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That's pretty much going to be the two things that I'd really like right there. Now let's go to my perk package here, because this is actually pretty crucial, so my perk package goes as follows here with double time Mountaineer. Quick Fix and flex, a lot of people don't really understand how my game sounds so loud and flex is a main proponent to that so you guys want better footstep audio you just your game to sound just overall more clear, definitely run Flex Quick Fix has been an absolute Lifesaver for me Mountaineer allows me to jump off you know kind of everything else in the game without taking that fall damage I switched out slate of hand for that and of course double time allows me to Sprint around here quite a bit so huge thing that I really like this is a great perk package recommend for you guys first G we're taking a look at here today is going to be the cat AMR sniper rifle this received a buff today making it more effective than it already was, so we'll show you guys here even at the longest range you're going to be able to get that one shot pretty much to the head sometimes this actually does work in the firing range same thing with the xrk stalker but overall ads is actually pretty fast here the scope is really nice.


But that's pretty much how it functions at least in the firing range like I said it's a little bit glitchy hopping into it here our first attachment on this is going to be the Sonic suppressor XL, keeping us off the radar and of course helping our overall bullet velocity in range, that's actually pretty crucial here we can actually see that pretty much when we take a look at the range category your effective damage range that's the category we're mainly paying attention to for a sniper rifle because that is your one shot distance capabilities, and so for 97 M we have the ability to get that one shot kill basically the one shot headshot right there so that is what we're really paying attention to and this really helps speed us up to about almost 1, 000 m/ second for our overall blow velocity which is really solid and we actually like that quite a bit so this is our first attachment after that we're going go up in here and run the z-34.

Barrel gave us a massive increase in your overall range and, of course, bullet velocity, which is really solid. We don't have to pull this up here too much, but it gives us an overall increase of 25%, and 10%. It's not a huge increase to our bull flossy, but overall, it has really great attachment, and it's definitely the most effective barrel on here to make sure that we can actually get those downs at the longest distance possible.

Now we're going to go on down here, and we actually get around the 50 cal high velocity rounds, which increased our overall bullet velocity here quite a bit, giving us about + 20%. Right there, we actually lose about 5% of our effective damage range, but we're still pretty much at 100 m here, which is a little bit farther than the XRK.


Soccer has the premier build on it, so this is definitely the most effective one-shot sniper rifle there is most effective build for it so that's our next attachment. We're going to go on back here after that we're going to throw on the tactical stock pad just to increase her overall ability to ads a little bit faster, it says he gives you the con of recoil control but like I really don't care about that because this is a bolt action gun you have a little bit of recoil should be able to reenter here quite easily, so overall this is a good attachment and it's better than having a laser or something else like that where someone else can literally see your laser because the more effective ones are visible to someone's you know field of view so we don't really want that up so this is a great option right here and lastly to speed this gun up even a little bit more so we have the mural.

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Quick bolt I don't know I just probably mispronounced that but anyways we have the quick bolt on here and this helps us with our overall rechambering, speed and rechambering speed is because it's bolt action the faster you can back the bolt get it back in there with the next round in the chamber, you're going to be able to you know hit those follow-up shots when you do not happen to get that one shot maybe land a shot in the leg something else like that or just a lower body shot you're going to be able to get those follow-ups and get those Downs here pretty easily so that's why we have that on there it's really nice and speeds the gun up here quite substantially, so that's going to be my full build right there for this gun definitely want to try this thing out overall fantastic sniper next up is going to be a gun that I'm actually quite excited about and that's going to be the hoger 556 this thing got a massive buff today making its damage range just so much more effective so we can actually really enjoy utilizing this gun so we're going to show you guys here in the fighting range how it.


When performing, keep in mind that all I'm doing is pulling down on the stick; I'm not moving back and forth from side to side. I can do that here a little bit to kind of demonstrate, but pretty much all I'm doing is pulling down on the stick, and as long as you're able to pull down the stick straight back and forth a little bit, recoil can be very manageable.

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The first attachment for this gun is a VT7 spirit fire suppressor, keeping us off the radar, helping with our recoil control bull Floy, and damage range. This gun right here has about 820 m/s bullet velocity, and our minimum effective damage range is 46 m/s, so this gives us about 5%. Increase right there to five and 7% overall and help their recoil 7% across horizontal and vertical, which is really good this that like I said that effective damage range that is your basically your first damage drop off so having to be 46 m is actually really good and this is a pretty solid gun now next up in the barrel section we have to be able to extend out our range and that is the cryos 6 match Barrel increasing our blow flossing range recoil control in gun kit control, this gun does have that vertical recoil to be able to compensate for, so you're going to have to learn how to pull down on that stick in order if you want to make this thing truly effective.

Today I go over the warzone 3 top 5 meta loadouts top 5 best loadouts in warzone 3 to use. These are the warzone meta loadouts that will help you improve and drop more kills per game.
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