News - They Added A New Camo Warzone 2. It's Better Than Interstellar

best camo mw3

First of all, don't mind the dressing gown; it's cold in the UK all right, so there's a new camo going around that not many people know about, and apparently, it's better than Interstellar. So you guys already know I have to check this out, and the way you unlock it is in a way that will probably catch a lot of you off guard, so as you can see right here, we have the lachman, Shroud.

I know it's extremely random, but if you go over to the camos, you can see all of the base camos that came with the gun when, of course, it got added to Modern Warfare 2, but we don't care about those with Modern Warfare 3. I know I see bioluminescence here. I'm sorry I will be continuing this grind soon; don't worry, but the one we actually care about is this base camo right here.

The umbral destiny camo now, at first glance, well, at any glance, really, it looks terrible, right? I'm out, man. It turns out that's only on the menu. Apparently, it looks way better in game; it covers the whole gun. This is just glitched for whatever reason; it glows crazy. It literally looks like a mastery camo, so I have to unlock it, and the way you do it is get 20 consecutive kills with the lakman shroud.

better than interstellar

10 times without taking damage, so we have to go into zombies to unlock this, and then we can use it on any weapon. Do it It's been so long since I loaded into zombies. Listen, I know it looks terrible on the menu, but you guys just have to trust me on this one. We're going to do this challenge, unlock it, and you guys will see.

Caliber is a free-to-play tactical, third-person shooter with some first-person in there too that emphasizes teamwork and strategy. From playing it myself, I think of it as a mix of Battlefield. Counter-Strike and some aspects of DMZ in Call of Duty The game uses a class-based system similar to the battlefield system of assaults that supports medics and marksmen.

Of course, there are in-game purchases available; however, it's not paid to win. Don't worry, it doesn't give you a special advantage over the free players, and you don't even need a beast of a PC to play it. The minimum specs are on the low side, and you only need a 900 series Nvidia card to be able to run the game.


What's also great is that the team behind the game is very open to community feedback, and there's also regular updates to the game, which helps out a lot in keeping everything fresh and exciting to play. There's literally something for everyone in terms of the game modes. There's PVP, which is what I prefer for a more competitive experience.

There's also PVE for those wanting to team up with their friends and play more casually, Pvpve, which is a mixture of the two. Okay, we've got a lot in our backpack right here, so let me start using this stuff. We've even got the scorcher. I've actually never used this before, but I'm pretty sure we can just boost up.

Okay, I think I did that wrong. There we go. All right, let's fly over to this Outlast contract. Here we go. Let's pick this up. We need to get 20 kills consecutively without taking damage 10 times with this gun, so it shouldn't be too. It's a burst. I forgot to wait. Pack-a- Punching into this thing makes it feel like a six-round burst.


I don't know what that was. Luckily, this seems like a really easy challenge to do, so we should be able to get this done. I don't know how quickly but easily I wish there was a way for me to be able to track how many kills I'm getting; so low key. I've got to count each time I'm getting to 20 kills, which is just annoying.

Right, that has to be 20 kills, so I'm just going to take a hit. There we go, and now we're going to go again. Playing this really reminds me of grinding for the zombies, and I think I get comments on every single article of people telling me Yo Brad, where's the bioluminescent? Cam grind, you can't be the Camo King if you haven't got bioluminescent.

Shees damn listen, I've been grinding, man. It's just annoying because I can't put my time into everything at once. It's so tough, but don't worry, I will be getting bioluminescent very soon. Well, I say very soon. I don't know when, but I will be getting it. Don't worry. I think what I'm going to do to count how many kills I'm getting is.

cod mw3

I think when you get 30 kills consecutively without taking damage, it comes up on screen, so what I'm going to do is just wait for that to pop up. Jack grabbit, that's it. That's 30 kills without taking damage, so every time I get one of those, I'm just going to take a little bit of damage and then carry it.

On, a legendary and Pack-a-Punch 3 gun in a Tier 1 zone is so overkill. I know all the hardcore zombie players are so mad at me right now. I could definitely be in Tier 2 right now doing the exact same contracts and getting more kills a lot quicker, but, all right, there's the 30 kills again. Wait, is that it?

That's a different one. Wait, we just got two different ones. I wasn't even paying attention to those we got to get back in there and get the percentage a little bit higher so we get more zombies spawning we should be pretty close we're actually not going to be far off there we go kill a bunch of these come on there we go look at them all, man easy kill I definitely should have done this in two zones; this is taking way too long.


Wait, we got it. Universal Destiny unlocks Thank you. As soon as I complain, I'm not even going to complete that contract. I'll cancel that. Let's get to the nearest Xville and get out of here. Let's go, all right? Let's get in. And now it's time for me to go zombie. Okay, so now if we go back to multiplayer, go to the Lakman Shroud.

We should see it in our zombie camos there. It is Umbrell Destiny. It still looks absolutely terrible in the menu we're going to get into a game and test it on Modern Warfare 3 weapons where it actually works but here it is on the lackan Str you can already see where it is going though we're going to check it out in multiplayer of course cuz it looks crazy but wait till you see how it looks in war zone it gets 10 times better and here we go look at this it flipping glows, who would have expected that from a base camo?

lachmann shroud zombies camo

No one knew about two, so I saw someone post this on Twitter and I was like there's no way There's no way, but it turns out it's actually true, and it does glow like this. I doubt it glows like this on every map, but I think it works even better on War Zone as well, which I'm sure a lot of you guys play, so if you want a nice and easy camo to get that kind of look like a Mastery camo, then you know what to do.

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