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I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, today's article is going to actually be pretty good. Today we're going to be going ahead and discussing. The cheating problem in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and surprise surprise, it is actually getting a tad bit better.

You know, I'm going to go ahead and lay out all the information for you guys. But regardless, I am feeling a tad bit better about the cheating problems going on in Call of Duty. Of course, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead and dive deep, if you guys are interested in more content just like this, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that Bell post daily here at 8:00 in the morning Eastern time, and if you are interested in any of my live streams.

I do that pretty much daily as well. We are not going to be streaming on Tuesday, but of course on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You guys know the deal I'm going to be live over on Kick that usually goes live around 1: to 2: p.m. So I'll be honest with you guys. I've been playing a decent amount of Call of Duty, you know, getting back into the new season, and I have been seeing a tad bit more cheaters, you know, in the multiplayer experience as well, which is kind of a bummer.

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You know, usually it's just strictly in War Zone multiplayer, which has its bursts here and there when cheaters come through, but it's been kind of bad recently. I'll be honest with you guys, and I think it's because of this right here, as you guys can see from my engine. This was 4 days ago, so I believe the trial is over, but I'm assuming a lot of people still want to go ahead and purchase the cheats, saying our Moder Warfare 3 war zone cheat is available for free for 2 days.

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Invite your friends to experience the game like they never have before. You know the typical scumbags. You're trying to advertise, incorporate these cheats, and make people think that it's you. Justified and good my God, all this garbage man, all of this absolute garbage, but again, this is why I think cheating has been a little bit more rampant recently because, of course, you know, 4 days ago they were having a free trial that lasted a couple of days, and then obviously afterwards, if they liked it, they're going to go ahead and purchase the cheats, so you know the cheats are going to transfer over and they're going to keep using them, which is even more of a bummer.

But I've been reporting a lot. I'll be honest; you know, I've been going to town. I've been hitting the banhammers. You know, I've been sending them out waves of reports, and they've been surprisingly successful. Typically, it doesn't do anything. I'll be real—me and a lot of other people. I know that when we go ahead and report a very obvious, blatant cheater, I feel like they get away with it very easily, and it's true.

I mean, you can just go on TikTok and YouTube. There are tons of people streaming with live active cheats, and they never get banned. You can report them 50, 000 times, you can send proof of actual article footage, and it'll probably take months to get them actually legitimately banned from the game, which always led me to believe that the anti-che is just absolute garbage, but recently they've been getting hit.

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I mean, obviously, if anybody doesn't know this yet, if you go into your notifications at the top right when you log into mod Warfare 3, it will tell you if one of your bands went through you know successfully. And I have been getting a lot a lot of positive feedback letting me know that yes you know the Ricochet anti-che is surprisingly, kicking into action which is shocking but if you could see right here from iapa who is you know a really reliable you know cheat Hunter basically someone who's going to you know deep dive into the cheat software and you know go behind the scenes with the people who develop these things and all that and really find the core details of what's going on here he went ahead and said about a week ago I interviewed a Call of Duty cheat provider and this Dev recently reached out and said they would like to amend their overall functionality, score for how well ricet antiche performs, from a 5 out of 10 to an 8.5.


Out of 10, and the fact that it came from someone who stands to benefit from a weak anti-che, it must be true that Ricochet is working better and better every day. This is phenomenal again. We're not there just yet. We are not there just yet, but it is starting to get a little bit better. It's starting to actually identify cheats before people can get into the game, and this is huge news.

Again, I know people are going to want to question this and say, You know, this can't be real. You know, this must be fake, but ladies and gentlemen Just recently, if anybody doesn't know this information as well. Bams got banned by Perma on Call of Duty live on his stream, and if anybody doesn't know who Bams is.

I personally didn't. I don't really watch that much content, you know. I usually watch commentary channels myself and some live gameplay channels, and usually I just kick back and, you know, not really watch God if that's the case. You know what I'm saying, guys, but Bams is a pretty huge content creator when it comes to YouTube, and he went ahead and caught a Perma ban on live stream.

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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, on live stream, and again, I know everybody's going to say, Well, everybody always gets falsely banned; no, everybody gets falsely shadowbanned. Not a perab band Perab Band is a whole different deal. It's literally a whole different deal if you get the Perab Band. There is something on your PC, and even if it's not actual cheat software, something has to be on your PC for it to detect something of that sort and instantly boot you from the game forever.

It's a huge thing to be done, right? Shadow banning is not annoying, and it's definitely a pain in the butt, but you do see it happen a lot to innocent players. You know it's a busted system; the shadow band system is completely busted; it's broken, but the perab ban system—you know it—you really have to do a lot to trigger that bad boy, but ladies and gentlemen I am curious what you guys personally think about bams being banned from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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Do you think it's not legit, or do you think it's not legit? You know, he is claiming he's going to be working on getting his account back right now, so I'm curious. You know, I really am curious. I wonder how easily he's going to be able to obtain his account. I think it's been a couple, maybe a few days now, so far, still nothing just yet, but honestly, you know, like I said, for something like this to go through.

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