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Today I want to take a look at one of my favorite SMGs to use in Modern Warfare Zombies. I'm talking about the Rival 9, but we're also going to be doing something a little bit different. We're going to be rocking the conversion kit that turns this SMG into a little bit more of an AR. We're going to do a quick test with this thing out in the red zone, and then we're going to go off and do the Elder Dark Eternal Solo.

I want to see how this thing's handling against that hvt in there and how it'll handle that Outlast, contract, and see if this is a load out that you guys want to rock when you're coming in here and hunting for some schematics. I appreciate everybody stopping by the article today. This is already one of my favorite SMGs to rock in this game mode, but I haven't really used it with the conversion kit yet, so we weren't going to waste any time.

When we're coming in here, we're going to bring in a legendary ether tool, plus we have that Flawless Crystal. Let's just get this thing maxed out to as much power as we can. We headed straight on into the red-tier zone, and I found this Mega Abomination, and we just immediately started tearing into this guy.


I got to say, guys, I was immediately. Impressed it only took us roughly about 20-25 seconds to deal with this Mega Abomination, and there's not very many guns in this game that's going to be able to do that next we got this hvt on this Mangler, here and these things can be some tough son of a [__ ], sometimes and I just kind of feel like it wasn't taking off the health as fast as I would have liked but it was still falling off at a decent pace and plus we were able to take care of all the zombies that were surrounding us with no problem this rival 9 just absolutely deletes these zombies in the red tier Zone I think this gun is very underrated, and if you guys haven't tried it in a while, you definitely should.

And yes. I had a random guy with me when I was doing a weapon raid stash contract here in the red tier zone, and he came up to me and started spamming the join squad button, so I eventually just let him join me, peddled around for a while, and did some contracts. But I wanted to complete this elder ether solo, so sorry, my guy.


I'm going to be going in here alone and going for our very first bunny contract here with the HVT; we ended up getting a mega-abomination, which is kind of low-key what I wanted. I don't know about you guys whenever I get the disciple hvt; in here, I think those things are absolute pain in the asses, like unless right now you got the flamethrower or a juggernaut.

The man just trying to defeat the disciple with a regular gun in here is just not very fun. Look at these guys. I ended up popping off the first head pretty quick, and I decided I wanted to lure him up out of the fog, but he all of a sudden decided he was playing a damn Tony Hot game, this damn Mega Abomination, and jumped all the way from inside the river to the top of this roof over here.

Now, believe me guys, I have probably played way more Modern Warfare Zombies than I probably should have, and I've only seen these guys ever jump like this once before. Just imagine if they actually coated these things to like jump from rooftop to rooftop and actually like follow your ass around. I think that would be pretty scary.


Now, surprisingly, he actually refused to leave this rooftop, and he just sat up there and was constantly trying to beam me, which was nice because I was able to pop off those heads pretty easily, and I think I was focusing a little bit too much on the mega-abomination. That was up on the roof, and I didn't realize there were so many zombies around me.

They eventually ended up putting me down. When I got back up, I figured I might as well just go and refill my ammo since I was starting to run low, just in case. To my surprise, when we got back, this guy was actually still on this damn roof, but from this point on, he actually ended up going down pretty easily.

I would say if you guys feel a little bit confident in your gunplay, this is definitely an excellent SMG to come in here and try this with. If you want to bring in a jug suit and use that too, that'll work as well. Mega ended up dropping us some pretty damn good loot. We ended up getting a legendary ether tool.


We got a dog bone and another self-revive. I was definitely happy to see that legendary ether tool pop up. I've been noticing those things less and less in the red tier zone and a little bit more and more inside of the dark ethers. There was one point in time here in Modern Warfare Zombies where I felt like I could walk around inside the red-tier zone and walk out of almost every match with at least two legendary tools, sometimes even three.

I feel that's just been completely changed because I don't hardly ever find those things in those crates anymore. You never know; it could just be my luck in this damn RNG game mode. Here we are now inside our Outlast contract, and this rival KN is handling itself. Well, I mean, this thing is just so snappy, and I love the movement on it.

It feels like this gun has the power of the Ram 9. Maybe it's just slightly. Not as powerful. But just everything else, like the movement and how Snappy and everything it is, just completely makes up for it in my opinion, and this conversion kit with like the auto burst and kind of turning it into more of an AR, it's got a little bit more range to it.


Maybe if you just want to keep your distance a little bit when you're dealing with bosses or if there's a bunch of zombies coming at you in the red tier zone or the dark ether, this is a really good option to use. As a matter of fact, the Rival 9 actually did rank number one on my top seven best weapons to use in season 2 reloaded list.

If you guys haven't seen that article yet, I highly recommend you check it out. There's some really good OP loadouts in there; you guys want to check out that article. I was just absolutely ripping and tearing through these Elder Eternal zombies, and speaking of that, every time I was listening to the burst on this gun, all I kept thinking of was.


Where is the Doom music? It's like I got the drums without everything else; we just absolutely melted this discipline. This is a gun that I cannot highly recommend enough; it deals with bosses excellently. Red Zone zombies aren't even an issue, and yes, I know that I used a legendary ether tool in this article, but you can just use an epic or even a rare, and you guys should still be just fine.

Don't go around thinking that just that ether tool is going to save you; you guys have a pack-a-punch. With this contract done and out of the way, we ended up getting some blood burner keys, and then we got that vr11 schematic, so not too bad of a pullout of this Outlast contract. Now we're going to quickly go and get our very last contract on our ether extractors.

Today we look at the Rival 9 with the conversion kit in MW3 Zombies and also complete the new dark aether solo for some schematics. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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