News - Brutally Honest Review After Playing Warzone 3 Early

Initial thoughts

Initial thoughts

I loved my first play session of the new war zone, and if you saw that first game and my impressions of it, well, sniping is back velocity is insanely fast, and of course it can one-shot head shot without having to put on any silly attachments like explosive ruining a bunch of other stuff, but that first shot that I took of a player in air connecting well it left me in a great mood, and I'm excited to say the least, but after the event everyone wants to know now what are my first thoughts on it.

That article is here, and I've isolated it down to my biggest points. I am looking forward to what you guys have to say. First up, more awareness is now being rewarded. Overall, this game is shifting more towards a skill game, a skill gap, which can be concerning a bit, especially if you're not that great at the game, but it also allows you to have something more to work towards, which can lead to a lot crazier and flashier. Clips I mean just look at the sniping you may have heard people mentioning or seen them mention red dots are back this means on the tack map if you shoot a weapon when you are unsuppressed, that red dot will appear showing if you're above below your exact position will be revealed this has been a staple in Call of Duty outside of the last couple years with war zone 2 meaning there's going to be much more emphasis on suppressors in the game and building up the skill of reading the map is going to pay off for you likewise ghost will only work if you are moving sitting in bathroom with ghost will no longer, keep you safe you're still going to need the stealth vest overall it's going to give you more control in the game less BS ways of dying when you're having a good game is going to feel better which we saw when they added a goog change in war zone 2 where it made it 2v2, there was a juggernaut in the middle of course they reverted all of that back to how it was in the first game but they've cleaned it back up to 1V one, symmetrical.

Changes coming/pros/cons

Changes coming/pros/cons

There is something I dislike about almaza. And of course, no AI; it is a repel line that comes down in the middle, which I attempted and, of course, failed against one of the winners of the World Series of War Zone, who would have figured. I didn't pull that one off, but a much better change with the goog this time adding random events that can occur like nvgs required a night map even more fun a cash bonus where you just get tons of cash all over the floor in my eyes the goog should be hard it should be punishing and also rewarding then when you can actually bring your skill out and win after of course you died, and lost but at least you still have another chance especially for solos it's great, and while that skill cealing is going up it's not necessarily going all the way back to what it was in war zone 1 specifically talking about the movement here the best way I can describe it is it felt like I had more freedom with my character I wasn't locked into as many animations.

battle royale

With the ability to cancel them as well as just faster overall interactions. Zip lines you immediately, notice you grab Bond and start flying up, and of course the changes they made in War Zone 2, where you can have multiple people on at the same time and be able to grab it mid-flight, are all there.


There's also a horizontal line, which felt phenomenal. It seems like such a small change, but it avoids you having to go down, climb a bunch of stairs, and find another vertical zip; likewise, with rotations, the redeploy Send you so much further even the portable one which is different than the pocket balloon from war zone 1 allowing your whole team and even anybody else rotate this is just for the individual and helps with the rotations, in speaking of control you can also control the train that you can make go even faster stop completely has a UAV buy station on it there's controls at the front and back of it although if you lock it in the back you do have to go to the back in order to unlock it and make it move again overall it's just better and increased options for Mobility, both on a bigger scale rotating as well as on an individual scale which does directly affect the gameplay but your overall experience of it outside of just the player was also affected by the gun and of course the way you fight the visual recoil feels so much more like the original game where what you are seeing, is what you can also control, visual recoil has been so bad for the last year that I haven't even really run.

Any optic outside of just a normal red dot, and that's why you see all these aim-op users. Visually, it's just all over the place; you can't really tell what's happening or where you even need to control it. Even if the recoil pattern on the wall that you're looking at is not that bad, it's awesome to be able to shoot while you're sliding, although it does take it to the caned fire.


To me, they should allow you to stay with your normal ads unless that's specifically what you're trying to do if you're using an LMG or some farther-range gun, but at least you can shoot. You still can't shoot when you're dolphin diving. But when you land, the gun does come up quicker to shoot, but you have the freedom to reload at any point.

They did adjust it a little bit in the current game, where if your mag is still partially in, you can cancel it if it's early enough. Now, it's just at any point you can cancel the reload, as it has traditionally always been in COD, and I do think there is some realism breaking that happens with that.

cod mw3

I don't mind how they changed it, but this felt a lot better when you're actually playing the game, at least in my opinion after having played both of these extensively, and I think one of my favorite changes when it comes to guns is that you always have a pistol swimming in water climbing ladders, ledge hanging you get that starter pistol that feels really good as well you can shoot it even faster good siiz mag on it you can fight with it still not going to beat an AR SMG, the majority of the time but you can fight they also have some new streaks and even utility that you can use the one that stood out the most to me was the paper airplane looking breacher drone you can throw in any direction it goes in a straight line and blows up when it gets in proximity of an enemy this might finally get me to stop using Sexes, or even throwing knives and have a good alternative we could use and there's surprisingly, a lot of new perks three of them that they mentioned was Resolute where you run faster when you're hurt which I like better than them adding Serpentine where you run faster and take less damage glad that's not back shrouded you drop a smoke when you get knocked are radiated move faster and take less damage when you are specifically in the gas but there was a couple other ones that I noticed on these packages that they didn't mention Escapist, primed.

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