News - You Guessed It, Sledgehammer Crushed Warzone 2 Season 3


I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, today we're going to go ahead and do a deep dive into season 3 of Modern Warfare 3, and I have to be honest with you guys. I was initially pleasantly surprised by this update. I thought it was just going to be content that was going to be introduced into the game that makes it more fun and unique and makes you want to come back and play it a little bit, but no, they actually did a few updates to the overall game itself once again.

Sledgehammer proving themselves to be one of the main development teams that actually listens to core community feedback, and I did not expect this whatsoever, so ladies and gentlemen, buckle, we're about to go ahead and dive deep into season 3. I'm going to cover the good and the bad, my first impressions, and, of course, later on in the week, I am going to dive deep into maybe Maps weapons, more variety.

But in this article overall. I'm going to review stuff exactly how I see it as a Call of Duty player and a Call of Duty fan. We're trying to grind up the sub-ranks, and it always means the world to me all the love and support you guys show on these articles, and also if you guys do want to partake in any of my other streams.

modern warfare 3 season 3

Equals more double XP, which is a genius, fantastic idea, but in my personal opinion, it's not going to really benefit the solo players. But it's going to give you a crap ton of experience for wanting to play with teammates. Now I'm not sure if it's going to last a long time correct me if I'm wrong but I personally believe from what I read that it's going to be something that's going to be here for a pretty decent amount of time so when Double XP does end, basically you're going to rely on how many teammates you have on your squad, if you do want to continue to have double XP and I like this I think this is a phenomenal, idea it encourages people to play with one another it encourages you to hop into you know social groups it encourages you to hop on the actual mic itself you know going back in the day I understand solo play is fun and all but even back in the day when I was a solo player a lot of my friends I met were through the mic ranting it up roasting one another you know getting into engagements.

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With one another, and then later on we might squad up and play with one another at the same time. You know, it is what it is, but I feel like the mics used to be some of the best fun on Call of Duty, and people just don't want to interact anymore, and I think this feature right here will be a way to get that community back, even though the god community is absurdly toxic, so you know that's going to be a problem as well, but at the end of the day.

I think this is a good thing, but I just wanted to mention that since I was already mentioning My Stream and, you know, joining in since we do open lobbies, that is one of the big things that they did with the season. If I'm going to say that's one of the big things, that's an understatement, because the other things they did in the season were 10 trillion times better.

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I mean, first and foremost, the maps and the content that they added to this game are outstanding emergencies. The Amazing Map reminds me of another small-style map, kind of like meat, but. I can't get enough I'll be real I hate small Maps you guys know this if you watch my content you know I despise small Maps but Sledgehammer, has been nailing them Sledgehammer might be the only team that can produce small maps that I truthfully enjoy the flow of it the flank routes you know every single time Treyarch on Infinity Ward presents a small map it's usually either a map like shipment, where it's just mindlessly running around or it's a map like Nuke Town where it's heavily midm map control dependent where you just want to go to midm map and just hold that don't move just Camp basically and make sure spawns don't flip that's usually what it is sedgehammer has been introducing small Maps where it's a lot of rotating, a lot of flanking, a lot of different routes that you can take and still move fast-paced and just get great engagements.

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I've been enjoying them; emergencies are fantastic. Six stars amazing map as well it's a little bit of a mix of raid and Plaza in my personal opinion Plaza because of the interior in the middle of the map they also got some soundtracks bumping in the background which is pretty awesome raid because of the outskirts by the pool section it looks almost identical, to how raid looks it's kind of like a mishmash of a bunch of you know classic maps from BO2 in my personal opinion packed into one and it works fantastic it's a great map they also introduced grow house which is fun that's a map called sphere from Vanguard for anybody that doesn't know what that map is that's fun not really my favorite map at Vanguard so it's it is what it is I'll still play it it's content, and then the final map in the rotation.

Tanked now, this map came from Vondal from obviously War Zone, but it plays phenomenal. I love how it plays in Modern Warfare 3, and it works great. It is a tad bit different from the, you know. War Zone counterpart, but they did what they did to make sure it fits in the 6v6 environment, and I think it's a ton of freaking fun to go ahead and dive deep into.

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I will say this as a tip from playing so much War Zone on Vondal; when I go to that section of the map, usually it's SMG territory. In my personal opinion, I'm always rocking. But in this game for multiplayer, it definitely you know gives off more of an AR battle rifle lmg type of VI maybe even a sniper rifle a lot of the engagements are pretty long range even when you go to B flag a lot of the angles that you're going to be catching people on are going to have a little bit of distance on them so I would recommend going for a longer ranged weapon instead of going up CL some personal but overall the map rotations are great and if you hop into 6v6, right now it is just a freaking endless amount of content between adding in some of the Modern Warfare 2 maps from last year some of the remasters, as well all of the OG model for 2 2009 content and then all the fresh maps on top of it this is the most content, in any CoD game and I'm honestly enjoying it I know people are saying it's pointless it's bad but I think it's cool and I I've been enjoying being able to hop into quickplay and not see the same things over and over and over again like it was for Modern Warfare 2019.

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Black Ops Cold War Modern Warfare 2 2022. The only other game that didn't have that was Vanguard, but even Vanguard didn't have this much content. This is the most amount of maps, and it adds good variety, and I've been simply enjoying them. I think they added in one of the chambers, but I didn't actually play that, but again, it's One in the Chamber.

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