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It's me, Scyth. In today's article, I'm going to be going over all my game settings. Any settings that I use in this game will be in this article. I will try my best to respond to anyone who has a question. Let's jump straight into.


So starting off with the controller settings, yes. I play a default controller, but I have two back buttons on my controller, which I use for crouch and jump, and my dead zone inputs are actually changed.

I play on the left stick. Min 1 left stick, Max. 80 right stick Min. 4 right sticks Max 99. L2 button Dead Zone 4: R2 button. Dead Zone 4: R2 and L2 buttons. You will need to change. This is not the default setting. If you lower these settings, it's going to essentially make you shoot faster from when you pulled the trigger, essentially turning your controller into mouse-click buttons, which you will want to have.

Imagine having the extra delay while trying to shoot someone; it's like you're just going to die every time I change my left stick. Max 80 that way, I'm moving a lot faster with less movement on my joystick. Essentially, if I'm moving, my mist kicks in just a little bit more, which you really want.



For my aiming settings, I play on a 77, which is kind of high; most people play between 5 and 8. You just have to find something that's suitable for you. I play 77. I'm comfortable with that. I played on 66 for the longest time, but for me, 77 is the perfect match for me. The best thing you can do is go into a private match, play against some bots, change it up, and once you find your sweet spot, keep it at that.

Do not change your sensitivity if you're a person who just goes. I'm going to play eight today, and I'm going to play five tomorrow. Your aim is not going to be on point; it's not, so keep your sensitivity the same once you find something that's good for your aim response curve type. I play on Dynamic; everyone who plays on Dynamic just plays on.

Dynamic: for the assist type I play on default, you can play Black Ops. Some people play Black Ops. I prefer default, but that's just me. For the rest of the settings, they are just defaults.



For my gameplay settings, I play with auto-tack. Sprint is turned off, but I have a single-tap run.

A single-tap run is just so helpful. If you don't use automatic tack sprints, use single-tap runs. It's going to save you so much time, and your movement's going to be a lot more fluid. Just use a single tap. It might take some getting used to, but it's worth it in the end. I use slide only, you're using tap to slide or tap to dive or hybrid stop doing it now diving is such an MW2, movement, sliding is here we want to be slide cancelling all over the place breaking cameras when we can so change this to slide only it's going to make that slide a lot more responsive and a lot more fluid plunging underwater I turn this on for free, and everything else should be on.


For my graphic settings. I play on a PS5, so in comparison to a PC, there are like no settings here, but I will still go through them as I've never really found a article going through PS5 game detail and texture settings, so my on-demand texture streaming I've turned on. I have a good internet speed here in the UK, and as a content creator, which I'm trying to be.

I turn this on for the extra little details if your internet speed isn't that good or you don't really care about those little shiny little surfaces. Turn this off. It's really not needed. The pros do not have this on-world motion blur weapon of motion blur film grain depth fulfilled. It's all turned off.

You do not need this. This is going to make your game look ugly. Fidelity FX Cass on PC. I normally turn this to about 100, but on the PS5, I found 50 works best for me. The Eco-Mode preset I have for low consumption The reason I have this low consumption is because when I sit down, I turn my PS5 on normally.


I'm going for game plays, but now that I have time to go for game plays. I'm normally playing nonstop for about 8 to 12 hours, which is a lot on the PS5, so I turn this on to low consumption, which slows down the menus and slows down the game when I'm skipping through menus or outside of lobbies. I'm just hoping it's going to save my PS5 just that little bit of energy and longevity in its life, but to be honest, you can have this off; it really doesn't matter.

For my field of view and refresh rate, if you have a 120 HZ monitor, turn this on; it's a game changer for the consoles. If you're a new player or you're not sure about your settings, start off at 100 and turn it up to maybe 105. 100 to 105 is the mark; it's the mark you want to be on. I play at 110, just so my gameplay looks a lot faster than it actually is.

I play with the default weapon. That's because there is actually a bug in this game. There is actually still a bug in this game. It's really annoying. Once the bug gets fixed and the fov bug gets fixed, I will turn this to wide, but for now it stays on default. Third-person point of view, 90 first-person and third-person camera movements I turn this to least, Inverted flashbang Turn this on unless you want to be blind.


Turn this on for the third-person ad transition. I don't really want to change this. Spectacular camera game perspective I'm not a fan of the helmet camera's brightness. I turn this to 50. Keep this at 50 and adjust your monitor's brightness. Your monitor's brightness will be much better than the in-game brightness, so if you're looking to adjust the brightness of the game, do it for your monitor.

How do I go back? Why can't I go back there? We go to the safe area. This is one that most people don't change; change it. It's going to change the game for you is that it's all the information tactics on the outside you want to bring these bars all the way on the inside and what this is going to do for you is it's going to bring you a mini map and all like all the information tactics on the bottom left the bottom right the mini map in the top left it's going to bring them in slightly, and that bringing them in it takes a lot sooner to glance at it and then glance back into the middle of the screen than it would if it was in the top leftand Corner, essentially, it's saving you time.

You won't have to look at it as much; it's right in the middle of the screen. Essentially, it's going to save you so much time.



for my in-game audio, I had to turn my audio mix to TV just to make my capture card sound correct. This might not be good for you; I used to use a headphone-based boost. Give that a go, but this is something you're going to have to do with trial and error. Go into a private match. Switch it up and see what sounds great for you.

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