News - Warzone 2: The Massive Season 1 Weapons Update

Full season 1 weapons update in mw3/warzone explained!

Full season 1 weapons update in mw3/warzone explained!

ladies and gentlemen. In War Zone, we are going to see basically our first major weapons update and major meta update take place. We are not only seeing the introduction of a bunch of new MW3 weapons to the overall Arsenal, but we're also going to see several other new weapon updates in the form of aftermarket updates, weapon buffs.

Nerfs, and everything in between. So today we are previewing all of the confirmed and known changes when it comes to these season 1 weapon updates.

All new season 1 weapons in modern warfare 3 & warzone

It would be seriously appreciated. All of these weapons are going to be free either through the battle pass or through various different in-game challenges like the armory or weekly challenges a bit later on into the season, so first up here we've got the xrk.


Stalker sniper rifle, and this is one of those free weapons via the battle pass right away, so you can get this just by going through these sectors and maxing them out, and this is the description of the xrk stalker. Stock your prey and lay them out with this tactical sniper rifle. Chambered in 50 cal for one-hit eliminations, look no further.

The XRK stalker sniper rifle deals massive damage and is highly customizable. To support multiple play styles, enhance the weapons velocity and stability, strike from the shadows, or improve its handling capabilities, to become a quick scoping melee, you'll be able to build this thing out in a bunch of different ways, whether you want to go all in on mobility and ad speed for quick scoping or for longdistance gunfights where you want that good velocity almost sort of hit scan feel there, so it seems pretty versatile for a sniper, and obviously that expands on the current sniper Arsenal, which doesn't really have too much going on.

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We only have the three MW3 snipers, so this does bring that total up to four. We also have the return of the Ram 7 assault rifle. This is again going to be available for free in the battle pass, this time in sector A7, and obviously the ram is a classic in the new Modern Warfare Trilogy. We had this back in MW 2019 in war zone 1, and it was absolutely a fan favorite rifle, and this year it's returning in that standard form, so they say exceptionally compact this Bullpup assault rifle.

Sports a lightweight polymer frame and is chambered in versatile. 556 when you need power and mobility, the Ram 7 is a sure bet. The weapon deals solid damage at close and medium range, and its control, in controlled bursts, can compete from afar. Its lightweight frame results in a quick reload and fast handling so you can stay on the offensive.

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Based on this description, it does seem like it's going to be more of a sniper support sport-style rifle, very similar to how it worked back in War Zone 1, for sure, so definitely getting some potential nostalgia out of this for long range It seems like it's going to have maybe a bit more recoil or the damage drop off is going to fall off a bit more there, so it might not be the most effective for ranged fights, but for sniper support or mid-range, more of an aggressive rifle, this could be a really, really good choice.

We also have the Storm Ender Launcher, which is going to be an extra peculiar weapon and one that I don't actually know if people are going to use all that much. This is again available for free in the battle pass this time in sector 12. And this is how they describe it: The state-of-the-art weapon system fires a localized EM, which, on a slight delay, destroys tactical and lethal equipment and temporarily disables other electronic devices.

This brand new weapon has the power to shoot down specific kill streaks and take out drones with its lock-on capabilities. With unlimited recharging ammo and the ability to disable and delay enemy equipment, this weapon serves as a very real shock to the system, though damage to operators is minimal, so this is basically almost a non-lethal launcher.

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You're not going to be using this to get kills, as they say the damage to operators is minimal, so it'll do some but not much, and it's probably not worth using to try and get kills with; instead, this is more like an anti-strike or an anti-equipment launcher. Kind of curious that they're actually debuting this as like a new battle pass weapon, but I guess it's something they can throw in a tier and say.

Hey, it's a new weapon, so the battle pass has more content. This one's definitely a bit more gimmicky, though. Whether you're trying to treat yourself this holiday season or pick up something for some friends or some family, Gfuel has got you covered with a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you're trying to restock on your favorite flavors, maybe try something new.

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They have the tubs, the starter kits, or even just some straight-up Shaker cups if you're looking to grab a new one of those. If you want to pick up anything at all from the GFI sites, be sure to go ahead and throw in code Immortal at checkout. This will be available in season through an armory unlock, so we'll have to keep our eyes out for this.

For this, they describe it as a light yet stable 9mm SMG for close-quarters combat and putting down enemies quickly, sporting a high fire rate and excellent handling. IM Mobility The HMR 9 is the perfect fit for aggressive running and gun play. Styles aim down sights for precise fire or enter a tack stance and run circles around your enemies.

Use the gunsmith to enhance the weapon's mid-range capabilities, improve its close-quarters performance, or a combination of the two. So this definitely seems like it's going to be a high-mobility, more aggressive SMG, maybe similar to the wasp swarm, for instance, with that high fire rate and good movement, and like I said, that'll be an in-season update, so it could be week two of season 1; it could be week six; we're just going to have to wait and see for that; then we also have the TAC evolver to round things out; this is going to be a new LMG.

They don't exactly specify how we're going to unlock this, but if I had to guess, it's probably going to be through some of the weekly challenges. A bit later on down the road, with like season 1 reloaded for instance, and for this one, they describe it as an advanced multi-caliber, lmg, capable of firing 762 or 556.

With minimal adjustments made to the versatile and exceptionally lethal weapon in the right hands. This all-new LMG is capable of taking down both infantry and artillery, whichever chooses to cross its path. A wide variety of attachments are available via the gunsmith, allowing you to tailor it to any play style, so there are really no huge descriptions.

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