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is the rotten inferno camo worth it in modern warfare 3

I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the other day Sledgehammer Games went ahead and put in a brand new update to Moder Warfare 3. Now there were no major changes to, you know, metas or, you know, any buffs or nerfs of any sort, and yeah, the Swarm bug is still introduced into the game.

I'm hoping that gets fixed up with season 3. But this update was for content. This camo looks great. You know, honestly, when I saw it the first time, I saw it the first time I thought it was going to look pretty good. I've seen some mixed opinions where some people are saying it's not the best thing, and I completely understand that you know everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but for me personally, when I saw this thing.

I was like. You know, this actually looks pretty solid, and when you go ahead and slap it on the actual gun itself, it is just beautiful. Beautiful I got to be honest with you guys. I'm really glad I went ahead and grinded out this challenge here, and honestly. I highly recommend everybody out there go ahead and look at your events and see what you're missing out on to go ahead and unlock this thing because it's definitely worth it.


The previous season wasn't really the best. What was it like—the pink throw-up camo or something like that? God, that camo was definitely not worth grinding out for 8 weeks, but this one right here definitely was, so make sure you go and check your challenges and see what you have to do, of course if you're still even playing Modern Warfare 3.

But that's not the only thing you go ahead and unlock. You know, this week, with these weekly challenges, you also get a brand new blueprint, as you can see right here for the HRM. It's called The Rook, and it's not bad. I'll be real with you guys. I know people are going to have mixed opinions about this one, but personally, I don't think it looks that shabby, especially for a free camo.

modern warfare 3 new blueprint

You know, free camos are kind of give and take, and I know people are out there saying that every single camo has to be animated. In order for it to be decent within Call of Duty, and I beg to differ, I don't think every single camo needs to be completely animated to be good. I think solid camos are good as well, and this one is a pretty decent camo, and when you actually use it in person, you know, live in the game, it actually looks just as good as it does when you look at it in the pictures.

Now, I will say the attachments on this thing are absolute garbage, though, so I'm going to go ahead and showcase my own personal class set for this weapon. I don't know if I'm going to do a personal article for this thing—more than likely not. I'm just going to combine it all into this article, right here, with the new camo, this blueprint, and also, obviously, the new game mode that was introduced with this update.

But this is my current setup for this thing because I thought the previous setup was just absolute garbage. You know, no offense, but I don't know why they decked out an SMG with ad attachments; that's literally all that was on it was ad attachments, so I kind of switched it around a little bit more for aiming stability, recoil control, and extra ammunition, and I suppressed the weapon as well because I like my gun suppressed.

modern warfare 3 new skin

I'll be real; a lot of the blueprints that they put out I'm not really too fond of. I always find myself tweaking them and changing them around, but the good thing about this blueprint right here is that when you do tweak it and change it around, you know, the gun doesn't really change that much, and I think the camo stays intact nicely, especially with the setup that I put on this thing.

So again, another item that I think it's worth, you know, going ahead and unlocking with this week's update. Along with the final camo, I think it's a nice little reward for us to go ahead and enjoy until the brand new season drops. Don't forget season 3 is literally dropping what in like a week or something like that, so we're going to have a bunch of new content to grind out and a bunch of new aftermarket parts, a lot of things to indulge in, so I would say for a season finale, this was kind of nice, was a pretty decent treat, and we also got a lot of fun aftermarket parts throughout season 2 as well.

modern warfare 3 new update

Season 2 as a whole wasn't too bad. I'll be real with you guys; I think season 2 wasn't shabby. Yeah, we could have gotten more content, but season 3 is, you know, presenting a lot of content, and I hope that season 4 and season 5 and all the seasons afterwards will continue to follow the model of season 3 and it doesn't die off, but for what season 2 offered.

I think it was pretty decent, and again, out of all the Call of Duty games I've played in these 5 years, especially making content. I've been able to consistently make a lot of fresh things about this game compared to every other title that I play. Usually, when I'm bored, there's nothing to talk about, you know.

Black Ops: Cold War Modern Warfare 2019: Modern Warfare 2 Vanguard I got bored of them. I couldn't discuss anything with you guys besides just hating the game, but this one, like I said,'s always new aftermarket parts to try out, new camos to check out, and game modes to indulge in Sledgehammer. Games have been doing a pretty good job at the live service for multiplayer this time around.

modern warfare 3 rotten inferno camo

You know I got to give it to them, but to end all off, as you can see right here in this game playay, we are playing on Vortex. Yes, they went ahead and added in the Vortex game mode once again, minus the ray gun. I guess they took a hint that it wasn't really the craziest game mode and not too many people were really enjoying it, so they decided to go ahead and remove the ray gun and make it just, you know, basic game modes.

Hardpoint TDM, believe domination stuff of that sort. Whatever, and it's pretty much the same rotation of maps in the previous Vortex game mode, but they added in a couple of new ones, one for terminal and one for skid row, and they both look phenomenal. Absolutely amazing i'm wondering if, instead of Vortex being the game mode with the ray gun, they're just going to try your brand.

modern warfare 3 rotten inferno camo gameplay

Vortex, as this group of maps that they're making here, you know out of this world style maps because they look great and they're all very unique in their own ways, and I just really enjoy the atmosphere of these maps, and I feel like they're just going to rebrand that to the vortex style map, and this instead of Vortex being that, that was the game mode with the ray gun.

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