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unless you're living under a rock you know that Call of Duty war zone has bled into every single facet of the franchise, what started as a second go at Treyarch blackout turned into a giant monster that consumed everything we know and love including campaign multiplayer and the focus of today's article zombies, as you can probably see from the title of this article I'm going to talk about how the Zombies mode devolved from being a mysterious anomaly somehow tied to the Call of Duty franchise, to losing much of its identity and becoming just another mode in a progressively stale franchise and you can probably guess what I'm blaming as the cause for this before we can jump right into war zone though it's important to establish what zombies was before war zone so that we can evaluate the .

Bizarre existence (waw-bo4)


Changes call of Duty zombies was for quite a long time defined by how bizarre its existence was this mode by all accounts makes almost no sense existing attached to the Call of Duty franchise, the only real thing that is directly shared between zombies and the rest of the game was the weapon selection, almost everything else was repur or reimagined, and if you Bor all context I doubt most people would guess that it's from Call of Duty at all so much so that in World at War Zombies wasn't even a button on the main menu you had to go in the campaign level select to play it another zombie staple that is an anomaly is the way in which guidance was given, simply put zombies had almost no guidance up until Black Ops 4 nothing in the game other than the character quotes which were often obscure told you anything about what you had to do other than surviving.

black ops

This is the complete and total opposite of the rest of the franchise, if you recall the late 2000s and mid-20s. Call of Duty was known as the simple shooter that's easy for anyone to get into contrasting the more hardcore experience that you get out of playing something like Battlefield instead, with that in mind you can probably see why the difficulty here is bizarre and it almost feels like to me the zombies team was completely unmoderated by project managers and had extensive freedoms that the rest of the teams probably did not this continued for an extremely long time only in five to the campaign and zombies cross though with hindsight we know that this is an alternate timeline of the campaign and bears little weight on the greater story of zombies, not until EXO zombies in 2014 did the mode begin to resemble the rest of the game that being by adding EXO suits to both the player and the zombies of the first map outbreak.


No, not that outbreak, and then in the third map carrier, multiplayer objectives like diffusing bombs and shooting soldiers. This, however, was an outlier at the time, and Triarch did not follow suit with their next title. Black Ops 3, which took significant steps away from the rest of Call of Duty, proved to be even more of an interdimensional anomaly that didn't belong next to the campaign in multiplayer, where that was set in 2065.

With jetpacks and energy guns zombies was still only set in the 20th century, there is technically one scene in the campaign where zombies are briefly present and a specific zombies remix where enemies are replaced with zombies, but those are not too relevant, even the soon to follow infinite Warfare Zombies kept the classic formula which was extremely out of place with the rest of the game infinite Warfare is set in the Far Future and its zombies is almost entirely set in the 20th century once again with the exception of only one map World War II Zombies is actually somehow even more out of place than world at Wars the lighter game was dark gray and gritty all about the destruction of war in the dark times of humanity, the former though is a heroic story which romanticizes.


In the war, it attempts to subvert that expectation at the start but eventually falls into its flaws and becomes a generic World War II shooter rather than a nuanced approach. Because of this, the horror-fueled zombie approach is once again polar opposite to the rest of the game, while Sledgehammer once again tried to push some objectives with the tortured path.

The rest of the mode once again focused on traditional zombie ideas. Sledgehammer really has a thing for objectives. Black Ops 4 is where we see a very significant shift in zombies that is relevant to our current topic this game attempted to overhaul the mode into a more Call of Duty experience, where it failed though is that it only managed to do this in the game systems and menus but not in the maps the maps were more complex than ever and streamlined systems were implemented to onboard new players two whole tutorials a Crea a class spawning with eight different water weapons, anytime you use get out of jail free elixir different game modes the list goes on and on so we're up to Black Ops 4 the maps are more complex than ever but the gameplay has turned into a casual mush, you might think well yeah but that's not war zone we're getting there don't worry what's important about Black Ops 4 is the emphasis on EX accessibility. Attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator type of player, ironically, they failed, and the game is still probably the most complex experience in franchise history to date, but that is a topic for a different.

Wz, cw, microtransactions, vg

Wz, cw, microtransactions, vg


Video now 2020 war zone releases and it becomes extremely popular changes are made from blackout which include adding Rarity to weapons, allowing custom loadouts to be collected, randomized attachments, an armor Plate System parachutes instead of wings suits Etc Etc, moving a few months forward though Black Ops Cold War releases a new storyline reboot is implemented and zombies is now Cannon to the Black Ops campaign timeline, not just its own side mode the main characters of this mode are Samantha Maxis and gregoria Weaver who has never been seen in Zombies to date fun fact actually Weaver is actually the guy in the window in the main menu in Black Ops later kenko is also introduced from the campaign the story is conveyed through these characters rather than the usual player characters, the biggest issue in that sentence is that zombies now takes place in the Black Ops timeline, to get an understanding of how this is relevant let me briefly explain the relevant timeline now, as you can see here zombies is Canon to war zone as well because war zone is Canon to Cold War and cold war is Canon to the rest of the series.

Yes, in case you were wondering. Black Ops 2, 3, and 4 are still Cannon to this day in 2024. Though we don't necessarily know the Canon ending of Black Ops 2, this also means that Kravchenko is dead, as he was killed by either Mason or Woods and won't be in go for zombies unless Tre decides to rcon.

Call of Duty Warzone has completely taken over the franchise, across all game modes.
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