News - Sledgehammer, This New Warzone 2 Update Is Useless

haymaker jak maglift kit

I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen I did indeed have another article planned for today; it was actually already made. But then the brand new, you know, update for Modern Warfare 3 went ahead and dropped, and I had to push that article back so you could expect it tomorrow.

It was just recorded a little bit earlier than expected, but I had to push this one out because Sledgehammer Games went ahead and put out an update on something that I've been waiting for a decent amount of time. I think honestly, anybody who plays Moder Warfare 3 has been waiting on this update for ages here, and it is severely disappointing, and I'll be real with you guys.

I don't know how Sledgehammer managed to do this. I thought it was pretty easy and understandable. You know how to fix this up, but, man, we have a lot to go ahead and discuss today, but of course, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead and dive deep, if you are interested in more content just like this, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell.

haymaker jak maglift kit class setup

We post daily here at 8 in the morning Eastern Time, mostly mod Warfare 3 at the moment, but of course once XDE goes ahead and drops and we get some more information about that. I'll be talking about that a little bit more often. I don't really discuss it too much right now because every single time something new comes out, it's just X find's delayed, and you know, every so often I might discuss it.

M eastern time all right guys so let's get back to the main topic of today's article the update that just recently dropped in Modern Warfare 3 now you know it's not too shabby of an update and I'm going to have a lot of other content coming out in the near future again not tomorrow because I already have a article, pre-made and I really want to get it out because I think it's important, that you know we expose something here with Activision, but we're going to be discussing other things when it comes to mod Warfare 3 and what Sledge games has recently introduced for example you know the new weekly update for the hoger it's a new aftermarket part that's actually pretty cool I'll be real and again I'm going to make a article about that the battle rifle I still have to go ahead and discuss it a little bit more in detail.

haymaker jak maglift kit nerf

You know, it wasn't too shabby of an update. We got a new skin from the event, and you know, that's actually looking pretty decent. I'll be real with you guys; it looks great, and it's for the WSP. It's kind of an underrated weapon. If I'm going to be real with you guys, I think it's the WSP 9, not the Swarm, the regular WSP; not too many people use it.

It's a fun gun, and I hope that this skin will maybe, you know, make it a bit more frequent in match-to-match gameplay. Hopefully, more people will actually pick it up and see the potential that it has. The new Juggernaut game mode is actually—I'll be real, it's cool—the Warhammer, you know, 40K event.

I was skeptical because, again, as I always say. I don't know how I feel about these new game modes they implement; usually they die out pretty quickly, and I still. I'll be real. I still feel the same about this. I'm not going to get too into detail about it because, again, I want to do a separate article about it.


I don't expect it to last; I'll be real, but out of all the gamers that we've played, it's fun; this is probably the most fun one I've played in years, if I'm going to be honest with you guys, and we'll dive deeper into that so the update wasn't a complete failure. I guess when it comes to content.

But I want to dive deeper into the game play because content is content and all, but the game still has a few things that have to be touched upon, and one of them is the jack mag lift kit for the Haymaker. Like you're watching in this gameplay right here, apparently, this gun got a Nerf. You guys tell me I'm not going to say anything.

What do you guys think of this game? Do you think this shotgun actually caught a Nerf? Well, let me go ahead and tell you exactly what was nerfed. Increased minimum hitfire spread from 3.5 to 4.9, increased maximum hitfire spread from 4.4 to 6.2, and increased tactical stance spread from 3 to 4.2, basically making the hipfire spread a bit wider than what it was before, i.e., beforehand.

modern warfare 3 haymaker aftermarket kit nerf

You can make this thing just an absolute beam machine, and it will be destroyed, especially if you decked it out for obviously hit-fire accuracy, but now, apparently, you know this was their fix; this was their way of going ahead and resolving the Haymaker problem within mod Warfare 3. Well, guys, let me go ahead and tell you something again.

I probably don't even have to tell you because you could just see it in the gameplay here, but nothing happened, ladies and gentlemen; absolutely nothing happened. The Jack Magift kit is still an absolute demon machine, and I think it's extremely obvious what the problem is here; it's not the hit-fire spread; it's the range of this thing.

Me and my homie Chucky were actually just talking about this, you know, because obviously the Jag mag lift kit just takes over all the small maps if you ever play on, you know, dos house here or meat or shipment. This thing is just undefeatable. You can't bring anything to the gunfight when you're using the Jack Magift kit.

modern warfare 3 haymaker jak maglift kit

You know what I'm saying. And we both agreed on the same point: it's not the hitfire spread because it's a shotgun, and at the end of the day, you want to be able to be up close and personal; that's the mindset, and if you do get some people at some range, then yeah, you know, so be it; that's fantastic, but the hitfire spread does nothing because I'm still using it like a shotgun; I'm still up close and personal; I'm still right in their face, you know, so.

modern warfare 3 haymaker jak maglift kit nerf

Why would they hyperfocus the hitfire instead of the range? You get what I'm saying here. It seems so completely backwards, and I. I know at some point they'll resolve this but I'm really disappointed that it's not in this update because now we're going to have to wait weeks we probably won't see another update about the you know the hay maker Jack magift kit for weeks on and maybe even a month plus and it's very disappointing because this was their time to really hit it and make sure the game was resolved and we don't have to worry about this thing taking over anymore, but they didn't hit it they didn't take it down and make it even with the rest of the shies and this is going to be an absolute problem within Moder Warfare 3 for a very long time you're not going to see this gun removed from the overall matchmaking and I don't want to see it removed you know I always say how I want a aftermarket part to actually take over and this one did I love it I think it is the coolest thing ever; it's so fun to use, and the concept of the Jack Maglif kit is phenomenal.

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