News - Rotate Like This To Win More Hardpoints Warzone 2 Ranked Play


Terminal hard point Let's see what we can do here. This one's a mixy one, man. This one's definitely mixed. I think it should be leaving the rotation for Rio, but for now, while it's in it, let's see if we can master it going through. The first kill is going to go our way, which is perfect. Going around there, I'm actually going to try to flank.

Now I don't really want to flip the spawn, so I want to flip the spawns, but I want to hold the hill right now. I want my team to hold the hill. There you go. This is fine. Yeah, the problem I had there was a bit weird. I think I got there a bit too early. I wanted to capture them. I wanted to let them push through and basically get the time.

I was kind of trying to do a bit too much there. What I want to do is actually flip the spawn. The reason why is because the new Hardo you can see is P2. We want to have the plane T. We want to have this side of the map. Big kill right there's a huge, huge two-piece because I was so weak I didn't need to cross there again.


I'm kind of just doing a little bit too much right now. I need to slow down and see what we can do so we get a really good spawn. Here, the guy's going to be on the hill. My teammate takes him out. Let's go to the third. Here, it looks like he's up top. Third, I don't know why I can't jump. I know I'm going to get a comment calling me stupid, but I probably deserve it, so I'm actually going to go around a little bit and just see what we can work with.

So what I'm going to do with about 5 seconds is I'm actually going to start to rotate. Here, let's watch over for a second. Yeah, perfect i'm actually going to start to rotate. Here i say that, but what we want to do is we now want to rotate and get the spawns for the new Sorry I'm right now I'm kind of just overthinking things but let me lock in so right now we're in a good spot the game's even they're going to get the 20 here that's fine we need to rotate and hold the next hardpoint the reason why we have P3 and P4 spawns we do not want to give that up so right now this specific hardpoint the spawns are a little bit weird you see he's going to the right I'm just going to stun check that we actually hit him with a stun, and I'm just going to make sure I kill him if he pushes through, so I'm getting aim assist through the wall right there.


We know he's going to be trapped in there. I haven't gotten the assist just yet, and there you go. He comes behind me, so I knew that they were going to spawn behind me. I was waiting for my teammates to help me out there, and honestly, the spawns are just really terrible on this map. That's why it's going to go, so we're going to go in.

First, see that guy's literally one, shot, going to sneak in kill one, turn around. This map has the worst spawns in history. You can see there's literally split spawns going on, which is definitely an issue and definitely needs to be removed from the map pool, but for now we're just going to try and make it work, so a guy in Burger on the right side, big kill from the teammate.

Trophy goes down just going to watch over, he's close teammate gets a trade absolutely perfect that's two down three go down exactly what we want now. I'm watching from the front of the hill. Okay, I'm going to go around what my teammate's going through. Let's go over and try watching from the back here.

So St goes in; he's behind me. My teammate gets that kill, which is huge now. Honestly, we don't even need to do anything right now. I'm just going to watch behind us. I think I did a really good job there. I get the first guy and make the second guy weak. He does come behind me, so you can see they're kind of pinching the hill really effectively there.

We spawn yeah, my teammates are there, but we spawn a little bit out. I'm just going to give up the spawn tag for the new hill. I'm just going to watch over there; there's one. Time, so we really don't want to lose spawn there, so my teammates need to back off. I can hold on. This is fine. My teammates need to back off there.

I'm leaving my team. My teammates don't. We don't want to lose spawn. We do not want to spawn curiosities at all. The problem we have is that my team loves going for the hard push. Yep, there you go, so you see, they're considering I'm playing with Crimsons; they're really [__] at holding spawns right now.

My team is doing a terrible job, in my opinion. You see, right there, like I was holding the scrap; they didn't need to hold it with me; we should have let it go; and we should have been able to push through the lead, and now we're in a little bit of a blender, and now we're in a little bit of a blender because, as you see, we're spawning all the way out; they're going to get the time there.

I'm going to have to go through plane 30 seconds left and kind of start rotating to P1 here, but we don't want to give them the whole of the P5 just to watch. Rotate Yeah, this is just trolly, man. This is the team we need to lock in right now as a squad. It's definitely not over, but you can see how mixy spawns can be and no one really goes for them, so right now, like where the [__] did this guy come from if we spawn out.

I'm my these guys making me tweak. These guys are making me tweak right now where the [__] are my team going. We're not spawning anywhere right now. All right, let's go through it. We get through there, and you go. The trophy goes down. I'm just going to watch the left. There's terrible timing right there.

Like I said, the spawns are all over the place. We need to just hold P2 spoons right now. It looks like some of these top esis on my left are probably going towards P1. Okay, can we hold 60 here? That would be great. If we can lock in 60 here, I would be very happy with that. That's two down.

That's the perfect last guy. Hold, this is fine. There's one right underneath me, obviously not a deal, so right now I'm just going to hold for the rotation and the guy underneath. Life stress isn't even the word to describe this game right now. This is a solo Q experience. In a nutshell, you're seeing it.

You're seeing the solo Q experience. The funny thing is, this is a diamond Crimson Lobby. So there's one going to watch over 25 I'm out, okay? I'll hold on to the scrap time. Hopefully they can start rotating there, but you can see the problem. They've got P3 and P4 rotations that are not good at all, so what we want to do now is kind of break it through the front man.

We just want to go around to Burger and just kind of hold the spawns. Although it's basically an even game, we're down by about 30. They also have the spawns. This is not a good situation at all. I'm going to leave the last 10; I'm just going to go for the spawns I have, to let's see who's watching, shoulder to shoulder, so let's just sneak across here.

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