News - Activision Just Did Something Horrible With Sbmm Warzone 2


I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, today's article is going to be an extremely bad one because, honestly, there was a feature that was recently introduced into Modern Warfare 3 that I thought was just absolutely phenomenal. Obviously, it was a bit buggy, but overall, the concept was phenomenal, and it was recently stripped.

And I'm worried that Activision is going to try to use whatever. This feature was against us, and they're going to try to use it to force SK matchmaking to stay the way that they want it to be within the Call of Duty franchise. But of course, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead and dive deep, if you guys are interested in more content just like this, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell.

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I will be live today over on Kick. That stream will be up around 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. So, recently, ladies and gentlemen, in Modern Warfare 3, if you've been playing as well, you probably noticed. You would have a you know option if you wanted to stay in the exact same game. Now I don't know if this personally worked too well because I feel like over half the time it didn't really stick me with the same players, but you have to keep in mind that others have to notice it, and they never made this public.

You know, they put the feature in the game, but if it weren't for other content creators and other people out there talking about it, nobody would know it was a thing within Modern Warfare 3. Nobody wouldn't, you know, have a clue. So, I have to keep that in mind. That's probably why it felt like it was bugged because nobody was even pressing it in the first place, and the majority of the time the people who were pressing it were probably the sweatier players of the lobby because they're more likely to notice, but overall, you know.

modern warfare 3 disbanding lobbies

I appreciate the effort. You know, I've been asking for them to put in a feature on non-disbanding lobbies for as long as the whole community has. They said they're going to do it in the experimental playlist, but we haven't even heard of the experimental playlist since basically the launch of this game, and it's just mind-boggling why that hasn't been reintroduced into the title.

It really worries me. But still, you know, they said that they were going to go ahead and do some, you know, work behind the scenes to see if they can introduce non-disbanding lobbies, and they'll be good for their metrics. They told us they were going to do that, and here we are. They put in the feature; it's a step in the right direction.

Not completely there yet, and personally, I would say the way it shouldn't be is to just make it non-disbanding by default. You don't have to add in a little check feature to tell people if they want to stay in the game or not; just keep it as it was in OG Cod. I'm trying to think of how to word this, but I mean, it's extraordinarily simple.

modern warfare 3 disbanding lobbies test

So hear me out here; I personally believe you know the tinfoil hat theory: that they put this into the game; they introduced this feature because, keep in mind, they really did put it in the game; it was there, it was live, it was in action. But they didn't shout it out; they didn't say anything; they didn't, you know, actually notify the community; they did that on purpose, so later down the road they can obviously remove it, and they can have solid proof that they did indeed test out this feature, that it was incorporated, and behind the scenes no metrics claim that non-disbanding lobbies is not a good idea.

Idea i know I know it might sound crazy, but I would not push it past activis because they know for a fact, they know for a freaking fact, that if they were to go ahead and put out a public test, if they were to go ahead and put something together for the community to actually try out, like in the public experimental.

modern warfare 3 eomm

Playlist, if they did that and then actually tell the community, saying. Hey, you know, at this time around this date, we are going to be putting in, you know, non-disbanding Lobby and testing it out to see how the community likes it. We're going to have surveys. Make sure you fill them out. You know, give us your feedback.

Because they have the community coming back at them, we know the community wants this because it doesn't affect anything. I'm going to say it again: Nisp, Lobbies doesn't affect anyone besides Activision. Because since the beginning of time, when someone doesn't enjoy a match, they simply leave, and they'll do the same exact thing right now if they don't enjoy the match.

They will simply leave it. So non-disbanding, or, you know, having this feature or not having this feature, doesn't do anything for the overall community. All well it obviously benefits us to have non-spanding lobbies compared to, you know, having disbanding lobbies, but at the end of the day, you know, the point being made is that the only person who benefits from having any of this stuff is activation, because it's for their algorithm.

modern warfare 3 new sbmm info

People don't care; they will just simply leave the game, so we know people will support this, and they know that as well. What's a better way of going about it, secretly removing it, and then secretly removing it and then later down the road, they can literally go on as long as they want, ignore the community, not do anything to the skill as matchmaking, and eventually, down the road, if it gets really bad and people start getting extremely angry, they can just simply say.

Yep, we put it in the game, we tried it, it just didn't work it didn't work out the way we wanted it to you know the community didn't enjoy. People are leaving too frequently; they can say whatever they want because there's nothing you know there to actually see right now. If we're going to be really realistic here, more than likely what actually happened is, you know, like I said either one.

modern warfare 3 new sbmm news

They messed up, and it was a bug feature, and they had to remove it so they could reintroduce it back into the game in a functional state, or two. You know, maybe. Maybe this wasn't supposed to drop at all, and it was accidentally dropped, and this is a feature planned out for a future update because.

I'll be real, this is weird that Sledgehammer isn't saying anything about this, right? So you know that could be bad; that could prove that you know Activision is doing something here, and they're trying to keep it, you know, a secret, and they don't want anybody to talk about it because they do want to force it against the community.

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