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Warzone new top 5 best assault rifle loadouts explained

Warzone new top 5 best assault rifle loadouts explained

Within the war zone, obviously, one of the most popular categories is assault rifles. Every single year, this is the case because they're versatile. They're simple, they're easy, and they're versatile. You could use some for sniper support you could use some for AR SMG style, and some for mid- to long-range.

With that, today I wanted to break down the current top five best assault rifles in the MW3 war zone and give you guys the best setups for them.

Warzone best holger 556 loadout

We get into the details. Drop a like on it; it would be really appreciated. So, starting us off here at number five. I've got the Hoger 556; this is arguably one of the easiest weapons to use in the entire game; it has a low recoil, a laser beam, and quite frankly, its ttk is super impressive.


Its first damage range is more of a mid-tier one, but then overrange you get to 40, 50, 60, and 70 M, and it's one of the more impressive rifles in the game. The only reason I have this at number five, quite frankly, is just because of the magazine capacity. Is it not all that great? We look at the extended mag here; we've got 40 rounds max, so that is a little bit unfortunate; its damage per mag is not going to be great, but if you are landing shots, which it doesn't take much to do, you'll be able to fry relatively easily.

On top of the 40R mags, they've also got the Eagle ey 2.5, times optic. This, of course, is my go-to for mid- to long-range, but if there's a different optic that you prefer, always go for comfortability. There I've got the angled underbarrel; this actually gives me a little bit worse vertical control, but it's just so easy to use that the better horizontal and basic gun kick on top of the better stabilization that this offers as well is just so worth it in my opinion, so it makes it easier to use.

I've also got the Cryo 6 Match Barrel, better range, better velocity, better control, and pizza. Papa John's It's rare that we get the three-in-ones here, so we got to take advantage of it while it's here. Last but not least, the spirit fire suppressors are a very common attachment for all mid- to long-range guns, keeping you off the radar, giving you better control velocity, and range here as well.

So this thing, like I said, is a laser beam. If we go into the gunsmith's shop here, you can very easily see that it's just so easy to stay on target. The thing doesn't really move; it's recoil pattern is so straightforward.

Warzone best fr 556 loadout after update

Warzone best fr 556 loadout after update

Now next up here, we've actually got the F556, Aka, and Famas. This thing was actually pretty heavily nerfed, so the fact that it's still a top-five rifle here, let alone number four, should speak to its greatness right now.

This thing is a super accurate burst rifle, and especially over range, that's again where it shines; it ends up having one of the top ttks in the category, respectively. And because it's so accurate when you are bursting, that means that it's not a super difficult weapon to achieve a fast ttk with, so no, it's not as broken as it was, you know, back on day one, but it's still a top contender in the AR category in specific here, so again.

I've got the Coro 2.5, times optic, especially for, you know, the style of player using the fasis is perfect. In my opinion, the 60-round accent mag is very basic there with the Fast Fire rate and the spamming here. It's always nice to have that the riper R Barrel here is especially important because this is one that's helping out with idle sway centering and reentering, so every time I burst that reentering, speed that stabilization.

That is going to make it way easier to consistently hit shots on bursts back to back to back to back, so that's definitely very clutch there. I've got the long Bo Barrel better range and better velocity here, and then again. I got the spirit fire suppressor with the control of the velocity and the range as well, so heading back into the firing range again is super easy, even the long-range ones.

As you can see, it's just so easy to stay at Target. You can spam these shots back-to-back. This is a really fun rifle. It's nice to see the FR-F556 actually being decent after it was so trash in the war zone.

Warzone best sva-545 loadout

Warzone best sva-545 loadout

Funny enough, control freak was actually the very first partner I ever had on my channel many years ago, and genuinely, all this time later, I'm using control freaks. Every single day, these truly are one of the things that I cannot play without anymore. I'm so used to having longer sticks on my controllers, but more importantly the better grip as well they offer various different designs for what you prefer in terms of your thumbstick style.

Whether it's domed concave or not, midrise, highrise, or lowrise, they have plenty of different options. My current loadout for my control freaks consists of one Vortex control freak and then one of the new Destiny 2 Lightfall control freaks. I love the feel of these. If you ever want to get a pair for yourself, throw in code Immortal at checkout, and you'll get yourself a nice little discount.

modern warfare 3

Next up, we got kind of a slept-on rifle, in my opinion, the SVA 545. This thing's actually really nasty; you could use it in full auto, and it's going to be a great rifle as is. If you wanted to have some fun, you could also flip this into semi-auto and use it like a hyper-burst gun, and it could be really fun to mess around with there too, so initially here again.

Spirit fire suppressor, no surprises, no changes I've got the Precision Barrel. This is again the 3 in1 combo that controls velocity and range. I've got the choke-angled grip. This is another one that I do like to use because it actually helps out with movement speed relatively well, so it's nice to have better control horizontally, which is the main thing you want to focus on anyway, and some better movement just makes it more aggressive, like for Resurgence.

This is a ton of fun, and you could even use it in regular BR. 45-round mag-60-round exaggeration doesn't really matter there; it's all preference-based, then again. Optics is all your preference as well. The ELO side here is really good, but again, 2.5 times is going to be a great choice too. If we go into the firing range, it's actually really quick, and you'll notice that in full auto.

I mean, the thing is super easy to use, but then if I go into a semi-auto and I shoot once, it's actually shooting twice, so you could actually spam this back to back to back, and while it is gimmicky and not really sustain a able always, it's fun to mess around with for sure, so that's something I'd recommend checking out because it could fit your sort of, you know, fun play style and be a nice change up compared to usual gameplay.

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