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It's Jesus, and today we are back with another article. Today I'm going to be talking about how players in the top 250 are getting to the top not by using hacks but by using a boosting method. So two articles ago, I went into a server full of the top 250 hackers. If you haven't seen the article, I recommend you watch it.

The article was called Shot and Gun Bealing, in which the world's top MW3 players were caught hacking. That was the first article of the series; there is part two, and now this article is going to be part three. I don't know how many parts there's going to be; we're just going to keep going with it, so this is part three.

Now, a lot of people are probably going to be upset that I'm revealing this method on how to boost your accounts to the top of the world. I mean, I'm not just boosting it to the top 250, but this can be done to boost your accounts to the top of the world to number one very easily. 4, 000+ every single day in ranked multiplayer, so how do we know this method that I'm about to expose to you can actually get you to number one in the world?

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Well, the number one player right now, Moi, is using this method, not only him but number two. MMD is also using the same method; in the past, when there were big glitches in War Zone or multiplayer, streamers would abuse them not to cause havoc in the game but to bring awareness to the developers and to other players, so that their thought processes, the more people that do this, the more people that abuse it, it'll make it a higher priority for Activision to fix the issue, so that's why all this information today is going to be revealed to you along with the method, so the more people that do it, the more issues it causes, and hopefully it'll be on activis radar to do something about this and fix it.

So inside the Call of Duty server that I initially covered, there was some stuff I didn't cover in my original article, and it has to do with customers and customers coming from different websites, like Seven Sins in the Tech Game, along with customers that come from discords like Boss Services and other servers that will pay upwards of $300 to $2, 000 to reach a specific rank that they want to achieve, whether that be iridescent or top 250.

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They will get you there in multiplayer ranked if you pay, and the only people that know the method of how to get these customers to the top 250 or whatever rank they desire without putting hacks in their account are the very few individuals that were on the Call of Duty server at the very top. They kept them very secretive and didn't release it to anybody else on the server because if they did, it would start to spread like wildfire across a server across these websites.

Activision watches this article and fixes this issue, so to start this method, you need four people. You and three others—all four of you—need to have two PlayStations and two accounts that you can play on; this does work on PC if you don't have the PlayStations. But it works a lot better if all of you have two PlayStations now.

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Before we get to the boosting method, there are some steps that you need to take beforehand. You need to get all of your accounts to iridescent, preferably iridescent. They don't have to be iridescent; they can be crimson, but if they are all iridescent, things will go a lot smoother, and you can boost for a lot longer.

That way, these PlayStation accounts have no risk of being banned, while the PC player has a small risk at this point. Ideally, all eight accounts are iridescent and on Playstation. You can now start the boosting method; you all have two systems, So for each person, everyone has a winning system and a losing system.

There is a winning account and a losing account, so each person who has a winning account will join the party. And now each person with their losing account will join the party, so now you have a winning team and a losing team for each game, and these teams will not change at all; they will stay the same.

Throughout every single game, the winning team will queue into multiplayer searching as a team. The losing team will queue into multiplayer individually on all four platforms, not as a team, but they'll each search on their own. At the same time, during the game, on the losing team, a member can back out and prevent the other three accounts from losing.


Sr, during that match if they're playing as a team and somebody in your party leaves, you don't get Sr protection for teammate leaving because he was a party member has to be a random player that's not queued on your team when you start the match that leaves to protect the other three accounts from losing Sr during each game, a different player will end up backing out on the losing team it won't be the same player because if he keep backing out you're going to get punishments where you're not able to search for a game for x amount of time along with bigger Sr losses as punishment so the first game let's say player one backs out the second game player two will back out third game player three will back out the fourth game player four back out so after four games.

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The losing team combined, each player only ended up losing like 50 Sr, but the winning team will have gone four matches straight of winning, getting 30 Sr per match, so 120 Sr gained. You need to have all four of the losing accounts in Shadow Band. You also need to have at least one person on the winning team.

To do the more simple method, you need to have one person on the winning team in Shadow Band and one person on the losing team in Shadow Band. And they can just focus on their main account and win the game as quickly as possible over and over again, so basically, they just drain their losing accounts.

Sr, but it's so easy for them to get back up to iridescent; they can get to iridescent easily in a single day, and the maximum loss from a losing game is minus 30 Sr, meaning that to go from Erie all the way down to Plant 3, where you can't match together anymore, you have to lose 4,500. Sr., that's 4,500.

Sr, you can give to your main account now if you think those methods are crazy. There's an even more advanced method that they're using right now, and this is how they do it: they stack the winning team with three top 250s. These three top 250s are going to be boosted. The only counts they're going to be boosting are those three.

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They will then put Crimson 3, who's to be iridescent, on the winning team. The losing team is four-iridescent, all with three-game senior protection. The winning team will win, and the Crimson will now be iridescent with three-game senior protection. Doing this method will give you 250 to 300 Sr every single hour, so if you do this for 12 hours, you're getting 3,600 Sr, or very close to 4, 000.

This is part 3 in my Call of Duty series on exposing hackers. This is an inside look of an underground group that does account boosting for personal and monetary gain. In this video I will reveal the method these cheaters use to boost to the top of the world without hacking. This method is top secret and only known by a few elites that control the market.
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