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I am Switchers, and Call of Duty has officially announced the season 2 reload. They've given us a whole bunch of information about zombies. You can check it out on your own if you like, or just follow along as I'm reading it now. So here's the zombie. Overview and content summary: new story mission Continue your journey alongside Sergey Renov as you're pulled back into the dark ether while investigating a new anomaly that presents terrifying and exciting challenges you haven't encountered before.

Dark ether Rift: Squad up and conquer the dark ether once more, and an all-new dark ether Rift earns new and powerful rewards. Battle warlord carries, a new warlord enters the exclusion zone, a chemical warfare specialist who's willing to use any means necessary to choke out opposing operators new schematics fire and keep firing with the mags of holding summon an otherworldly two-wheeler with the blood burner key expander Squad with the VR11 Wonder Weapon Expander Squad.

With the VR1, wonder weapon that sounds weird how they phrase that expand your squad, something else by the way that they put in their tweets as well that I just noticed here. Bring a friend and a gas mask. So we're getting a chemical warfare specialist, which is this Caris person, and they're going to use chemical warfare on us, so we're going to need to get your upgraded gas mask ready, which is basically what that means, but they keep saying.


Like about the squad and expanding your squad and bringing more people into your squad, so solo players. I mean, we haven't had it good yet this year, so I don't know why it would get any better, but it sounds like it's about to get worse, so, man. I love this game. I'm just kidding; I don't anymore.

I used to. Anyway, that's just a joke. Maybe I hate it. A new story mission from the dark ether Rift. The story continues for Operation Deadbolt in season 2, reloaded. The dark ether is closing in again and bringing new enemies with it. Confront the anomaly and enter the dark ether once more, bringing new enemies with it now.

Call of Duty had been confirmed previously on a call with content creators. I was not on that call, so I'm not verifying it. I believe it was. Mr doll JD had been on the call and was saying that he had asked specifically about new enemies coming to the game and new perks, and they said they had no plans for either new enemies or no new perks for the game, so I'm not sure what this means.

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If we are actually going to get it, it says new enemies, so maybe they were like, shoot. Yeah, we forgot about that during that conference call, and yeah, the people that play Zombies actually pay for this game as well, so maybe we should do something. Who knows operation Deadbolt is tasked with investigating a new anomaly in the next Modern Warfare zombie.

Story Mission Terminus outcomes are becoming Boulder, and you have followed your squad into the dark ether. Lean on your expert guide. Sergey Renov to assess the situation, defeat the mercenaries, and survive the dark ether. This looks very much like this picture right here; it looks very much like what we've seen already in the dark ether; it doesn't look like a new place; it looks like Alice.


Fortress, but the coloring. In the arch, I mean, I've never stopped and looked in there, but I've never noticed that coloring either. This could be a new place that we're going to. I'm not entirely sure in the dark ether. I mean, after completing the new story mission, a fresh dark ether Rift experienced a keep your eyes open, follow the cryptic clues, and complete time tasks to unlock access to the rift gate.

Once inside, complete challenges and survive to earn coveted rewards like the blood burner key and more. That's where we're going to get our schematics, like we've been doing with Tier 5, so that's what it sounds like we've got here. Caris is this new warlord; she's going to be at the Orlof military base at the kill house.

And here from Call of Duty, follow cryptic clues and complete tasks to unlock the rift gate, so this is going to be It sounds to me exactly like what we had before when you had to go into the dark ether, and then you defeated, you did the four hold-outs, and then you defeated the worm, you got the locked diary, and then after that, you came out and you had to get the dog collar, you had to get the camera, you had to get the pill bottle, and then you had to upgrade them, basically just doing a tier 2 or tier 3 depending on which contract you were doing.


Upgrade the quest for that, so it sounds like we're going to get exactly the same kind of thing, and we'll maybe get another. Type of sigil: they don't mention sigil specifically here so far, so I'm not sure if that's going to be it. We might just open a different portal, perhaps on the other side of the Tier 3 island.

Who knows, we've got the new schematics we got mags of holding. This is kind of the big one for me as far as what's coming for the schematics. Skip the reload and pull ammo directly from your weapon ammo stash so you can keep pumping out damage without needing to stop and fill up again; it is literally the stock option.

Elixir from Bo4. It's very similar to the ring of fire from Cold War, although there they say nothing about it doing increased damage as you're using it, so that's where it would differ from the ring of fire, but when you're standing in that ring of fire, in Cold War you don't have to reload; it comes from your reserve ammo, not the ammo in your current magazine.

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The blood burner key needs a sick ride. Look no further. With the blood burner key, you can summon the two-wheeler Wonder vehicle at will while cruising. Style with this nearly indestructible bike that can move across water and is fueled by the blood of zombies you flatten under its tires, which activate the bike's ether pulse ability to blast enemies in close proximity.

The blood burner key The only thing I'm really nervous about is that it's not bad to get it. I mean, I'm going to get it; why not if you can get it? We're going to get it, but the blood burner has been very laggy since day one, and it's still not every time you get on it, but often times when you get on it, it's quite laggy, and that's when there's one of them on the map at a time.

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24 people can load into a map at any given point in time. Is it going to get better with 24 of these people on the map? I don't know, but will it matter that it's compounded that there's more of them? I don't know that either, but I suppose we'll find out. With the VR11 wonder weapon in battle, every Ally counts one of your numbers using the VR1 wonder weapon, which is capable of transforming zombies into friendly mercenaries and mercenaries into friendly zombie squadmates getting swarmed.

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