News - They Added A $100 Camo Warzone 2. Rarest Ever. Gold Cheetah

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So we finally got it, and I just know my wallet is crying. Right now they just added a $100, Camo into the game, yes, and to make it even worse, I had to spend double what cheatah print The most expensive camo we have ever seen. You may already know about this and wonder why I didn't have it soon.

Let me get into that. This is a limited-time promotion, and in order to get this camo, you have to spend over $100 on the Call of Duty merchandise store, and you know me, I love my camo immediately. As soon as I found out about this. I rushed to the store, bought $100 worth of items, and got it shipped straight away later to find out that in the fine prints of the promotion, it says only you are naughty, and if you don't know.

I'm from the UK. However, even though I'm in the UK, if we go over two events, I managed to get it here we go cheatah print. Noah, you might be thinking, If it's us only, how did you get it? I hit up someone that I know from the US who bought them some stuff off of the store and got them to send me the code once they got it, meaning I had to spend another $100.


So all in all, in order to get this camo, I personally had to spend over $200. But it does mean I'm probably the only person in the UK. With this camo, I don't know if that's an achievement or not. No, as we load into a game to check out this camo my operator is holding, I never ask for likes, but can we get 4, 000 likes on this article?

I'm in pain. Unsubscribing to that would be nice. Okay, it's actually kind of shiny too. Just so you know, there might be a slight amount of copium in this article. Either way, it actually does look really clean, but what I like most about it is probably the fact that it's so rare. I also know that, most likely, I will never run into anyone with this camo, not just because it's so rare but more so because it's not available in the UK.

If you're on a US server, I'm sure you will probably run into people using it very rarely, though there aren't many people who would like to spend $100 on the game. I highly doubt I will run into anyone using this, so if you can't tell already, this is actually a mastery camo from Advanced Warfare.

cheetah print

This is kind of a pattern that we've seen recently. They kind of did a similar thing with the royalty Tiger Camo, the pink and gold one, that they made you buy an $80 bag off of the Call of Duty merchandise store as well. This time they thought they would up it just a little bit to $100, but even that one was a Mastery camo from advanced warfare, and I believe this one is too, so maybe in the future I don't know how many more Mastery camo there were in advanced warfare, but we could see more.

This could be a pattern. I was going to say I wouldn't be mad at it, but if they do it the same way, then I probably will. Will, here, buddy, there we go? Also, you may have already seen some people with the camo, and you might be thinking, Brad, why didn't you get it right away? It was funny because I was getting so many comments from people saying, Yo Brad, where's your article on this camo?

cheetah print camo

honestly, so I'm just going to be happy with the fact that I'm probably the only person in the UK with this, or one of the only people. I'm sure some people did the same thing as me. I'm not going to lie, though it probably should have been a lot more clear that it was only a US promotion; it was literally, in the fine print, saying us only.

I really like the look of this, though it's extremely clean. It would have been cool if it were animated, but of course then it wouldn't be the same as the advanced Warfare version, so I guess that wouldn't make sense either. Someone's up here, secing. Bravo! yeah, I had to fight me; I'd die too.

UAV bra, we're Charie. I didn't get the advanced UAV again, and of course you can put it on the Modern Warfare 2 weapons as well. This is the intervention; actually, this is really nice. I'm not going to lie; I know people will hate it because it is a $100 camo. Let's be honest. I know technically it's not worth a $100 camo, but I do like the look of it, and I do like how rare it is too.


This is by far the rarest camo in the game right now, and by the way, I'm not trying to convince any of you guys to get it. Of course, if you want to buy it, you can. If you're from the US, remember, don't make the mistake. I said no, but it's really up to whoever wants it. I've even seen some people who have it and are getting a lot of hate for buying it.

I don't think you should really judge what people are getting, I'll be honest, and also, here's the other one, the past one that we've had. This is the royal tiger, one pink and one gold. This one looks really nice, too. Let me clap. no, excuse me, You, fly. Over, come on, obviously. I don't think this is worth $100, and it has me thinking because recently there's been quite a few expensive rewards; none of them have really been to spend this amount of money and get this and this only; they've all been kind of framed as okay to spend this amount of money on this or buy this amount of bundles and you'll get this as a perk.

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But yeah, it has me thinking about what would be worth $100. Would you guys ever get another one, and it's the same guy? Would you guys ever spend $100 on something in the game? And if you would, let's say it's the camo. What does the camo have to do? I assume most people would just say, Yeah, there's not a camo in the game that would be worth spending $100 on.

That makes sense, but if they were to make a camo for $100, you would think that it would be something like maybe Black Ops 4: Dark Matter. You know it has the Dark Matter camo, but it's also reactive, so the kills that you get change the color of it, which would be cool, and of course, still, it's not worth $100.

But I probably would be a little happier, would you? Yeah, and I will say I've never ever been the guy that says solid camos are better than animated camos, and of course I always prefer animated camos, and I always say I find it a little weird that some people prefer solid camas to, and he just ran right past me.

gold cheetah

What the hell was that there's a community of people that like solid camos, and by the way, solid camos are camos that don't move like this one? Some people like those more than animated camos, and I've never been that guy, but I will say I kind of get it to a certain extent because. Sometimes what I've noticed with animated camos is that I will love them at the start, right?

I will love them, and I will love the fact that they're animated with all of that different stuff, but after a certain amount of time, sometimes not with all of them, they start to feel a little tacky to me. I don't know if that's just me, but I start to find them a little ugly. At times, not with all of them again, most of them I love, but some of them for sure I just like at the start because they're animated, and that's about it, and then after that wears off.

So they just added a new camo in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone called "Cheetah Print" and you unlock this buy spending over 100 on the Call of Duty Merchandise Store. But it gets even crazier. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.
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