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Today, we've got an awesome one for you guys. What we have today is an absolutely amazing XP method with an XP glitch, so you can get into plunder. As you see right here in one 20-minute game of plunder, I've got over. 68, 000 rank, and over 20, 000 weapon XP over a whole range of different weapons without any XP tokens.

No Double XP event, no Double XP tokens or anything guys, we've got a nearly 70, 000 rank just from a 20 minute game, and as you'll see here, about five or six guns with over 4 to 8, 000 XP each on them to about over 20, 000. Over 30, 000 Weapon XP all from one game, and it was really simple and just a muck around game of plunder.

I've got quite a bit to tell you guys here because the actual glitch itself is not new, but there's new ways to use it that's game-changing and that I want to bring to my community. I only just figured this out today when I was playing with my son, helping my son level some guns up with this glitch, and then I realized that while he was leveling up.

I was leveling up too, and that is the game changer here, guys. Yes, even the whole squad can level up with one player doing this. All you need is one person in your squad that can bring in an Al to have it kill and die all game long, and the entire squad can get the XP from it. This is crazy. This is awesome.


Join the server, and hopefully you'll be able to find others to be a to Squad up with now. The reason why this is so powerful. Squad members know how this works. Say someone like me: I've got an old-gen console, and then I've upgraded to a new-gen console. I'm playing on the New Gen. I have an old-gen console sitting here, just sitting around.

I can use that to bring in the other one. Many people are in that situation, and they've got a spear they can bring into the war zone. It's free to make accounts. They can bring in Alton absolutely easily. Or you're playing on PC and you can do it, Use your console to bring in a spear. Many people can do this, so this is really easy to do, and all you need is one of your squad mates to be able to bring in another player as an enemy squad.

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Now what keep that in mind. Okay, now what? Keep that in mind, and then we'll get in game, and we'll show you guys when I'm in game what all this works for and why this is so overpowered. We've loaded into the game, and all you've done to go in game to get your alt in there is you're pressing a on both your alt and your main that's searching for the game at the same time, and pretty much you're in the same house.

You should always load into the same game once you meet your alt that's getting killed. into the same game you want to meet it down at any point in the map, just find a place that's safe, so don't get hassled. You want to go down and meet your alt that's getting killed on the ground. Now this part is important.

Okay, take note of the one that's getting killed and going to be falling or playing. Make sure that their parachute auto-deploy is set to off first so that when they fall, they splat. Okay, that is one thing. The person that is the player who is getting killed and falling all game needs to first, before they get killed, put at least one bullet into another player.

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Okay, this is important; otherwise, they will get kicked. If you do not do that step, that step stops them from getting kicked, so they can fall all game long. Now, after you've done that, it's time to kill that player. Now that is when you decide which player kills the other player. Okay, that's falling.

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Okay, because once you kill them, the player that kills the player that's going to be falling all game will get different results from the rest of the squad. The one that does the killing of the player that's falling all game long will only get Put XP onto the weapon that they use to kill them all game long, regardless, of whether or not they die or whatever happens they don't have to be holding the weapon or anything for that entire game all they need to do the player one that's actually killing the that's dropping all game is be holding and use the weapon, that they want to level up to kill the player that's going to be falling all game that one time and they will continue getting XP on that gun, no matter what for that whole match as long it doesn't even matter if they're not using that they can change their class use completely other different weapons and it will continue to level up now the squad, that did not kill the player, they will receive XP all game long on whatever gun they're holding at the time of the XP coming up on this screen Okay, so they can level up multiple different weapons if they're holding different weapons, or if they're holding the same weapon all game, they'll mess up that weapon, so the rest of your squad will be leveling up whatever they're holding.

But the person who did the killing to initiate the whole glitch will only level up the gun that they were using to actually do the initial kill. If you've got double XP, there's 1,600 XP all four of you are getting every time it falls. This gets crazy, guys, so with that said, you can get out there.

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All you need to do is find one person that has an that's able to bring it in, and he can actually supply the whole squad with XP. All game long, you can use this to level up guns that you have trouble using. Say it's a gun you can't kill with just being holding that gun as part of the squad members all game long while you get the XP, and you will level that up.

You can use this to just level up weapons really fast and really easily to be able to unlock your camos easier, and you can use this to unlock camos a lot easier, and you can use this to just level up weapons without having to use them. You can use this to power rank up faster than normal, and everything Guys, with that said, if this helps you out, help me out.

Get out there and go and get all your XP guys, B, Man, out.

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