News - Activision Is Openly Taunting Us With Sbmm Warzone 2

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I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen. Today's article is going to be hilarious because Activision has just put out a post over on Twitter that has absolutely blown up. Everybody in the community is going ahead and talking about this right now, and it's basically them taunting us with skill-based matchmaking in Call of Duty, but of course, ladies and gentlemen, before we go ahead and dive deep and get into this topic, if you guys are interested in more content just like this, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell.

We are indeed trying to branch out a little bit from Call of Duty. I want to start talking a little bit more about Battlefield and of course when xine drops I'm going to, you know obviously incorporate, that game to this channel because I'll be honest with you guys when it comes to content, exif find and Call of Duty kind of go hand inand and I think it's just because the games are so similar in their own ways when it comes to the arcadey feel of them and I feel like a lot of you guys enjoy that stuff so of course if you guys want to hear any content about that and you want to be notified the second it goes live, hit that Bell for this Channel and last but not least if you are interested in any of my live streams I do that pretty much daily over on KCK usually that stream goes live around 1: to 2 p.

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m I saw this post, on Twitter I don't know if they went ahead and posted this across the internet Maybe they put it on Instagram. Facebook, and stuff of that sort, but again. I'm not really too into social media. I do apologize to everybody out there who tries to hit me in the DMS on Twitter or hit me in the DMS on Discord.

I'm going to try to get through those as soon as possible. I just stink with social media. I'm being honest with you guys. I'm shocked I even do content creation. If it weren't for content creation, I would have nothing. I hate it in every way, shape, and form. I find it completely useless. Maybe it's good for some memes and jokes of that sort, but overall, it's just so toxic, and I feel it's like, you know, it's just bad for the mental.

Overall, it's bad for the mental, so I apologize for not being very active, so that's why I don't really know if this is you know across other platforms, But Twitter is the only thing I really use. I saw them put it up over there, and the community was just. I'm going to go ahead and actually showcase the clip for you guys really quick; it's only like 6 seconds, and I'll be right.

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Back, and ladies and gentlemen, the funniest part about this whole post is that they captioned it saying. Here's to the ones that never give up, yeah, you know what I'm saying, and then, of course, when you saw the footage, it showed them getting whooped 17 games in. I'm sorry, but that is the funniest thing ever.

I can't i know people are angry at this, and it's a lot of people red-up over this, but I can't help but chuckle that these fools are literally taunting us to our faces. My balls actors and I are just insane, and you could say whatever you want about this, but it's true they're taunting us with skill-based matchmaking.

They're saying here's to the ones that never give up showing someone getting whooped 17 freaking times, and then finally, they broke through the barrier of competition in Call of Duty and got that win, and the funniest part about it. Win, this is like the my. The best part about it is that the win was 100 to 99; it wasn't a blowout.


Victory wasn't showcasing that they improved significantly; it wasn't showcasing that this person got better; it just literally showed them getting whooped 17 games in a row and getting extremely lucky with their final game and winning it by one single point, and all the matches they lost were by a massive margin, like 48 to 124.

Let me actually scroll through here and see, actually, real quick, and tell you guys, I'm not going to show you on the screen, but I'm going to look back myself. 119 to 250 50 to 75, 4 to six in search—what else, man, did I say 62 to 200? 62200, good what is that? 101 to 250, or something of that sort?

Those scores are absurd for this person. I don't know who they're showcasing or whose stats these are, but they're getting rocked. Okay, their world is getting absolutely demolished, game after game after game, with no close victories. It wasn't like it was to 99 with them, you know, losing at that score or something like that.

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No, they are getting straight; they are just steamrolling, okay, and then at the very end they pop off and say, Well, you finally got a win with them. 199 there you go, so while they're getting destroyed game after game after game, their competition is probably getting streaks and enjoying what Call of Duty is all about—you know, getting streaks and going crazy, you know.

Their experience when they finally get to you know have a good time it's so close and so tight that they probably barely even were lucky enough to get a UAV, okay and honestly at the end of the day who even knows where they left off on the leader boards they could have been last on the leader boards and gotten carried for that victory that says nothing it says nothing to you know them pushing on through and never giving up, but ladies and gentlemen, as Activision showed, here is the exact problem with Scottish matchmaking and cod I know this pisses people off, but I'm very truthful about it.

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It's nothing to hide the fun of cod stomping out. Okay, it's as simple as saying that you're not having fun in COD if you're getting whooped. Every single person I've ever played with is just hating The Experience, camo grinders, for example. What camo grinder do you know is sitting there getting whooped?

Time after time after time after time again, in their happiness. I know there's some, don't get me wrong, there are a handful out there, but the majority of the time when I listen to a camo grinder, they're annoyed with the experience because guess what they want to pop off even if they know, even if they know, they aren't currently going to pop off because they are camo grinding in the back of their minds; they know what Call of Duty is all about; they know what you know how to obtain that adrenaline rush out of Call of Duty, and that's by streaking up.

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Okay, everybody wants to do that, so this system right here is not what Call of Duty's all about. Again, you can talk as much crap as you want. You could say all I want to do is stomp noobs; it doesn't matter. I play everybody, I verse any competition, and I verse some of the best players. I don't care; it's not a big deal to me, but for the casual players out there, the people who don't have that much time, they don't want to play 17 competitive games just to get one match that's 99.

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