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I am Switchers, and this is your complete guide to season 2 reloaded Easter Egg and the new Dark Ether Rift. Now let's just jump in and get you these new schematics.

New dark aether rift

The first part of this new Easter egg is to go to the north side of Tier 3 in front of the bath house and activate the portal there, and everyone in your party clicks yes to accept.

Inside the dark ether, there are two different missions to complete, which you can do at the same time, especially if you're doing this with friends. I'll show you how to do one at a time, but I'll also explain how you can do them at the same time.

Get drum item

First, you need to activate Renov and his soldiers.

Just head toward this symbol and go up the stairs to find them. They will automatically go outside to start an escort mission. The zombies in this version of the dark ether are only Tier 2 zombies, so you should have absolutely no trouble with this mission. Renov and his soldiers will do a lot of the work here.

black ops

Just have one person in your party stay with the Rover so it keeps moving. When the Rover turns left, you'll see a small amusement park on the right-hand side. One person should go in there, find the USB radio tower, and interact with it. This will be a mimic; he's easy to kill, and then just get back to the Rover, and it will continue moving.

It's going to continue to the mall, where you'll head inside and clear the giant ether stronghold. Make sure to keep going to the ammo pile to refill your durable gas mask. There are 15 spores in here that you need to shoot, and then it's time to get back to the Rover. It will go to this area, where tons of zombies and mini-bosses will spawn.

Again, this is all tier-two-level enemies, so you should have no trouble at all with a pack-a-punch-three LEL gun. Eventually, an HVT mangler will spawn. Take him out, go to the reward rift, and collect the drum. From here, you can use the portal to xfill, but that's only one of the missions, and like I said earlier, you can do both missions at the same time, so let me show you how to do that now.

Get mma gloves

Get mma gloves

Right when you spawn into the dark ether, there is a ship to your left. Have one person from your party go escort the Rover, like we just showed you. Okay, the rest of your party should go to the rear of the ship and climb on board, and you'll see an obelisk. Activate the Obelisk and get melee kills inside the circle, and when the lockdown is complete, you'll receive the tattered MMA gloves.

Get perforated target

Next, go to the E3 area on your map. As you see here, it's very near the ship, so you'll get there very quickly. You'll find another Obelisk here. Activate it and get headshot kills inside the circle. When you get enough kills, you'll receive the perforated target.

Get pristine mirror

Now you need to go to the I8 portion of the map, which is basically on the opposite side.


The person that was escorting the Rover should leave it at the mall; they should be about the same time arriving at the mall as you're finishing this second lockdown, so this will work out perfectly. It's very close to I8 at the mall, and they need to go and help the rest of the team with this step at I8.

On the map, you'll find another obelisk. Activated, and you need to get alternate ammo-type kills around this obelisk. pay attention to the ring around, the Obelisk that encircles the Obelisk this will tell you which kind of aat you need to get from the Obelisk, to get the kills with if the ring is red fire for example go to the Obelisk and get Napal burst then get enough kills with that and the ring will change if the circle turns into electricity you know to get dead wire a from the Obelisk now and then go ahead and get kills again, and then watch for the ring to change as well you can have one person in your party get the kills and the other people in the party just keeping an eye on kind of crowd control and also keeping an eye on the ring see if it changes color if it turns to Green get brain rot etc etc, once you've got enough kills with the correct ammo types you will receive the pristine mirror If you fail this, if you take too long, if you're not grabbing the right alternate ammo types, just run away.

From the area, you can go finish the mall stronghold now at this point, and then just come back and you'll be able to do it again. Assuming you've got that done, go ahead and finish the mall step. Do the Ether stronghold there, like we talked about earlier, and then onto the Mangler step, where you get the drum.

and then you go ahead and fill it. From the dark ether, the drum that you got is already gold, so you don't need to upgrade that, but you do need to upgrade the MMA gloves. the perforated Target and pristine mirror You can do these in any order, okay? So just load into a game and make sure that you have those items in your inventory. First, we'll start with , the MMA gloves.

Upgrade mma gloves

Upgrade mma gloves

Go to the boxing gym on the south side of the map in tier one, go into the boxing ring and offer unattuned relic, that's quote unquote unattuned relic, then go to the punching bags and melee them in this order left, center, right; they should all be on fire now, and a zombie will spawn in with fire hands.

Get back into the boxing ring and melee kill him. The upgraded gloves will spawn at that point. Be sure to pick them up.

Upgrade perforated target

Next will be the perforated target; you need to go to Shaheen Manor on the lower east side of the map. Behind the manor, near the water, is a firing range. Go up to this target and offer an unattuned relic again.

Shoot all the targets that turn purple. Shoot them all, and they will turn red. Most targets you'll be able to see right near you are kind of off to your side. Look to your left and right, but there is a target behind the range itself, so make sure you go back there and shoot it there, and shoot that one opposite the firing range behind you that spawns in, so make sure you go back there and shoot that one as well.

When you've shot all these targets, a zombie will spawn in glowing red. You need to shoot him in the head and kill him, and he'll drop the upgraded golden targets. Pick it up.

Upgrade pristine mirror

Upgrade pristine mirror

Next is the pristine mirror. Go to the cemetery at the top right of the map. This is where your tombstone will spawn if you die, let's say in the dark ether and you have the tombstone perk active or you died underwater, or basically any place that's not typically accessible during regular gameplay.

Your tombstone will spawn in the cemetery, so you're probably familiar with it anyway. Interact with this grave right here, and two zombies will spawn. I had a red one and a purple one. Red is a naom burst zombie, and purple is dead wire. You can acquire the AATs that you need from the center of the graveyard at the top of this area.

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