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I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we finally went ahead and put in a decent amount of time into season 1 of Modern Warfare 3, so I'm going to go ahead and give you guys my first initial impressions of this. Of course, later on, within the next few weeks, we are going to discuss stuff you know more about in detail.

12 V12, all the additions in the game by all means tune to the stream, hit up my socials, you can see my ID in the chat, and we can have some good vibes. All right, ladies and gentlemen, season 1 from Modern Warfare 3 is good, bad, decent, you know what it is so far. I got to be honest with you guys.

I'm having a pretty decent time now. I'm going to tell you guys right now that I did not play the zombie side of things; I only touched upon War Zone and 6v6.6v6. You know, honestly, like I said, I didn't really see anything that really needed to change gameplay-wise. I'm just looking for content, so realistically, I'm going to critique the actual content within the game.

Gun-wise, the ram—you know, we already had it before. It's cool to see it back though because it was one of my favorite rifles, the sniper, and I think it's the launcher. I'm probably not going to end up using those, but the skins throughout the battle pass are not too bad this time around. I'll be honest.


I actually like a decent portion of the skin. The black cell Skins are still kind of lame in my personal opinion but it is what it is I have a whole different article about that one but when it comes to the base skins that you get for you know basically just getting the base Edition and grinding it up since I know a lot of people have been doing that including myself, you buy one battle pass you grind it get next one for free grind the next one get the next one for free basically, you get unlimited battle passes as long as you play them and don't spend the extra Cod points so a lot of us been doing that and if you're curious, if this current battle pass is actually worth the grind yeah I think it's a lot of decent things, within this current battle pass.

modern warfare 3 season 1

And you know, lowkey, I've been enjoying grinding the battle pass a bit more too because of the gameplay itself. Again i don't have my hopes or expectations set anywhere you know high at all when it comes to them tuning it, but still, the hope is still there nonetheless. It was actually pretty smooth of a launch now.

When it comes to the maps, I am extremely happy here because, indeed, like I expected, they are the absolute opposites of what we got in the beginning, the OG Modern Warfare 2 2009 Maps. You know, Modern Warfare 2 2009 maps were made back in the day, when they were a lot more spacious, a lot more, I guess tactical, you know.

modern warfare 3 season 1 battlepass

It's a night and day difference compared to what we have now. The biggest map so far is Greece, and the lanes on that map are phenomenal. It reminds me of a map out of Cold War or Black Ops 4; it gives me triarch vibes when 0%. A medium to large scale map with tons of different Lanes, tons of different routes to go ahead and flank about you have water Lanes which I personally love I love when they incorporate water in this sort of way because it's great to flank and nobody ever thinks about checking it it's hilarious, and honestly it plays great on all game it's across the board now for me personally I played it on 12 V12 which once again is another fantastic Edition that removed 10 V10 and I was worried that was going to become a problem but it got instantly replaced with 12 V12 which is honestly really fun honestly it might be more fun than 10 V10, of course the map rotation switched up in it but I don't mind it's a really fun game mode I hope they keep slowly increasing it and you know do different maps and different style.

I love it. I love what Sledgehammer is doing here, but gree, I only played on 12 vs. 12, but I feel like 6 vs. 6 wouldn't be that bad either. Maybe on TDM it will be a bit slow, but dominance is hard. A smaller map that actually has lanes and ways to flank and maneuver, where it's not just, you know, pick up an AR, hold a lane, and sit there all game long, as you can see in this gameplay.

modern warfare 3 season 1 blackcell

Honestly, the knife is the most fun on this map. I go on some insane knife streaks, honestly. If you give us something that makes it worth our time, then you know. It's pointless that they make all these games free to play. This is the first game where I actually feel like every time I log in, there's something that I want to do between, you know, the events.

modern warfare 3 season 1 changes

The camo grind there's more weekly challenges to grind for more aftermarket, parts to you know mess around with different weapons to make them completely, different and unique, you know there's always something to do and now with the battle pass introduced to add more content to grind for the leveling system so we can finally max out to 250 I wish they would just uncap it and let us grind to what we want to like you know we did in Black Ops Cold War up to level 10, 000 but you know it is what it is, they're doing what I guess they're allowed to do there's just a lot of stuff go ahead and do and also what the you know game modes are going to be coming into the future, don't forget about the one game mod where there's going to be what a ray gun user one ray gun user and the rest of the people have to try to you know go ahead and beat them to get the r off you know it's so many cool things are going to be incorporated throughout this season.

I just hope they keep up this pace. We'll see we'll see in season two. We'll see with season 3. If they can continue this, if we can get more content and more drops, I'm one thing I'm disappointed about: no maps for war. What's going on there? I love war, but there's not enough variety to keep me interested in it.

I want to bounce out of it after like one or two games, honestly, and I'm good to go. We need more maps—you know, more variety—for that mood to make it interesting to hop back in. I was going to make a whole different article about it. I might actually still do it with some live gameplay. I think that'll be pretty interesting and fun to watch, but, you know, regardless.

modern warfare 3 season 1 content

I'm sad about that, but across the board, when it just comes to 6v6. I'm pretty pleased, and War Zone, you know. I'm trying to get a little bit more into War Zone because, believe it or not. I was a big guy and I was heavy into it back in the pubg days. You know, I kind of felt off because I played way too much.

But you know, honestly, War Zone's new version is a lot better than what we had with War Zone 2. I gave it a few shots; it was fun from what I played. I like the new permanent perk, you know, editions where you can still slide in ads and sprint while you're reloading. You know, all those different things that are permanently added to the game are really cool on top of what you can already do in your own class.

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