if we go over two camos, it should be under special. I believe yeah, it is, wait right here, rotten Inferno. No, look at this thing. Look how nice that looks! This has to be one of the best camos that they've added to the game. Without a doubt, I'm talking about post-launch.

This is fire, no pun intended. We've even got it on a knife as well, so when he stops swinging it around, can we look at it, please? There we go. Look at that. That's nice, genuinely. I'm actually happy with this because they've added a bunch of mids. Let's be honest, a bunch of very mid-camos to the point where I just didn't have my hopes high.

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I don't know if you guys remember how the last week was. It was week eight camo last time. I don't know, but just for completing all of the weeks last season, it was the most terrible camo that I have ever seen. Genuinely, it was so bad, so much so to the point where people were like, Why would they even? It doesn't even make any sense, but they did it, and I think they learned from what they did.

The reason why I think that is because after that week eight camo came out last season when the new season was starting, they ended up hyping up this camo right here at the very start of the season because people were so upset at the main reward being that terrible, it wasn't even animated too, so then we're like.

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Okay, yeah, we made a mistake. Let's start teasing this camo so they actually work towards the weekly challenges, realize the mistake they made, and make sure that it does not happen again. Get out of here, so, ooh, it blows in the dark, because, yeah, this is sick. Honestly this might be the fastest that I've ever completed weekly challenges that was less than half a game all the challenges required you to do was get about five kills each one which is hilarious, by the way Once Upon a Time that's how the weekly challenges were but then they just made them a little bit more difficult not necessarily, difficult actually just a little bit more time consuming you know it might be more kills that you have to get in order to complete one but this one felt like how it was when the game first came out which I'm not mad either way they were never difficult if anything I'm just really appreciative because they knew that I had to get this camo and they also made it 10 times easier for me so I respect.

Season 3 is around the corner, and we are getting Rebirth Island, which I'm very excited for, but I'm also interested to see how the rest of the content is going to be other than Rebirth Island. I think at the moment that's the main thing people are very excited for, but I'm hoping for a couple new multiplayer maps as well.

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The weapons we already know are going to be the Advanced Warfare M and the Bal 27, which should really. Interesting what the yo, where were you shooting? at. Come on, man, damn. I did play a lot of Advanced Warfare, so I know how the M was in that game, but in this game. I'm kind of hoping it works as a little bit of a faster sniper, maybe like the quick bolt from Advanced Warfare, which was a variant of the M.

The reason why I say that is because, of course, we are getting Rebirth Island, which I'm definitely going to play a lot of, and I feel like the only thing that is missing from this game at the moment in regards to War Zone is a fast-firing, one-shot kill weapon sniper, of course, and when I think about that.

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