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today I'm going to show you how easy it is to get unlimited Essence and how to do the tombstone duplication glitch in season 3 Reloaded, now this article includes a ton including how to get unlimited Essence solo and team duplication glitches, an extremely lazy alternative, way and much more with the new schematics out it's important to know you don't have to risk your items to attempt the new dark ether with the tutorial that I have in this article you can attempt it without risking a single item and grind and get those new schematics super easy, now in today's article I'm going to be as helpful as possible and to do so I'm going to run you through a typical game of mine so that you can see what your game should be looking like as well as how to do this glitch every single time with a 100% , success rate so here I am in a game and my inventory is already full of rare items I also have on the map an existing Tombstone now this is important to note because as you can see I have a backup of items essentially.

Best solo method

That Tombstone contains everything that you see here on my screen, so the purpose of this is obvious: you skip over your cooldowns that you typically would have to wait for at the start of every game. I will drink a Tombstone soda, upgrade a pack-a-punch level three scorcher, and make my way over to my Tombstone.

Now, with this glitch, you pretty much get a backup of items; that's the best way I can describe it. As you can see here, I have two ether blade cases, but I already have one equipped. I have an upgraded scorcher, but I have a second one in my Tombstone. And it's really up to you to save whatever items are most important.


In some games, you won't use one, and you'll literally have to drop them. You can see how much extra I have. I already have upgraded weapons. I don't need five crystals in my inventory, so it's really up to you to decide what is most important to you. For me, it is an upgraded scorcher every single game because it only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to get anywhere.

Also, make sure you call out other players and give your spare items just for good luck. I always have something to give up, and typically people are pretty surprised, but there should be a purple portal on the edge of the graveyard. Typically, it does show up, but not every single time, and if someone takes it, it will disappear momentarily.

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So if you see one, make sure you take it. You can get some free Essence while you fall, but where we're going to go is the bad signal area. For this glitch, I typically use a bad signal because it is the easiest possible way to actually do this glitch. You need this mission selected. In order to actually do this glitch so make sure that bad signal is your selected Mission, and make your way over to this building now at this point I want you to make sure that you are not on a team so go ahead and either hold up on the d-pad if you're on a console and select leave team, if you're on PC it is alt hold alt and then select leave team now at the back of this building right next to the bad signal portal if you walk up to this little window pane right here you're going to see a portal now if you don't already know about this long story short you enter a code and you are given the ability to purchase a portal to a specific location so I'm going to go ahead and enter my personal favorite code first, and then I will show you guys next.

The most popular way, if you will, is for my code, which sends you to a water tower near the edge of the map. Now I'm going to pull up the actual map of all the locations in a second, but long story short, you are trying to aim to get to the out- of bounds line as fast as possible, but there is specific timing with this.

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You actually spawn at a water tower there, and you can kind of fly to the edge of the map. That's my personal favorite, but let me show you the easiest one. So I'm going to put that code up on the screen now, and essentially all you do is teleport over to a beach, and you are going to run for the edge of the map.

It is very simple, and it's again the most popular for a reason because there is no jumping; there's no, you know, acrobatics. If you're not a fast player, this is going to be the method for you if you have difficulty. For example, if you're on a console and you're using analog input, you know sometimes it can be hard to be super accurate, but on a PC, as you know.

I like the water tower because I'm quick with it, so what I'm going to do now is I'm actually going to demonstrate the full glitch to you, so here I am at the building. I have my 45, 000. Essence and all the items that I want, and what I'm going to do is go ahead and enter a code. Now this is the one I'm going to go with just for demonstration.


Purposes are mine; just keep in mind that you are doing exactly the same thing if you go to that beach location. So I'm going to go ahead and purchase this portal and what you want to do is immediately run up the stairs and out the window and just pull your parachute like so now the alternative is you can jump right off the railing right in front of where the portal is run through the building and run to this portal and back that's the typical way that I do it but this is the fastest way so what you want to do is initiate the dark ether Rift, if you have a scorcher, you can just fire it and it saves you a ton of time and you just fly over to this door but again just run straight through the building if you want the simple way just jump down you know jump up the stairs you should get there before around 8 seconds left on that left timer there where it says one vote needed you know you just want to make sure that you at least are through the portal.

Before those 8 seconds, you can practice this, and it'll only cost you $1, 000. Each time, what you want to do is go ahead and vote yes. Now again, you need to make sure that you are alone so that you don't have to wait on anyone else, and you want to just enter the out-of-bounds line at 6 seconds.

Now, what's going to happen is very simple: you're going to wait for this timer to run out, but before it gets to zero, you're going to start teleporting to bad signal the mission, but you're also going to see an eliminated symbol. At this point, you essentially just close your game at this point and that will essentially end your game.

You can also just go into that game if you don't want to, but here's how to close it on Xbox as well as PS5.

Easy solo method

Easy solo method

Screen Now, there's a whole different way that you can actually do the Tombstone glitch. If you thought that method was complicated, I just went over it with you. This one will be a lot easier. You just need to make sure that you have a blood burner key in order to do this glitch. If you want to do this glitch, all you need to do is make sure that you have a blood burner.

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