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Season 3 of War Zone just dropped, so I got you all the new top five best loadouts to be using right now. This is the brand new Mo Sniper rifle. This is kind of like the car98k from the original Rebirth Island war zone. This thing is very fast; it is a one-shot kill. Overall, it is very fun to use, and it is very good.

You guys should be able to pop off with this loadout. I also have the new SMG in case you do want to use it. So for the barrel, we are going to be adding the Crown 50 barrel just to maximize the mobility. Without really hurting the weapon too much, as you guys can see, there really aren't any cons to running the Crown 50.

If you add the Downfight Light Barrel, yes, you get more ad speed, but you are going to have less damage range, so you are going to get more hit markers. With the charge bar, you'll never really get a hit marker, but you do have to charge up these shot you're going to have a slower fire rate and the range isn't going to be as good and so I don't really care for it but it is you know a nice mixup, then for the laser we do have the Razer Hawk laser light this is just going to maximize that handling allowing you to pop shot when needed since this thing already is a one shot you don't really need to increase the damage range even more you just need to increase the mobility.


But if you are getting a lot of hit markers, you could take off the laser, go over to the ammunition, add the explosive slug, or use the anti-material. I would just use them both and use the one that you like the most overall, though I usually like the laser. You could even add an optic in place of the laser, and then, for the stock, we got the ICIS light stock.

Again, just to increase that handling, we need to be able to pop shots when needed, and you just don't want to feel clunky. You'll never see a good player with a slow, clunky sniper, and you'll see all the mediocre, casual players with a clunky sniper. Then, since the fire rate really isn't that good, we got the quick bolt just to make it so we can rechamber—a little bit quick if you are confused about what rechambering accuracy is.

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That's basically like the movement in your scope when you guys do the bolt, and so it's going to move around a little bit more, but that doesn't really matter at all. And then, for the rear grip BL, we got the op grip; this is just going to light ads a little bit quicker overall, though you guys should be able to pop off with this build if you do want to take off anything for the ammunition.

I would take off the laser or the quick bolt; the rest of the stuff is kind of needed. I guess you could even take off the rear grip. The main part is just having this barrel, and then for the next gun, we are going to be using the brand new SMG. This thing is the definition of recoil. There is so much recoil on the weapon; I don't know if I really like it, but this is the build I landed on, and I think you guys should do pretty well with it.


Obviously, you know we got the competitive flash hider as the muzzle, just going to make it so you're not on the radar as long, and it just gives you a lot of recoil control without really hurting the gun. The break is nice, but there's a lot of muzzle flash, so I don't really like it. The pure-fire muzzle is also a very good option for me, though I really liked the comfortable flash.

Now, for the barrel to increase that damage range and get a little bit of recoil control, you want to run the long barrel. You guys can see there are some decent amounts of things like handling and mobility cons, but the overall range and recoil control we get are much needed for the gun. Heavy is nice; you get a lot of recoil control, but the ad speed is going to be slower.

And I just think you do need a little bit more damage range, so we got the long barrel. I wouldn't be surprised even if I took off the barrel and then added maybe something like the Camira under the barrel. This is a brand new one. You guys might like this one. The meta is going to change as time goes on, but these are very good classes to be using right now, and then I did get the 48-round mag just so, you know, we don't run out of ammo.


I don't really like the Iron Sites at all, and there's a brand new site called The Moris Dot. It's a super fun site to use. It looks weird on the ARs; it's a little clunky, but it's nice on the SMG, so you guys should do pretty well with it on there. If you are going to take anything off, I would take off the optic or the barrel.

The rest of the stuff on here is kind of needed, just like the Lopper, Lxd, and stock. There's so much recoil in the weapon that you kind of need this stock, and I couldn't even imagine the lack of stock on this gun, like this thing has too much recoil to wear. I'm still going to be rocking the HRM 9 SMG, but if you guys do want to rock that, there you go.

Now for the next gun we are going to be going over, this is going to be the SVA, 545. This thing is a little bit better if you put it in semi-automatics. Since it fires the first two shots very quickly, you can take down the enemy pretty quickly if you have it on semi-auto, and it reduces a lot of that recoil.

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That being said, we are still running the sphere of fire just to maximize recoil control and damage range, allowing you to kill the enemies at longer ranges. Yes, we have slower handling, but this is the primary, so it's not going to matter too much. The same reasons go for the precision barrel, which can increase that damage range.

We also get that recoil control without really hurting the weapon that much. You guys can see those pros definitely outweigh those cons, and then for the next attachment, we do get the Coral's Eagle Eye. I think that's like the best scope for the gun you guys can use. Use whatever else you want, though, like maybe on Rebirth Island.

If you don't really find the scope helpful, you can use something else that will allow you to use the weapon a little bit more. I know I said that word wrong if you are going to use it up close, and things I don't really recommend having semi-automatic. Semi is just good at long range main V6 stock; this is a little bit OD if you have the gun in full auto; it helps a lot, but in semi-automatic.

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You don't really need it; I just run it because look at those pros. Those pros are insane compared to those cons, and so it really does help the weapon out, but if you don't really find it helping, you could just take that off and add the DR6 hand stop so then you can ads a little bit quicker. Maybe you want to add the High Ground rounds to increase the damage range even more, and then if you don't like the mobility that you're losing, you could even just go over here and add the Citadel grip, losing Flinch resistance, but you get a lot of recoil control without really hurting any other aspect of the weapon, so the main V6 is the one that you would take off if you are going to make any changes.

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