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So today, as well as the new conversion kit, they just added that they also started a new event called The Vortex. I don't know how to say the rest. Either way, it's a crazy new event, and the reward by the looks of it is a C, so if we go on to it, you guys can see it's an XP event, and you have to work your way through all of these different tiars until you get to the end and get this binary morality camo.

It all sounds great. Until you realize you have to get five, 48, or 500 XP, the bright side of the motivation to sit here for 4 hours and get all of this XP is the fact that it does clarify that it is an animated camo, so we have to get this. Yeah, I don't ask for likes, but for this late-night grind, can you drop a like, please?

We are currently around 8, 000 XP away from getting this camo, and we've also got some daily challenges that we can complete, which will make this so much easier. First of all, we need to get some tax, Dan Kills. We only need three more of these, and that will get us an extra 2,500 XP towards this camo, which is perfect.

There's two; there's the third, and you got it right, but you're ruining it. Come on, okay, there's the third, okay, and there's the daily challenge complete. The only other daily challenge that I need to do is get three head shots with a Marksman rifle, which should hopefully be another easy one.

binary morality

25k, where is everyone, at, there's one, okay, I missed I know a lot of you guys are probably wondering how I managed to get so much XP so fast. I will get into that later in this article, so make sure you guys stay tuned, but I think that is all the head shots. Thank you so now, as you can see, we only need around 250 XP, so let me just get a couple of kills, and we should be good.

Wait, it's complete. Wait, does it not pop up? I guess it doesn't pop up. We can leave this game okay, so if we go over to the events tab, we can see the maximum points obtained. If we go on to this, we have completed every single tier in this event, meaning we have now unlocked the binary morality camo.

Let me find this if we go over to the events tab. Is it here? Let me see. No, this looks like it could be crazy, so yes, it is animated. Those yellow parts look like they could glow too. We have to check this out in the game. Okay, let's have a look at this thing. Hey, I love animated camos, man.

binary morality camo gameplay

Don't get me wrong, some of them do look a little bit tacky, but this one is actually quite nice. I will say that a lot of the animated camos that they've added to the game recently have been quite lazy, not just because they're not looking good but also just because of the animation itself. They kind of just have the wallpaper, the effect of sliding down the gun, and don't get me wrong, this one has that too, but at least when you aim in it and it goes in different directions, it doesn't really look like the yellow parts glow, though let me get in the dark right here.

I mean. I guess, kind of actually kind of glow a little bit the red and the gold actually kind of glow a little bit, because if you go back outside. I don't know, maybe a little, but nothing crazy, so this camo, of course, takes over 500, 000. XP to unlock, which is a lot. I think that might be the most we've seen since the Magma Camo, of course; the Magma Camo was over a million.


However, since then, I don't think we've seen anything like this in terms of the XP goal, so just from that alone, I kind of assumed that this was going to be at least a decent goal. It kind of has to be that, with such a large goal, not everybody is going to be able to attain it, so it kind of has to be worthwhile, right?

Okay, and this one kind of looks really nice, and it's one of those that you probably don't want to miss out on, Hostile UAV in the get-out of my face. I need to use my ammunition, boys, but take it. Effective, no anyway. I'm sure so many of you guys are wondering how I've managed to get so much XP so fast, and I'll be honest.

Some of them are 2.5k. I would avoid those personally because they're not really worth wa they're not really worth your time. I would stick to the challenges that are worth 5, 000 XP. 7.5k and even 10, 000, so realistically, I would assume that most of you guys haven't completed every single one of the challenges when it comes to getting new aftermarket parts each week.


Most people focus on the multiplayer ones because they tend to think, "Is there a guy over here?" Where is this guy here? He's hostile he launches the, yeah, what? Anyway, when it comes to getting the aftermarket parts, each week people do the multiplayer challenges, which leave the war zone challenges and the zombie challenges, and not just that, in order to unlock the aftermarket parts.

You only need to complete five challenges, so even if you do the multiplayer challenges each week, there's going to be some left over, so what you want to do is look at those. So what you want to do is look at those challenges, see which ones are actually possible to do, and do them. A lot of the time, you'll be able to figure out different combinations, to the point where you'll be able to complete multiples at once, or maybe just get a few of them done each game either way.

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That's a massive XP bonus to what you would usually get just for finishing a game, even if you get a lot of kills. However, the biggest area where I get the most XP is from zombies. Now, I'm not talking about doing contracts or just getting a bunch of zombie kills and stuff like that; it's more than that; it's still the weekly challenges.

You want to look at the weekly challenges for zombies and see what you can do there in order to get a bunch of them done, and what you will find is at least what I find. Okay, you'll find that there's a bunch of different combinations that you can do to get around 10 challenges done each game, which in turn gets you over 100,000 XP after a game of zombies, so here's an example: If we go over to the zombie challenges, you guys can see I've completed so many of them; the first one is only 2,500.

how to unlock binary morality camo

XP So of course I ignored that, but for the other ones, you can see which ones I was able to do at the same time: hit-fire kills with an SMG pack-a-punched, SMG kills cryofreeze. SMG kills all of those I could do at the same time. Even if we go back to the previous week, there's just so many SMG ones that I could do at the same time, which is so much XP in such a short amount of time, and you can just find a bunch of those different combinations to do and you will fly through the event, my god.

Yeah, of course you can also put it on the Modern Warfare 2 weapons, as you can see. I mean, with the poor, poor inspection of this weapon, I've got it on the intervention. I've never understood why they made the inspection of this weapon so terrible either way. This is probably one of my favorite events that they've added to the game.

Today in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone they added another Vortex event called "Vortex VI.
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