News - Welp, Sledgehammer Broke Warzone 2 Again


I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, as you probably already know, the other day a new aftermarket part was released into Call of Duty Mod 4. As you know, it always happens every single week on Wednesday. There's a brand new aftermarket part, or sometimes they put in a camo or something of that sort; you know, it's always randomized.

But this week's aftermarket part is definitely one that you do not want to miss out on, and honestly, I'm kind of shocked, Sledgehammer. M eastern end time is all right, ladies and gentlemen. Sledgehammer games has made a massive boo when it comes to Modern Warfare 3 again. I know everybody's going to say, you know, he can't make up his mind if he likes the game or if he hates the game.

Look like I said, I say it all the time on this channel: if I like something, I'm going to like it; if I hate it, I'm going to let you guys know I hate it personally. I think this gun is not bad; it's enjoyable to use. I can't deny the facts that it is complete utter cheese, and Sledgehammer Games has really, this right here is going to gunk up completely the whole Modern Warfare 3 experience, but as you can see, this right here is the Jack Outlaw.

modern warfare 3

277, kit basically turning your baz b battle rifle into a lever action. 2.0 i don't know why we necessarily needed this style of weapon when we already have an overpowered weapon of the sort. But here we are and it's already introduced into the game of course I'm going to go ahead and showcase to you guys my actual class that up here I rock a suppressor on this bad boy I do use the over pressure to ammunition because obviously you can't put on a rear grip magazine, you can't put on basically anything on this weapon an under Barrel is useless you know it's a sniper rifle I don't need anything for recoil, absolutely useless if you want to put a barrel on it that's up to you but personally I don't really rock this gun at long ranges mostly on small quartered Maps so I don't really rock a barrel lasers, again up to you but I prefer using overpressured ammunition because it gives Flinch to the enemy Target so if you do hit an enemy their gun is going to be going to the sky which is going to throw them off a little bit so if you don't get a one hit shot.

modern warfare 3 bas b

More than likely, you can line up your second shot with no problems because you probably won't take any damage because they can't even aim straight then of course I used the Jack glassless, optic because I like the way it gives you better you know obviously aim stability, and then I use the saw off mod basically stock because it gives you better you know movement ads speeds all that stuff since obviously one of the cons is a reduction of ads speeds but yeah like I literally just said this thing is ridiculous it's overpowered.

And I don't know if it's ever going to be fixed because, as we all know, the longbow has yet to be touched, and honestly, it just keeps getting buffed more and more and more. I just don't see the purpose of needing more equipment like this or more attachments. It seems to be a common trend that Sledgehammer continues.

modern warfare 3 bas b jak outlaw 277 kit

And having something like this implemented into the game isn't necessarily a problem. You know, I don't really hate weapons like the Longbow or, as you could see right here, this aftermarket part for the Bass B. I don't hate stuff like this; I just hate when it's incorporated into games with 150 HP and you feel defenseless.

On certain Maps you know small maps are absolutely destroyed because of the Longbow I mean that's already common knowledge we all already know this the Longbow dominates small maps and on top of that if you haven't noticed this already the aim assist on the long bow is actually, base AR, aim assist so basically you're getting a sniper rifle with assault rifle aim assist instead of having sniper rifle aim assist so it makes it even more overpowered, of a weapon so you best believe on the small mat Mosh Pit that's what everybody rocks put a red dot or an iron sight on that thing and it turns into a demon machine and you know forget about the aim assist as well and how it has base AR aim assist but even for mouse and keyboard players as you can see from my gameplay right here it just like you know it demolishes it's a easy point and click, weapon, it's as simple as that it's an easy point and click weapon.

modern warfare 3 bas b jak outlaw 277 kit review

And like I just said, it's not bad, but in a game with 150 HP, you feel defenseless on a lot of these small maps. I don't know what else to use against these guys. I'm honestly going to be straight with you guys. I've opted into just using shotguns every single time I see a map like Stash House, or, you know, Dos House.

modern warfare 3 bas b jak outlaw kit

I would say rust is an exception because there are a little bit more you know distant ranges when it comes to engagements but shipment dos house Stash House all the above I don't bother using ARS I don't bother using SMGs pull out a shotgun or pull out a longbow because you best believe if you go up against any competent Longbow player they are going to absolutely demolish you before you can even get a shot off and if they're using the overpressurized, bullets you're not even going to be able to stay on target so they're going to demolish you regardless no matter how good your skill level you are going to be put into the dirt and that right now is a current problem, and to be real I don't even know how to resolve this issue seriously how would you resolve this you can't take away the damage of the sniper rifle because then it becomes useless.

modern warfare 3 bas b jak outlaw kit aftermarket part

I mean maybe you can reduce the fire rate of the thing since it can chamber bullets so quickly but that right there is really the only option I can think of because any other Nerf to these weapons will make them completely useless and nobody will touch them and that's not what we want we want to make sure everything in this game is usable, so we have to find a middle ground I wish that we could make the game to where everything is stupidly overpowered like back in the OG modare 2 2009 days you know I missed the those days of cod where everything was stupid you know yeah the intervention might have been crazy and you know Noob tubes might have been nuts and the ACR might have had no recoil but so did everything else in the game, not saying that every other gun had no recoil but I'm just saying all the other guns were fantastic maybe the F2000 was the roughest gun to use in mod Warfare 2 2009 but everything across the board was freaking disgusting so it didn't matter what you used it didn't matter if you used meta or something that was overpowered because over half the weapons in the catalog can still compete.

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