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Yo, what's going on, guys, and welcome to season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 early. I'm sure most of you guys know by now, but a few days ago I had the opportunity to take a quick trip, and when I say quick, I mean it. I was literally flying for longer than I was there. Damn, for that extremely long flight.

Please, me and some other creators took a quick trip over to Sledgehammer Studios in San Francisco to get early access to Modern Warfare 3 season 1. We were able to record it, and that's why you guys are able to see it today early because the actual season drops in a couple days from now, so we've got the juicy early gameplay to show you guys today, which includes all of the new maps.

I've got gameplay for all of them. I've also got gameplay for the new weapon, the new sniper, and also the ram 7even has come back, and there's also some new kill streaks that I don't think anyone actually got at the event; there's the Swarm and the EMP. I'm so hyped that they're back, and I was very close to the swarm.


You guys will see I went on some crazy streaks also, and if you happen to be new around here and you haven't already and you enjoy the content, subscribe now before we get into some of my crazy streaks. Let me just give you a brief overview of what you're seeing. So the map you guys are currently seeing is called Greece, which is one of three regular multiplayer maps that are coming with this new season, but there's also a new 2v2 map, which you guys will see gameplay of in this article too.

I must preface this by saying we were not allowed to use our SCU controller, so if you notice the game play seems just a little bit different, that's the reason for it. We were not used to those regular controllers at all, so please don't be mean, but this grease map looks really good. I love the look of it.

The colors look beautiful. Of course, when you're playing against a bunch of YouTubers, you know, streamers and all that different stuff, it's difficult to get a sense of how it actually plays, but in terms of appearance, it doesn't seem like too big of a map, so that's always a good sign, and it's also bright, sunny, with a nice blue sky.

cod mw3

We love that it has water along the side of it, and I noticed I did get snuck up on it. You can use that to blank all the way around. I'm not sure if you guys are fans of that or not. This also includes, of course, Ram 7 from Modern Warfare 2019. So it was a DLC weapon in that game too, and it ended up being kind of meta; I don't think everyone used it as their primary weapon, but it was definitely a viable option.

A lot of people would use it with the blue do Hol in this game. It's difficult to tell because that's all you were coming up against, so you couldn't really compare it to a different weapon. So I have no idea whether it's going to be meta or not. We'll have to wait until the actual new season comes out, but I hope it's really good.

It did feel good. The variant that we have is a black cell variant, so it already came with a bunch of attachments. Our weapons didn't have attachments; already on it, you'll probably see in some of the gameplay that I was leveling up my weapon during getting kills, so we didn't have any of our attachments, other than what we had with that black cell variant.

modern warfare 3

By the way, that looks really cool. It actually has a scope, but everyone took the scope off. The problem with the variant was the fact that it only had 20 bullets in each magazine, so we were struggling. You could get one kill pretty much die straight away. I've got nothing left. Next up, we've got another new map called Meat.

Questionable name, I know, but funnily enough, this happens to be one of my favorite maps out of the selection that we have because it's a very small map. Literally, what you see is pretty much what you get; you have the spawn, the little building in the middle, and then the other spawn. This for me in terms of size gives me shoot; house Vibes maybe even smaller, but that's just how I see it in relation to shipment.

You know, it's not quite as small as that, but if you have to play it, you can play it, get your challenges done, and it was fun. I'm using a new sniper, which is the XRK, Stalker, Really good sniper. You guys know I talked about it recently in a article we don't really have currently at the time of recording this article.

modern warfare 3 multiplayer

Anyway, we've got the long bow; we've got the other one that's like the longbow but isn't very good; and then we've got the proper bolt action sniper, which is on the slower side; this one is a proper bolt action sniper, but on the faster side, filling the gap that we needed to be filled. Of course, we didn't have any attachments.

On this sniper, it's kind of difficult to tell how fast it can really be, but trust me, it is that middle ground between the longbow and that really slow bolt action sniper. I am really excited to see how this works. With some attachments on it, for sure, this was actually shown in a trailer one time just to give you guys a reference, and a lot of people saw it from a side profile and thought it was the blister from Black Ops 2, so if you want to sit there and use it and tell yourself that it's the ballista, then you can.

modern warfare 3 season 1

I won't blame you; you can probably build it really fast to the point where it will be a lot more comparable to the ballista, or at least we can all hope you're not that. Minute, this one is called Rio, and by the name, I already knew that it was going to be nice to look at good colors; that's just what we need in a map.

I think it's that simple, to be honest. Give us good colors in the blue sky, and I'll be happy. It's literally as simple as that. The map feels like a good size, and I started popping off, getting streaks. Bear in mind that this is a bunch of streamers, YouTubers, and all of that, but I managed to get my OverWatch Hilo.

I was going crazy having a bunch of fun on this map; it just felt natural to me. I don't know what it was, but the majority of the map, of course, has the outskirts going around the outside, but the main fights are in the main building. really nothing crazy to say about it other than the fact that is a really nice map.


I can see it being good for hard points. Not sure why, but I just feel like there's cool different locations where the hard points can go, but just watch me pop off. Did we get swarm? Maybe we'll now we also did get the opportunity to play the new 2v2 map called Training Facility. I don't know about you, but I don't really care too much about a gunfight.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Sledgehammer Studios in San Francisco once again but this time to play and record Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 early. This includes all of the new weapons, maps and more. A massive thank you to Call of Duty for the opportunity and flying me out there to be able to get this content to be able to share with you all. Always a pleasure.
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