News - Game Changer: Biggest Cheat Provider Warzone 2 Shut Down For Good

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It's Du Jesus, and just this morning I received some breaking news that I thought I was never going to hear, but it happened, and today I'm going to share that with you. Well, it turns out that one of the largest and most elusive cheat providers today, that has only one detection and has played Call of Duty and other large AAA games for many years, is stopping their service.

Well, it turns out that they recently received a legal notice regarding their products, and their products are wall hacks, Aimbot, and ESP. You name it; they got it for Counterstrike, Call of Duty, and other large games, so you're probably wondering who it was. ESP all that stuff right, soft aim magnetic bullets, crazy stuff, but they're not reliable; they're trash cheats, and these players that are cheating now know that, either because they've had experience in the past or because they've learned from other people's mistakes, they're trash cheats, okay?

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So, these players are not going to have any other option right now than to play legit. You're going to see a massive decline in hackers in Call of Duty because of this, and I can guarantee it 100%. They probably see what's going on with engine ownership—well, not probably guarantee. They see what's going on with engine owning; they're lwuit with Activision, and they don't want any part of that; they want to stay away from that, so whether or not you know, they're going to be sued, taken to court, whatever, is unknown at this point, but as of right now, the cheap provider is down, and that is a huge, huge W, for Call of Duty and for Activision, so if we head over to Interweb's website, we can see this important announcement, dear users, we recently received a legal notice regarding our products.

We have made the decision to comply with the legal notice and end existing. Services, we know many of our users will be upset about this as they have come to trust our developers in the community in the time we have been around. We wish there was another way to deal with the situation, but sadly, we don't have many other options available.

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Yeah, so that's shocking. I never thought that I would see the day that this would happen, so whether or not another tree provider decides to step in and take the place of Interwebs, you know, take their customers over, is unknown at this point. We don't know; it will probably happen at some point in the future, and this will probably happen again to them, but I think that for the time being right now.

I think we are looking pretty good; we need a pretty good state, and things are looking up; Ricochet needs to be updated; we need a new reformed Anti-che; definitely no questions were asked; but on the side, you know if they're doing this as well, that's huge. This is the right thing to do for Activis.

It's also kind of crazy that this news is coming out right now because I've seen other YouTubers interview Che providers, and I thought maybe I should do that. Maybe I should reach out to cheap providers and talk to them to see if they would agree to an interview. I reached out to several of them, and several of them have agreed to do one.

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That is why they targeted Interwebs because they are the biggest; they take down the biggest cheap provider; they knock a lot of people out of cheating; whoever the next biggest cheap provider is, whoever that is, they will be the next Target, so we'll have to wait and see what happens now. If we talk about DMA cheats, and if you don't know what DMA is, it's a memory access method that allows players to cheat using a second computer connected to their gaming PC.

Now, this is still a thing. It's not that big of a thing because it's very expensive. Now, people aren't going to just buy another PC to cheat on unless they are providing a service to many customers, like boosting them to the top 250 or specific ranks in ranked mode. So, DMA cheats are going to remain a big issue in the future, depending on how many hacking websites and businesses Activision decides to target in the coming future.


If they target them all, dma cheats might be, you know, finally addressed by Activision, but it's just not that big of an issue, not that widespread for it to be. You know, a main source of Activision's resources at this point. Activision's priority is to make cheaters lives hell, so when they eventually take down all these providers and scare new providers from coming into the market, making it extremely difficult for them, you know, from a coding standpoint to a legal standpoint, cheaters will have no other option but to go out and buy the hardware to do dma cheating, which is 600, 700, $800, maybe you know, and that's making your life a living hell because if you're paying $800 to.

Cheat, that's not good, that's not good from any aspect, that's pretty bad, that's making your life hell, and at that point, when we get there, you know they will target it and imagine going out and spending $800, and then they find a way to stop DMA cheating with AI or something else. Resource, that's a huge blow to cheaters, and I think that's, you know, what we're on track for right now.

I think all those questions being asked are putting huge amounts of pressure on every single enforcement team and anti-che team out there. No other company wants that to happen to their game.

Breaking news! One of the largest and most elusive cheat providers has been shut down by Activision. Please watch the full video for all the details. As more revelations come to light, we will continue our work.
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