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Modern Warfare 3 may be doing a franchise first tier upcoming where, if you're like me, a grinder of camos or any other rewards, this might be something you should keep an eye out for. We don't know when, but sometime in the near future, it looks like there might be something a little further for us to grind out as we go along.

Would you actually drop your thoughts and, of course, drop a like?

The new tease of a "grand mastery" reward of some kind in modern warfare 3

The new tease of a "grand mastery" reward of some kind in modern warfare 3

So a few days ago, at this point. I think it was like Tuesday, the day before the season launched, representatives from Sledgehammer. Treyarch Raven, and Boox all got in a call with some press and a few creators to share details. About the upcoming season, now season 3 is live for all of us.

Most of those kinds of calls are usually just like recaps, the blog revealing the season, but there's always a few things that may go almost unnoticed that are interesting. The biggest for me, at least, was this hint of a potential new mastery reward coming in the near future. It was asked during the Q&A portion of this: Are there any extra rewards planned for completing every Grand Mastery challenge across multiplayer?

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and zombies verbatim, the answer that we got was that we're looking into it. There are some aspects of it that will get a little difficult; in fact, I just read the Zombies part of that, on which we're working on some stuff, and we will roll it out eventually, but not today. So that's awesome to hear; obviously, you didn't give any sort of specifics , but I just like the idea of this fundamentally.

My own hopes for a grand / ultra mastery reward in modern warfare 3

I wanted to see something like this since we learned about carry-forward and multiplayer, and zombies are coming. You can go back to some of my articles pre-launch, and I was like, gushing over the idea of, for me, at least what I'd love to see: a grand or Ultra Master 3 camo reward like what I pitched way back then.

I would love to see something of any sort of number of these. It could honestly just be like one additional camo above if you completed both multiplayer and zombie stuff, but I think it'd be cool to see like a sort of new mastery set of it where you have maybe the opportunity of getting a new camo for completing both Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer masteries.

Your interstellar and your Orion camos You get another camo perhaps for your Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 Borealis and bioluminescent. Camos, you end up getting another Mastery camo. If you end up getting your Interstellar and Borealis camo for Modern Warfare 3 weapons, then maybe another Mastery camo.

If you end up just doing Modern Warfare 2 across the board, your bioluminescent and your oion, and if you got all those done well, then you got a brand new Grand or Ultra Mass 3 camo. Will that happen? Probably not like being 1, 00%, Real and honest with you, I don't see that happening as much of a pipe dream as that is, and I would love for it to happen. Historically, there's just not been a precedent.

Realistically, what's most likely to happen for a grand / ultra mastery reward in modern warfare 3

Realistically, what's most likely to happen for a grand / ultra mastery reward in modern warfare 3

here for that what is likely though I would say is maybe a camo we'll get to that in a second but honestly a lot of the stuff that we could also see this boil down to is something as simple as like a calling card emblem Andor charm, frankly I'm a little bit hesitant to get my hopes up for anything in regards to either anything too crazy but even just like another camo on top of that because it's mentioned Grand Mastery a lot of the times that's used in reference to talk about the Mastery, challenges, not necessarily the Mastery camos from Dev talk like a legitimate and more direct mention of the Mastery systems in place where you have to rank the weapon up and then get 100 kills with gilded 200 kills with forged 300 with Priceless and 400 with inter Stellar for the MP variation of it same thing goes with then the different named zombies Mastery camos but like 1, 000 kills base 36, 000. Base for your grand Mastery in your weapon challenge standpoints so when they use that term Grand Mastery I'm tempering my expectations but would still love to see a camo side of that and frankly I think that'd be something that more of the community would like to see as well I don't think a calling card or a charm for a completing Modern Warfare 3 zombies and multiplayer Mastery would do that but like if it was a camo I think you'd see people a little more hyped over that maybe I'm just misreading the situation , but then it comes down to this idea of okay well that's cool we can see it coming up but like at the earliest we'll probably see this at season 4 right like that is a long time into the year here and not a whole ton of time to really show that off or use it if we're going to transition then into Black Ops golf war in that theoretical naming for COD 2024.

Why has a grand / ultra mastery reward taken this long to get?

Why has a grand / ultra mastery reward taken this long to get?

You only have two seasons, about three and a half to four months before the next game, so at that point, why grind out the rest of it? If it's not going to really last all that long, why haven't we seen this to date yet? Well, that's a really loaded question. Honestly. I kind of think that there's a few different contributing factors here, but probably a lot of it comes down to one shortened development window; it's an afterthought about these ultra-mastery things or grand mastery things.

It's not necessarily something that is the most important thing to the play experience, as much as I love to have stuff to grind out. I mean, this game was built reportedly in 16 months, so you had to get architecture and structure content on three modes, balancing everything like that, another step above your mastery camos.


It's an afterthought for sure, but also coming later on in the season, it's a way to bring Grinders back later in the year, whereas they may not be playing with all that full transparency. I don't really play a ton of multiplayer War Zone at the moment; it's just one of those things that I did all that I really wanted to upfront get my content out of it, and everything that whenever a game launches.

I'm absolutely grinding that out 24/7. But now, it's kind of like my off time, my off season before I have to jump in and grind another CoD game out later this fall. There's nothing wrong with or anything about that; it's just one of those things that every single time around this year I just kind of roll back a little bit on how much I play, but if there's something like this.

I love grinding out camos if there's something that's that next level above. I'm going to come back, and there's probably a lot of people that aren't like that. Obsidian Camo in Modern Warfare 2019 was a great example of this; it was added at the end of April 2020, so it was added half a year later from that launch period.

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