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I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Now, ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to Moder Warfare 3 season 1, you guys pretty much already know my opinion on this stuff. You know, I enjoy the new maps, the new weapons, the new streaks, and the new content. You know, I've actually been enjoying the new version of War Zone, and on top of that, I enjoy how you know.

Sledgehammer has been handling the live service methods when it comes to Modern Warfare 3. You know that Duty has had a really rough time in the past when it comes to live service, and you know the amount of content that they keep pushing into this game with weekly challenges, new aftermarket parts, and new skins to want to grind for that are actually, you know, decent-looking.

Honestly, I have been enjoying myself, but ladies and gentlemen, there's been one thing that has been introduced into season 1, which is just devastating. m, To 1 p. m, Eastern time all right so ladies and Gentlemen let's go ahead and chat a little bit about the Assassin vest in Moder Warfare 3 now this right here is single-handedly.

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The worst part of season 1 is, in my personal opinion, that, like I said, there's a lot of things I've been enjoying, but this thing is going to be the most toxic the most toxic feature within 6v6 from Modern Warfare 3, and it is going to absolutely destroy the purpose of calling in UAVs. Anything it's literally just for killing you know you don't get a field upgrade so it removes the possibility of having a trophy system for your team or you know tack insertion so you can get better spawns for obj So on and so forth, it removes all of that stuff, but you still get a grenade.

You get lethal, so you get to know two things to help you out and assist you with still-catching bodies. You get all of your perks across the board. It's overpowered, and once again, it takes away from the purpose of even hopping on the objective you don't need to again. It's hyperfocused basically, you know pub stomping gameplay, going around flanking, going for a lot of kills, and not having to worry about opponents seeing you, and I'm going to be honest with you guys; you know me personally.

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You guys know me. I'm definitely more of an OOB type of player, and I would even, you know, opt into using this vest over everything else, and it's insane to be on OOB. I'm going to want a trophy system. I'm going to want, you know, either attack insertion so I can spawn closer or, you know, other tactics to help me win the match, but man not showing up on the UAV is such a crutch; it's insane, and like I said, that is where they balanced it having to move, made that perk unique, and it made it a skill compared to just a freeb You know this version of this vest, this Infinity Ward crap design, is a freebie; it takes no skill to use; you equip it, and like I said, you can go to the back of the map and nobody will ever know you're there, but with the real ghost perk, the one that we originally made for 3, you have to think you have to actually maneuver; you have to strategize.

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When a UAV is called into the air, you can stay off of it, or you could choose to stay on it and engage. You know you have to pick and choose your engagements. And that's where the fun is this is just Mindless bull crap, where's the fun in this you know like I said even for obj, it's still extraordinarily useful because on domination and hardpoint I could flank like it's no tomorrow I can just sit and camp on the most absurd locations nobody will ever know that I'm there and I'll just spawn trap for days and the thing about mod Warfare 3 specifically I mean not you know extremely specific because other Call of Duty games have run into this problem as well but for Moder Warfare 3 people heavily rely on uavs.

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Because over half of the streaks are extremely tough to obtain because of the thick skill-based matchmaking, you know everything is competitive, so people Rock lower streaks now and over half of your lobbies probably everybody in your lobby is rocking a UAV, and it's the most easy and consistent thing to go ahead and get and especially if you're hopping into a match of 12 V12 or something like that you know it's a lot of people who have the option to go ahead and put a UAV up in the sky and trust me it's going to be a lot of them popping up there so when you have a Cod game where uavs are so frequent you best believe one of the most used things, is Ghost but right now ghost is kind of nicely balanced you know as a perk obviously because I have to choose between that or if I want EOD or Tac mask you know other very useful things that are you know like I said extremely useful, on the Battlegrounds.

But now we have a vest that doesn't take away your perks, compared to the other vests. I mean, like I said, all I really rocked was the engineer vest, which, you know, gave me my field upgrades a little bit faster and a couple of tacticals instead of having a lethal, and there are, you know. I think there's one more vest that's kind of useful, but in all reality, as long as I can have all my perks, the vest isn't really that big of a deal to me.

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You know, being able to have a non-stop ghost in a vest and then, on top of that, have three different perks—a variety, a tactical, and a lethal—and all decked out with weapons. I mean, the only downside is no field upgrades, but again, especially when you're playing 12 vs. 12 and stuff of that sort.

You'll have teammates who throw it down. This vest is just overpowered, but that also brings me to another problem because once this vest becomes noticed and more people start rocking it and more people start seeing how overpowered it is, that means one less person is going to be playing obj, and two less people are going to be using their field upgrades, which is going to cause less trophy systems, less tax, and nobody is going to be hopping on the B flag going to hard points; everybody's just it's.

I am just seeing the future right now, weeks down the road, once everybody finally unlocks it. This thing is going to be ridiculous, and it's going to completely kill the purpose of the UAV as well, which once again, like I said, might be a good thing since the UAV spam is extremely crazy in this game, but you don't want to make UAVs irrelevant.

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You know, there's still a streak in the game that's useful, and it's nice to have, and if everybody's rocking this vest nowadays. I know it's like I said it's going to go right back to Glass Infinity War titles where UAVs are irrelevant. I never used them. I don't bother; I'd rather use a counter UAV over a regular UAV when it comes to Infinity War titles, and that's exactly how this game is going to be right now.

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