News - The Grand Mastery Reward Warzone 2 Just Got Way Better

better than interstellar

So I've been, first of all, don't mind the list I've got my invisaline in again, but I've been having a bunch of people question whether I've quit the grand mastery grind. good one the short answer is no as you can see on the side of my gun I've been grinding behind the scenes and Grand Mastery just got a whole lot better which is why I'm here right now talking about it but for those of you that don't know what Grand Mastery is if you go over to the camos you can see the completionist, camos but then over further to the right you see View weapon Mastery on here you see a totally different section showing different challenges that you have to complete and once you've completed those you have technically mastered a weapon so for each particular weapon you have to get 100 kills with the gold camo equipped then you have to get 200 kills with forged 300 kills with Priceless and then 400 kills with Interstellar.

all adding up to 1, 000 kills. And once you have mastered every single weapon in the game, you have unlocked Grand Mastery, which has a totally separate reward, which is what we're working towards for each weapon that you master on that journey. You get a little charm. You can see this one is for the SBA, so let's see how many we have currently.

We have one for the HRM. You guys probably didn't know I had that one. I've been doing a bunch of these when the XP events come out because it's some extra XP to help towards the event. We've also got the SVA one. Of course, we've got the WSP Swarm that's three, the DM 56 that's four, and the striker that's five.


I've been taking my time on this grind, but you guys know what to do if you want me to send it 2, 000 likes. But the reason is this grand mastery. has got better, and I'm so motivated to do it now because of this. This is the new small map in the game, and it makes it so easy to get kills, and you're probably thinking Brad We already had a shipment.

Of course, I've played a lot of shipments in my time, and you get way more kills on this map. I don't know what it is, but it's like a guaranteed 100+ kills every single time, and for each weapon you need to get a thousand, so for each gun you need to get, I don't know, play maybe 10 games. It can be less if you get over 100 kills.

So I've been getting each weapon Grand Mastered in about seven to eight games. It's crazy i have been picking the easy weapons so far, though I've got an SMG with 100 rounds. Mag, there we go. There we go. I promise you, what I've been doing recently in order to do this grind is playing the game with no game sound.

It might sound crazy, but I've got two monitors. On one monitor. I'll be playing a stream, or I'll be watching a article or listening to a podcast, and I'll just be playing this game on this map with no sound, literally just running around getting kills. I might get fewer kills than usual because I'm not fully focused, but trust me, time goes by a lot.


Quicker you might be thinking, Brad, Why would you even want to do this grind? What is the reward, apparently? But my point is that they plan on adding more events, and a lot of the events that they add are XP events, and the best way to complete those XP events is by getting XP. What a lot of people don't know is that when you play and do the grand mastery grind, each one that you complete gets, for example, if you get 100 kills with gold, you get 4, 000 kills.

bonus XP, which helps a lot towards the grand mastery grind, not to mention you need to be running around getting a bunch of kills anyway to get as much XP as possible towards that event, so it just makes sense with all the events happening for you to do the grand mastery grind because it gets you extra XP towards the event and it also helps you complete the grind, so why?

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Soon, okay, there we go, all right. I only got 86 kills in that game, but it was only a confirmed kill. Yeah, I mean, fair enough, so if we look now, we should only need a few more until we've got this weapon completely mastered. Okay, I said a few. We need 154 more kills to get this weapon completely mastered, and we'll also see how much XP you get for getting the interstellar mastery done, because that will give us the best idea of how worthwhile this actually is.

You can also see, at least at the time of recording this article. Stash House only has one day and 3 hours left; however, there's also a small map. Mosh Pit, which doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, and in this Mosh Pit, you've got four tiny maps. You've also got rust, which is a lot of kills.

You've also got rust, which kills a lot of cargo. We all know how good that is, but then, finally, meat. Yeah, that's four maps. You can get a crazy number of kills. I swear, as soon as I start recording, I can't find a hard point. I can't find a dominance that always kills confirmed in team death matches.


confirmed, doing this grind reminds me a lot of the obsidian grind from the original Modern Warfare, and it just makes me wish that I did that grind because it was a camo. I don't know why I didn't do that. I only did it on a couple weapons—you know, the weapons that I used—but other than that, I didn't do it.

I didn't take advantage of that grind, so if they were to do something like that again, like a grand mastery grind for, but for a camo man who wouldn't do that. I would love that, but that also doesn't mean that Obsidian isn't coming back to this game because it was very well cut. I feel like everything has come back to this game at one point or another, so I really would not be surprised if we.

saw Obidian come back to this game or just whatever is equivalent to it that we could have for getting 15 kills in 30 different matches, which is what Obidian was in Modern Warfare. In 2019, funnily enough, I actually spoke to a developer at one of the events about the obsidian camo and whether they would consider bringing it back.

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Trust me, when I'm at these events, all I'm thinking about is camos, so trust me, I'm looking out for all of you guys when it comes to that, all of you guys and myself. I know I have interstella. one, stop running, yo, no if I, and he still kills me now. I understand two us the people that grind camos really fast it sounds kind of crazy we're just feeling like hey I want something new right now I'm not waiting but to the developers it kind of doesn't make any sense to do that because people are still working on the other grind so I'm sure once they see some data that shows that a lot of people have got into Stella that's when they will heavily consider adding another grind like obsidian into the.

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