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Season 3 came with a bunch of adjustments. There were Nerfs here and Buffs there, and I was personally struggling to find the right guns for me. If you're in that same position and you're still struggling, watch this article because it's going to be exactly for you. I have the top five meta classes you're going to want to use in MW3-ranked play to get to that next level in your game play.

I hit Iridescent last season, and I'm planning to hit it again with these exact class setups. If you're like me and you want to get to the next level, make sure you follow these class setups. Fry .

Class setup

Before we get into the guns themselves. I just want to give you guys a basis for what my class looks like, so I always Rock is obviously a stun grenade, a frag grenade if it's an AR, a sex if it's an SMG, and a trophy system as a field upgrade unless I'm running lightweight, which you're going to get into shortly.

Quick Grip gloves, and then EOD padding for the ARS tack mask, gear for my submachine gun classes, and then covert sneakers. 99% of the time, sometimes I like to be lightweight. Lightweight on if I don't feel like I'm going to be sound, and if I do have lightweight on, it's with dead silence as a field upgrade, so let's get into what you're actually doing.

Mcw class

Mcw class

For now, let's have a look at the class setup itself. The MCW is as follows: You got the 16.5-inch MCW Cyclone long barrel and the M Mark reflector optic, which is a realistic personal choice, but you don't want anything that increases the ad time because that screws with it. You then have the RB Precision heavy stock for its aiming idle sway, and then the fire in AIM Stability Pros, which just means that you're going to hit your shots exactly how you intend.

You then have the L4R flash hide and muzzle, which are really good at controlling your recoil. It's a little bit better than the Abed if you're using the Abed and you're not sure how you're losing gunfights. It's because you're using the ability, trust me. I've made a move over to the Al4 Flash, and I've noticed a world of difference, so try that out if you haven't already.


We then finish it off with the Dr6 hand stop underbarrel for that extra Ed ads time and strafe speed that you don't get with any other underbarrel quite like this, so that's my NCW class up.

Renetti class

We then take a look at the retti here, which is going to have a couple of attachments you probably don't see if you watch the pros because they're G in the CDL.

So we're starting off with the basics: the MLX short competition barrel, which just adds that little bit of mobility; you can move a little bit faster around the map with it; for example, with the Eclipser, rear grip again for its mobility, aim walking speed, and sprint to fire time. You then have the 24-round magazine, so you can definitely guarantee you're going to finish your kills.

The Zen 35 is a compensated flash rider, which is the most vital attachment you can have to your reality. It's going to make you two burst. It's almost zero recoil with it, and you guarantee you're going to hit your shots with it. The only downside to this is that it looks ugly with it on, and as a result, you need to have the flash hider, sorry, the state reflector. As its optic just so that you can actually see over that massive thing.

Rival 9 class

Rival 9 class

At the end of your game. Rifal 9 might look a little bit different to the people that you probably watch on Twitch because there is a nice secret attachment I like to have on here that others don't tend to use, so we've got the standard setup here with the muzzle.

Barrel stock and rear grip—we'll run through that very quickly. You've got the purifier muzzle, the Rival C clear shot. Barrel, the MTZ moral stock, and the Rival Vice assault grip were the only things I changed compared to what you see the pros running, or some of the pros running. You know the guys you see on Twitch like Havoc and Octane, the Bruin Bastion angled GP underbound.

This means that the first 10 bullets you shoot out of this gun virtually have no recall. I see so many people come to my Roy N. Gameplay bl You have this: Where's the recoil? There's no recoil. My on my there's recoil on my rival why is there not on yours and it's because of this attachment if struggling with your rival 9 you want to make sure you hit more shots, put this on it adds a little bit of ad time but it's not noticeable whatsoever and you at the end of the day you're going to be able to win gunfights against mcws, especially considering since your dat you can kill faster with a rival 9 at long range.

Fast mcw class

We then take a look at my Close Quarters MCW class up here, which is what I tend to use on one map and one map only, and that is Rio. If smaller maps get added to the map pool, obviously I'm going to use this on more maps, but this is my Rio MCW class setup; it is exactly the same; it has the Cyclone Barrel, the MK I reflector optic, and the Dr6 Hand Stop.

However, there's two changes in the rear grip. I have the rapid strike rear grip here instead of the claw, and that's because it's, you know, adds a little bit of mobility; it's faster sprint out time and ad speed; and then I also have the bed brake muzzle for that extra ad speed that you don't get when you use the l4r flash. Hider.

Swarm class

Swarm class

We then have the go-to SWOR class set up here, which is absolutely unreal. I don't tend to use this unless someone else is using it because, at the end of the day, it's not a great gun. It's probably going to the G8 at some point soon, but on this, we have the WSP. Reckless long barrel, the Mark II reflects the optics of the 50-round mag You can have the 100-round mag if you want to be that guy, but personally.

I like to have a little bit more movement in ad speed with the 50-round mag. The x10 Phantom 5 hand stop underbarrel just to give you that little bit more ad speed as well as a little bit more gun kit control, and then finally the z35 compensator flasher, which again just makes it so much easier to control, but as I say.

I'm not the sort of player to use this off the rip. If someone else is using it, I'm pulling it out because it's so hard to win a gunfight against it with a rival at close range.

Striker 9 class


There's one last SMG class set up I want to show you guys here, and it's the new Striker 9. It's had a little bit of a buff in its Sprint Out time since season 3, and this is the class app I love to run if I'm getting a little bit bored with Rival 9.

Start off with the barrel hitting the striker Recon Long Bar, which just adds that V velocity and aim ID ability, which means that you're just more likely to hit your shots at those mid- to long-range gunfights. You then have the FSS priority tactical stock again for that recoil control, mostly, and the sack zedex grip again for that gun kick and recoil control.

Thought I'd share the weapons I will be using to reach Iridescent again in Season 3 on Modern Warfare 3's Ranked Play! Even if you're a Silver, Plat, Diamond or even Crimson player, this video will be for you! Enjoy.
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