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Today I'm going to show you how you can save days or even weeks of time unlocking all the new camos and guns, including multiple glitches and methods that I have optimized. To help you unlock anything from the new trick camo to even Borealis in no time now, and to make sure I help out my viewers as much as possible.

I'm going to show you glitches and methods for every single game mode and a few tips that you aren't aware of that can double or even triple your XP rates. So without delay, let's get right into these methods. Before we start the first one, make sure that you have double XP tokens available, or better yet, do this on a double XP weekend for free, which will allow you to save your double XP tokens.

After those double-XP weekends, you can max out your guns in no time. In a weekend, trust me, if you grind this out with these methods, I'm about to show you that it will make your life so much easier, so let's get right into it. First of all, we are in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie, and I'm going to show you two major glitches that people use in order to get Borealis and other camos that are needed for zombies.


This applies to weapons in general, right? This is one of the methods. I'm going to be showing you guys something; it's called xfill boosting, and it allows you to double, triple, or quadruple the number of zombies that you have at an xfill. Now, full disclosure: this method in Tier 2 is a little bit hectic, so if you consider yourself an amateur player as far as movement or aim go, I highly suggest that you do this in Tier 1.

It won't have that much effect on it except that there's going to be fewer special zombies. I've noticed there's just more in Tier 2; maybe that's just my games, but if you already have a tombstone on the map from the tombstone duplication glitch, make sure you go and grab all of your items there before you start this just in case you go down or you lose something.


I'll have my all-working glitch, which is article linked there, so what you want to do is go ahead and find your way to a normal xfill. Now the difference is that it doesn't have a star on it. That's it it's very simple. It's the original XFS that we used at the start of the game before you started unlocking all these special, new ways to get out of the map and do the Tombstone glitch, so what you want to do is come over here and essentially start killing zombies like normal.

You're going to leave a couple of zombies behind in the end, but what you were essentially waiting for was for the helicopter to get in and to leave. Also, just as a note, you can activate Double XP tokens by pressing start midgame, thus saving you time when you go to reactivate. At the start of a game, you can get ready and then, you know, apply your double XP, but what you want to wait for is essentially for the helicopter to start flying away.

I usually go off of noise, so once the helicopter stops making noise and you don't hear the propellers spinning, then you should be good to go, and what you want to do is, as soon as it's gone, go about 300 meters away from the fill, and then all you want to do, just to simplify the process, guys, is wait until it turns blue.

dark aether

That is the easy method, but once you get used to it, you'll notice you only really have to stay about 200 to 300 meters away for about 10 seconds. Now, when you come back and activate the xfill again, what you're going to notice is that the number of zombies has doubled, tripled, or quadrupled. Now, it kind of depends on how many you leave; it's kind of like an algorithm.

There's really no way to tell what the best possible way to do it is, but as you'll see in a second, it gets absolutely, heck, and this is just super fun, and it's just a really easy and fun way for you to level up your guns. Now, the sheer amount of zombies that show up at these X fills is super important here because each zombie that you kill can actually contribute to the amount of XP bonuses that you get at the end of the game as well as the essence that you extract, so if you do the tombstone duplication glitch, you can kind of cycle through weapons, very quickly set up new classes, and come right back in and get to the X fills extremely quickly to actually repeat this process.

duplication glitch

So this is my personal favorite method, but let's get into the second method for Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Now the second method is really, really nice, but it's more for the laidback player. In my opinion, you can actually abuse this glitch, which is almost AFK. If you could figure out how to automatically shoot your gun and grab ammo, you could do this 24/7, AFK, so I'm going to take you right through the steps for this glitch.

It involves the Outlast contract. It is very easy to do, and you can do this solo or as a team. It does not matter, so let's get right into the steps for this glitch. You can do this anywhere on the map, and I highly suggest again that you do it in Tier 2. If you have access to Pack-A-Punch level through crystals, obviously Tier 2 is the best place to do this.


I wouldn't suggest tier three just because you don't get a lot of benefit or bang for your buck if you will, so go ahead and find yourself a tier 2 or tier one contract for Outlast, and what you're going to do is essentially run up the percentage. What you're going to do is run it up until it is above 990, and then you're going to go ahead and cancel the contract.

Keep in mind that if you are on a team, you're going to have to wait for them to accept the contract as well, so just make sure everyone is paying attention. I started an Outlast contract and essentially let it run to 100 without paying attention and had to go to another location. So what's going to happen whenever you cancel above 90% is that the zombies will not stop spawning.


If you're in Tier 2, you will also get special zombies that spawn, as well as dogs in Tier 1. I'm pretty sure dogs do spawn for all Outlast contracts. Maybe even special zombies. I'm not going to verify that cuz simply put I do everything in tier 2, honestly so next up let's go over the war zone methods so these are super easy to do and I highly suggest that you do them in the new loaded Resurgence mode it's going to give you the best Advantage for XP rates while it's still around so make sure you have a decoy grenade frag grenade and then for your perk package scavenger double time resupply, and ghost now you're also going to need obviously a weapon that you want to level up for I would highly suggest that regardless, again of what your objective is if your objective is player level still bring in a lowlevel weapon that you have that doesn't have any attachments Etc because each level that you get in each camo that you unlock also gives you General XP so what you're going to be doing is going into loaded Resurgence.

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