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I am switching. This is your easy-to-follow solo guide to the final preseason mission called Defeat Zakaya. This is Act 3's final mission. After watching this guide, you will 100% be able to do this solo. It is really not that difficult. You will unlock all of your rewards, you will defeat Zakay, you will get the end-cut scene, and you will get this pretty damn cool Bone Collector skin.

I think it's probably the coolest skin in the game right now, but maybe that's just me. But something that you can actually earn—you don't buy it; you actually earn it by doing this mission. Anyhow, let's jump in, get set up, and get ready to do this. The very first thing that I want to mention is that you can absolutely cheese this boss fight.

No problem; you will be done in a minute, and I mean that literally. In order to do that, you just need to use the experimental gas grenades in your tactical and the thermite grenades as you're lethal. You need to throw both at the orcus boss and the big worm boss. When you get there, I'm not going to show you how to do this.


By the way, it's super easy; there's no point. When you get to the actual boss fight, when you get to the actual boss, you just throw your gas grenade at it and then you throw your thermite at it and then you throw your gas grenade at it and you throw your thermite at it because you have two of each right there is an ammo pile, you just go refill, and you repeat, you throw your gas grenade, you throw your thermite, you throw your gas grenade, you throw your thermite, refill at the ammo pile, etc., okay, so there's no need to show you that it's unbelievably easy.

It's going to be patched; it might even be patched by the time this comes out. I honestly don't know. I have not bothered to do this myself. I've seen the articles of other people doing it. It's totally up to you whether you want to do it or not, but I'm just letting you know that it is an option, but it will be patched, so if you were trying to get this done and just want to get through it real quick, you can definitely do this.

Give it a shot, but it's not hard to beat, just kind of the straight way, the regular way anyhow, so let me show you how to do that right now. As for your loadout, this is what I use as a solo player. For me, I just use the SVA assault rifle with the 60-round magazine. That way, when I pack and punch it, it will be a 120-round magazine.

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At this point, you should also have a ray gun, gotten from either the schematics or a case that you had that you didn't use in the game. You saved it just for this. Now is the time to use that. You're going to want to go ahead and use the ray gun. If you don't have a ray gun, you're still going to be fine.

You'll get this done. You can use a regular gun. Just make sure you triple-paste it. Even with the ray gun, you might as well triple-pap it; you probably have a crystal that you could use to triple-pap. Perks speed-cola jug deadshot whatever you actually like to use, go ahead and use it on your secondary.

In this case, for me, it is my assault rifle. I'm going to go ahead and double-tap that at least, and maybe put the legendary tool on it. Do a couple of contracts at the beginning of the game. Go from single-taping to double-taping. If you want to keep going to Triple Pap, that's totally fine with you.


Lo will still be there for you to take you over to do this mission, so you'll be good to go. Once you have done all those things, you are triple papped; you have all the perks that you like; you have an extra self-revive kit; perhaps all the armor that you need. Now you pull up your tack map, and you can locate the defeated Zakay, Xfill, on your map, and that's where you want to head.

Call in the helicopter at the Xville site, obviously, and then we are good to go, and we are off to defeat Zakay. The helicopter will take you to a portion of the map that you have probably been to before in the Tier 2 zone, so it's going to be somewhat familiar to you. This is the beginning of the map; it's going to pull in across the road.

I was going to say across the road, but it's not across the road; it's across the river. Here, from this bank, you're going to go ahead and jump out and parachute across, and basically, this is the beginning of the mission. Now all you've really got to worry about from here until the boss is dealing with some mercenaries; they're really not that difficult.


Just keep pushing forward, and on your mini map, you will see a mark that you are headed toward. Just keep heading in that direction. I use this left alley here; that's how I go. You can go straight up the middle; you can go to the right totally up to you; I just go up the left here, and again, I'm just making my way toward that mark.

On the mini map, there are some booby traps along the way, some trip mines, and things like that, so just keep your eye out for them, shoot them, and take them out. This part, honestly, isn't that hard at this point. You dealt with many, many mercenaries. You know how they work, you know how to deal with them, and you're going to be just fine.

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Of course, you will be getting some zombies as well, even some mini-boss mimics, but your gun should be so powerful you'll take them out nearly instantly, so they're not going to be an issue again. Just keep pushing forward. go to an ammo pile if you need more ammo and just keep getting kills, and we're heading toward that Mark on the map, and now that we have gotten close to Zakia's facility, we need to find the ethereum enrichment device.

Head inside the building here, and then we're going to head again toward that spot on your mini map, and you can actually see it in front of you as well, that yellow Mark, and we're going to go ahead and plant a bomb on the ethereum enrichment device. There are plenty of mercenaries in here, so take cover.

Get some kills when you need to; they're never going to stop spawning, though, so just keep moving forward and keep going where you're going. Normally, I've said this in my last guide. What happens with the mercenaries is that they will shoot you, they will be very accurate, they will rip your armor off, and then they will continue to shoot at you, though they will probably not be so accurate.

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They almost always give you time to heal, to put on armor, and to take cover. Don't just stand out in the open and go. Okay, you know, Twitter said they're not going to shoot me anymore, so I'm going to be fine. no, get cover, but you should have time to heal. You should have time to replate your armor again.

I know you've been picking up armor along the way here because it is my number one thing for solo players. armor armor, when you finally get to the device, go ahead and put the charges on it. You're going to get shot a little bit while you're doing it, but don't panic. Just get out of the way once you put the charges on.

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