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So Modern Warfare 3 season 1 is right around the corner, and with it, we, as per normal, have new weapons coming into the fold, and today, we've got five to discuss, so as we go along, drop your thoughts. And all that as well, we'll have you covered here with more early season 1 content over the coming days and leading into that launch, so if you're part of that 60% of viewers that are not subscribed.

I'd love to have the community. For now, though, let's jump into it.

The new ram-7 in modern warfare 3 season 1

The new ram-7 in modern warfare 3 season 1

First, the battle passes weapons. Three of the five weapons you'll have available through season 1 will be immediately usable, depending on whether you end up getting them in the battle pass, so let's start with number one, the ram 7, described as exceptionally compact.

This bullpup assault rifle It sports a lightweight polymer frame, and it's chambered in a versatile 556. When you need power and mobility, the Ram 7 is a sure bet. The weapon deals solid damage at close and medium range, and in control burst can compete from afar. Its lightweight frame results in a quick reload and fast handling, so you can stay on the offensive.

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Having played around a little bit with season 1, this actually seems really on par with what we ended up seeing in that gameplay, Feel Again, from my time at Sledgehammer. From playing season 1 early, we only ended up having like 2 hours of play time or something, so we didn't have a whole ton of time to master the weapon or to max out everything to fully kit it, but it was something that did feel really good in MP.

I'm not entirely sure how it'll work in terms of War Zone with the increase in health and that base armor added as well, but I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it for sure. I think absolutely this will do well at mid-range as detailed, but I'd be curious to see if you could build this for long range so that you don't have to burst it as they say, but if it's something that you can maybe make a longrange meta.

I mean Moder Warfare 2019s and War Zones. Ram 7 was pretty solid at a distance with a ttk, which I think is one of the best in class, if not the best in class for distance. So that was something that, if you could control those shots, the biggest obstacle was just simply recoil control. But what's odd is that I do think that this actually has the potential to, even though it's not necessarily the intention.

I bet this is going to be a solid sniper support build out there in the war zone as well. The high fire rate and solid power in each round are decently mobile. It might not be bad to jump into it with it built for that either way, though it's a fun-to-use weapon for sure. Reminiscent again of the ram in Modern Warfare 2019. The recoil patterns seemed a bit different, so we'll see if it's a mouse- and keyboard-favored weapon like it was in Modern Warfare 2018 in that original war zone, but definitely playing around with it in my opinion.

The new xrk stalker in modern warfare 3 season 1

The new xrk stalker in modern warfare 3 season 1

Next up, the new sniper rifle coming along with this is said to be for one-hit eliminations.

Look no further. The XRK stalker-sniper rifle deals massive damage and is highly customizable to support multiple play styles. Enhance the weapon's velocity and stability, strike the shadows, or improve its handling capabilities to become a quick-spotting scoping Menace now this thing. I'm not much of a sniper lately, so bear with me on what is probably some incredibly mediocre gameplay in the background, but this thing was pretty fun to use.

I don't want to say annoyance with it, but something that did take a second to get used to was the default magnification. It seemed a bit further in terms of that magnification zoom, as opposed to what I was used to with, like, the MCPR in Modern Warfare 2 Bas, but again, once you get used to it, it feels natural. I didn't attach anything on this weapon and it felt really decent for sure like no doubt you can absolutely tell it's a base sniper with this build here but more so saying that for the fact that it's really a testament to what you could probably do with this thing when fully kitted for ads and Mobility make get a quick scoping machine or maybe you want to go the opposite way maybe you want to do this for war zone where it's a long range demon so increasing that damage range B velocity and control, maybe that's something that's more up your Alle but anyways definitely a fun one to play around with and again looking forward to getting my hands on with this on my own account to start.

The new stormender in modern warfare 3 season 1

The new stormender in modern warfare 3 season 1

ranking it up now. The final weapon that was available within the battle pass and is usable immediately is the storm. Ender launcher This is described as a state-of-the-art weapon that fires localized emps on a slight delay, destroying tactical and lethal equipment and temporarily disabling other electronics.

It's stated that it's a brand new weapon that has the power to shoot down specific kill streaks. Take out drones with their lock-on capabilities and unlimited recharging ammo, so it is something that seems to be more situational. Use a launcher of sorts. Honestly i did not have any application to use this actually in game it's not a lethal weapon it's not something that does player damage, and with the players that we had at the studio playing with us they were all trying to run around get game plays for themselves so you weren't seeing anybody placing cluster mind or Claymores or anything like that you could end up taking that out and using the EMP charge on it again with how many people there were that were just really good at the game it was a very competitive game at that too so you weren't seeing too many streaks, that could be taken out with this as another example of what that could do so full disclaimer didn't really get a whole ton of hands on time with this one now those are all the weapons that are available in the battle pass again on day one coming later in season we'll end up having two more weapons the HRM 9 and the TAC evolver, the HRM 9 is an SMG, described as a like yet stable 9mm submachine gun for close quarters combat and putting down enemies quickly, supporting a high rate of fire and excellent handling.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 is right around the corner and with it, we have as per normal new weapons coming into the fold. With Season 1 we have a relatively standard amount by comparison to other seasons in which we'll see 5 weapons being introduced to Modern Warfare 3 throughout Season 1.
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