News - How To Unlock This "new" Free Camo Warzone 2. Free Camo (new Mastery Camo)free Camo


Com They include tons of legitimate services for Playstation, Xbox, and PC and have over 10,000 Trustpilot page reviews. Camo. Now to obtain the regular camo. Sorry if I am butchering the name, but it is currently going to be the event right now for 6 days. It's going to be called the Vortex DK's realm.

Once you have the event to go ahead and see on screen, you have to complete five challenges. You can either do one of three things. You can either do multiplayer zombies or warzone to obtain them, and you can go vice versa if some of the multiplayer zombies or some of the zombies. Challenges are hard to do, so first things first, we have getting kills with a purifier attachment equipped or the crossbow; this is going to be 30 kills in multiplayer.

To get the calling card and for our emblem, this is going to be getting 15 operator kills shortly after sprinting and using the throwing knife. Also, you're going to need to have the demolition vest on for this count. For our third challenge, we're going to be getting a charm, and this is going to be 10 operator kills with the mosquito drone or the remote turret kill streak.


You can run both of these core streaks at the same time to get the 10 kills super fast in one game. For our fourth challenge, we're going to be getting a weapon sticker, and this is going to be getting operator kills with the Jack backsaw kit equipped for the aftermarket part on your hoger. Now for our fifth and final one, we're going to be getting 40 kills with the Haymaker weapon while using the Gunner vest perk.

At the same time, this is going to be super easy to do if you guys do have any issues, or maybe you're not a multiplayer freak. You can go ahead and switch over to zombies, and this is going to be getting 150 kills with the crossbow or the Jack Purifier attachment in Zombie. The calling card is now moving over to the emblem; it's obviously going to be getting 50 kills with the throwing knife.

While Speed Cola is active, this is a little bit easier to do. You can get throw knife kills on zombies and have that Speed Cola perk if you, On the research vessel. For our weapon sticker, you're going to need to get a finished Rogue Signal public event ranked in the top three, and then last but not least, you need to hit five enemy operators with the bunker.

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Buster kill streak for the double XP token Once you complete any of these five challenges, you will unlock the regular and the animated camo, or, as I like to say, the reactive camo. This is what the camo looks like on screen, and honestly, it looks very good. In my opinion, I am very happy with this skin.

Now, if you want to be able to obtain the skin and wonder where it's going to go, we can move over to our weapon section. Go ahead and edit a gun, and I was currently using the Hoger aftermarket kit to obtain this camo. This was the last challenge I needed to complete. If we make our way over to Camos, we'll go to all Camos and then events, and then this is going to be our very last one for me.

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It might be different for you depending on how many camos you have. As you can see right there, we have the regular camo on our gun, and in the menu, it looks okay, but once we are in the game, like I said, it does look very good. But let's go ahead and hop into zombies and see what this looks like while we're in a zombie game.

I decided to put it on one of my melee weapons, and it's going to be my sickle, and honestly, this looks pretty cool, in my opinion, looking at C in the game. Let's see if we can get any kind of reaction. Happen while we are killing.

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