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YouTube In today's article. I'm going to be showing you guys the top long-range meta options here for you guys to run in War Zone, and these are just the best possible guns for you to run at range, so let's hop into it here with our first gun, which is the DG58. LSW is something that I think is criminally underrated.

Of course, I have three plates on the firing range here to prove this. Look at that, Little Recoil; all I'm doing is basically pulling down on the stick. And with that, you're going to have an absolute Banger LMG build. Let's get here and show you guys the attachments for this thing, so this will have a decent bit of kick if you don't build it the right way, and I will say that.

So we have a couple of options in here for our first attachment, so we're going to go for the x10 ported 290, which is going to be something that's really going to help us out because you know we're trying to control this thing at those longer ranges, but if you don't want to go for that and you want to stay off the radar, just go down here and throw on that VT7 Spirit fire, and that is going to be your other option, though you will have a little bit more recoil, so it's one of those things one of those tradeoffs you're going to have to be able to deal with, so it's kind of up to you in that regard.


Next, we're going to go into the barrel section and throw in the woody long barrel, increasing aiming idle sway bullet velocity and range. Of course, with recoil control and gun kit control, we do actually get some pretty nice benefits here, 15 for 15% and, of course, 18%. And of course the recoil controls four 6 and six though we do lose a little bit of our Mobility which is not something we're worried about this is truly an lmg and we're using at long range, now we're going to go on down to that under brow section throw that Brew heavy support grip I mean listen, this is just a TR and underbill we run this on so many of our different guns it's really good so definitely recommend for you guys to check this thing out here it's just the best thing you can possibly run for this gun's under barrel and then we're going to go on back here to the optic which is going to be that Coro Eagle Eye something I do personally which sometimes you know can't help with some of that recoil control at least that visual recoil, is instead of throwing on like a Coro Eagle ey I go throw on something like a Red Dot site of choice which for me is probably going to be like a Nar model 2023.


And I've frequently done that with my longer range options because I primarily play Resurgence, so that can actually work out really well, and you guys can totally try this out; it's up to you, but then our last attachment in here is going to be that recoil reduction butt plate giving us more recoil control here of 19%, 12 and 12%, which does help out because, like I said, even though I was in the firing range and pulling down.

I wasn't Grant; I wasn't moving at all, so I was getting that rotational aim assist, but I was still just having to pull down there. I mean, it's going to have a little bit of recoil, but it's going to be truly effective at those longer ranges. It has an incredibly fast ttk, so that's my full build there for the DG50, LSW.

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All right now, we have one of my favorite guns to run, which is going to be the Ram 7. This is seriously pretty much my favorite Resurgence assault rifle. It's just so good here. Of course, we have the three plates on, but this is right here. I mean, I got that initial, Kick. But as soon as you can actually stabilize and pull down on the recoil, you're essentially golden first attachment on this gun is going to be the casus break this going to help us out with that horizontal recoil, and you may be thinking yourself well I mean it does have a decent bit of vertical why would you not run something like the Jack BFB, and you definitely can r on the jack BFB but I don't really find that to be as necessary so I just go for the cas's break here because horizontal recoil is 10 times harder to be able to compensate for than vertical is pulling down horizontal goes back and forth and we all know that's a lot trickier, be able to compensate for after that we're going to go into the barrel section and I go throwing the Cronin headwind long barrel so this does not give me any sort of recoil control benefits, though the xrk cor Mark heavy which is the other Barrel people run definitely does so you can do that but keep in mind something that I like as a personal preference is I have an 897.


Second m/, second bu velocity with this barrel, but I get pretty much almost a th000 with this one here, and my effective damage range is at plus 21%, giving me at that 40 m, whereas this only gives me at that 37, so I like having a little bit more on that say 12 than 13%, as opposed to 21%. So that's just one of those things.

I feel like I can take a little bit more recoil and have a little bit more damage range on it as opposed to the other way around, so I'd prefer that, but you can run both and not be wrong pretty much either way. Of course, we go throw on the Brun heavy support grip here for our next attachment. This is just kind of like I always run here, and it works out really, really nicely, so I definitely recommend that.

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Of course, we have to throw on the 160-round drum here. 60-round mag is just, you know, I'm a 6-mag kind of guy. It's the only thing to be able to run on this gun. I mean, you're never going to run that 40. It just does not make sense. It's not like it's an SMG. We're thinking about a long-range, you know, a long-range gun, so we're trying to have as many rounds or as many rounds as possible.

Within reason, some of those magazines don't make sense, but this, you know, definitely does. Last, we're going to go back here and throw on the HVS 3.4 pad, which once again helps us out with that recoil control. These were able to utilize those beautiful Ram Seven iron sights, which I really personally enjoy here, getting us to plus 20%, 8%, and 8%.

Overall, for general recoil control capability, this is my full Ram 7 build; it's one of my favorite primary guns surrounding the entire game. Next up, we're taking a look here at the XRK Sniper, pretty much the one-shot sniper rifle here in this game, and for whatever reason, here I test this out in the firing range.


It doesn't like one shot into the head in the firing range. I'm not really sure why, but it doesn't actually do that. You'll be able to even tell here in the game when you use it, like it actually does, so I'm not sure why it's doing that. Another nice little glitch is here in the game. Let's break it all down for you guys.

Today I go over the warzone 3 top 5 long range meta loadouts top 5 best long range meta loadouts in warzone 3 to use. These are the warzone meta loadouts that will help you improve and drop more kills per game.
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