News - This New Camo Grind Warzone 2 Is Going To Break Me

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Yo, what's going on guys, and welcome back to the one trick on every weapon grind every time I say that I regret it more and more, my God. Either way, you guys know how this works. By now. I'm consistently going for this grind, but if you guys want the next article as part of this grind and get 3, 000 likes on this one, since the last article, we have made quite a lot of progress, so I believe we left off by completing all of the SMGs over the AM9.

But now I have that ready to lock one trick on. We need less than 2, 000 XP, so that will be done insanely quickly, and I also worked on the battle rifles and the shotguns, so right now I have the bass B ready to unlock one trick as well, only a couple thousand XP off. That looks crazy, by the way, and we've also got the Sidewinder.

Ready to go as well, we need 7, 000 XP to get this I was planning on saving the final battle rifle for this article as well as the MCZ, but yeah, I accidentally unlocked one trick on it. I got carried away, and then with the shot. I've already got a couple of these one trick as well, so the Lockwood 680 is out of the way, then we've got the hay maker, which is almost done, and we need 7, 000, more XP for this.


I'm telling you guys, I've been grinding man, so up to now we've got all of the assault rifles done. Once we get this AM-9 done, we've got all of the SMG guns too. Wait, can I get my weapon back? Thank you also, in this article, we're going to be finishing. We're going to be finishing off all of the battle rifles in this article too, as well as most of the shotguns.

I think we'll have one left by the end of this article, so we are making great progress. I think at that point we will be around halfway through the grind, but listen, we actually unlocked it already, so that is all the SMGs done. Now we can start working on the battle rifles, but can you just remember how beautiful this blueprint is?


That's why this isn't one of the Mastery Camos already. Never, that was kind of disrespectful, so disrespectful. I think at this point it's starting to hit me how long this is taking and how much time I'm having to put into doing this because you guys have to remember it's a little bit different to the grind at the start of a new Call of Duty when we're going for the into Stellas, the Orion, the Dark Matters that is literally all we are focusing on at that current point, but with this grind of course I have to focus on all different types of content at the same time, so there's really just so much going on as well as the fact that I have to grind for hours on every single weapon.

I know that it's only XP, but it is kind of comparable to the interstellar ground because to unlock in Stella, you have to do camo challenges for every single weapon, and to complete them, it probably takes a few hours of constant grinding. The difference is that, of course, you have different camo challenges that you need to complete, whereas with this wait, someone's climbing up the ladders.

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It's this guy. This pink guy keeps running around crazy. So yeah, it is slightly different because there are different camo challenges that you have to complete along the way, but the 1 15, 000 XP that you have to get for every weapon to unlock one trick, there we go, and we got it for another weapon as I was saying the 150, 000 XP that you have to get for every weapon kind of ends up equating to the same amount of time as it were to fully complete a weapon for interstellar, if that makes sense, so TimeWise, it just kind of feels like I'm doing the interstellar grind all over again just in the middle of the year.

It's so weird. I hate the fact that I have to use the sidewinder. I have never liked this gun. It's just so slow and sluggish. This is disgusting. So yeah, it's starting to hit me for sure because I just know the assault rifles were cool. Because they're assault rifles, they're really good. The SMGs were really easy as well, because they're good.

I like them, especially on this small map playlist it's really easy to get them done sometimes you will run into weapons that are actually meta so you just use them anyway so for example with the striker 9 I had that done really easily because when I play war zone that is the meta at the moment four SMGs, so it was really easy to get that out of the way cuz even if I was playing without doing the actual grind I was still making my way towards one TR the problem is once you get the assault rifles, the SMG.

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With the battle rifles that I'm doing right now, even the shotgun, you start to move towards weapons that are never meta and never have been meta, and that's where it starts to get difficult because I'm going to be running around with weapons that are going to put me at a huge disadvantage, and it's going to become more and more difficult to get those high kill games that I want in order to get the XP as fast as possible.

I think that's where I'm going to lose my mind genuinely, and I can already feel it now just knowing that is looming around the corner. Even some of these weapons on this side of Winder are not what I want to be using, right? Now, what type of lobster is this? I'm dying in ways I've never died before.

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Funnily enough, since the last trick cam grind article that I made. I believe in that article I talked about the fact that it might be possible to get one trick on the Modern Warfare 2 weapons, and the reason why I said might is because someone actually figured out that if you used a Modern Warfare 2 weapon for long enough and got 150, 000.

XP Even though it didn't show up in the menu, one trick camo would actually pop up in the game once you got that 150, 000. XP Since that article, they've actually updated the game, and now one trick, the camo grind, shows up for the Modern Warfare 2 weapons as well, so you can officially do that grind over there on those guns too, which means nothing to me because I'm not doing that.

I'm not doing the Modern Warfare 2 weapons, but in general, the onetick C gr has got a lot more in depth because, now that I think about it. I think that is the only mastery ammo that can be earned on both the Modern Warfare 2 weapons and the Modern Warfare 3 weapons, so with that said, you guys have to think about it.

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Typically, in order to complete a mastery grind, you have to use a certain amount of weapons, and in each Call of Duty game, you're probably getting around 30 to 40 base weapons to use in order to complete the mastery grind. If you wanted to fully complete the one-trick grind, I mean fully on every single weapon in the game, you're probably doing around 90 different weapons.

So today I continue and approach the half way point of my journey of unlocking the One Trick Camo Weapon Prestige Camo for every weapon in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. But it's starting to hit me. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.
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