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So obviously, season 1 kicked off this past week, and with it, we're already getting into something that I really enjoy seeing here in the very near future: events for Modern Warfare 3. I love Moder Warfare 3 in the war zone or hate it. The one thing objectively speaking that cannot be denied is that Sledgehammer really seems to be trying in regards to bringing us more things to do in comparison to prior years.

I said it before that of all my complaints for Modern Warfare 2, the one thing that I absolutely had to give credit for, where credit was due to Infinity Ward, was the amount of earnable things to me, like the camos that you could earn in the year that we had this past year across ranked modes. Spec Ops Easter eggs, the war zone nuke rewards, and more—that was one thing they knocked out of the park.

I thought about getting away from blueprints instead, giving a universal reward that you could use on any weapon. Well. Sledgehammer seemingly said hold my beer to that, and in preseason, we saw the brave Stripes camo for the Call of Duty Endam event, the soft target camo for the 141 event, the macarov camo for the Ma Off event, and the golden river camo for the preseason completionist weekly challenge set of four camos for simply playing the game in four weeks time.


Great start to that, I think, in terms of earnable rewards, and it seems like we're only getting started because there's another 10 plus camos coming in what appear to be events throughout season 1. I said I didn't know if Sledgehammer could keep up that weekly challenge set pace that they were bringing us here in the preseason, but apparently they're trying their hardest.

I might need to make some adjustments to this after it's uploaded. I was told that nothing but licensed items from season 1 were off limits, but technically speaking, these are unreleased items and kind of leaks, so if I make an oopsy and you catch it after there's like a blur on the article later down the line, you'll know why.

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But anyway, we're going to roll with it. The first one we know, of course, is the coherence of the weekly seasonal challenge camo. That was one that was seen here and shown off in regards to what has been found, but that's also previewable. Right now within Modern Warfare 3, if you go over to the weekly challenge sets, of course you can't see weeks 2 through 8, but you do have the ability to preview it on the overall seasonal completion reward, where you can see that whatever sort of primary weapon is in that first loadout spot you end up having, it's one that you have to complete again.

The eight-week weeks that each week has to complete don't have to be five in only MP zombies or war zones; it's just five total across each of those modes in each week, completing all eight weeks to earn it. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of this one in the sense that it's the follow-up to the Golden River Camo.

It doesn't have as much of a mastery feel to me in my opinion, but being that it's static and has a sort of war-torn or worn effect on the camo as well, it's a camo reward, so I'll take it absolutely; it's one that you just have to play and you can earn, as that completion, for coming back every week within season 1.

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The rest of the time, we have not seen this footage coming from Crash F over on Twitter. Trials of the Power Sand and Spice Event this is one that if you actually take a look at it starts in a day and a few hours and change if you log on right now it says starts in one day but it only shows that additional, as of the time of recording this 19 hours on top of that if you actually go and preview the event itself so it's going to be starting as of this upcoming Wednesday with the update that goes out weekly here, changing out your playlist and everything like that, but it's something that is a light brownish and oranges, animated camo, kind of being again a sort of sand theme.

Here naturally, as you'd expect with oracus, and just by association. It does say on the preview of the actual event page: Prove yourself in the battle for Oracus and earn XP to unlock exclusive rewards. For the Dune Universe, equip the PA Tradies operator, from the Tracer Pack Dune part to the PA Tradies operator bundle, for a boost, so the skin and the cosmetics along with that will also seemingly be revealed and released.

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On Wednesday. But this is going to be one that you simply have to play and earn XP for as the macarov event as the Call of Duty endowment pack win, so that's something that again you're going to be able to get this camo for, relatively, not a whole ton of work, which is definitely nice. Next, the magma camo is going to be coming as a part of the vortex, an event that comes along in midseason.

This is something that is going to be something that fits pretty well, I think, because the Quarry aesthetic on the map is called Satan's Quarry, if I'm not mistaken. I hope I can share gameplay of that here in the near future. We captured that at our preseason 1 event at Sledgehammer, but we haven't been able to share it just yet for embargo reasons.

I'm not entirely sure why they're holding off on that, but honestly, a really cool variation of all the maps is coming, and it seems like challenges associated with those will end up being able to grant you the magma camo and animation, a sort of lava flow camo similar to what we saw all the way back in Black Ops 2.

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I think this one looks awesome, but that'll be one you can earn as well. Now there are additional camos that are out there, but we don't know how to earn them just yet. I mean, one is likely going to be coming with the Santa Sligh Ground event in a week and a couple of days time here at this next Wednesday, not this coming Wednesday.

That's when we see the holiday event kickoff across Modern Warfare 3 and the war zone, so maybe we end up seeing one of these here where there's an event challenge to earn rewards, one maybe being a camo, but we don't know which that will be in order of, like, the cool factor here with this. The first one to talk about is the windfall, Camo.

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