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after update

Quick Fix and Flex I firmly believe that you guys should be using Flex here to be able to actually hear more in-game audio people frequently ask me how is my audio so loud and it's primarily because of flex there's no audio tuning here on my game or anything else like that this is a great perk package to be super aggressive you can switch out maybe quick fix for tempered, or Mountaineer here for slate of hand, but you can pretty much always run double time and flex the rest fits a little bit interchangeable, so let's get into our first gun here which is going to be the bp50, which whatever reason doesn't want to show up let's hop into it so this is going to be my first attachment on this gun that's going to be the vt7.

Spirit fire suppressor, so this right here is just a really great attachment because it helps us with our recoil control, keeps us off the radar, helps our bullet velocity, and of course our damage range. There are all really great things here to be able to have on this gun. This gun just works out beautifully; it's an absolute laser beam, and I'll even show you guys here afterwards in the firing range.

It's just super, super good to be able to use. I just firmly, really enjoy it, and specifically with this variant too, because it has a little bit of a laser effect to it, but now let's get up here to our next attachment, which is going to be the lore -9. Heavy barrel: this is the largest barrel we have for this gun, and we're trying to obviously use this as a true assault rifle.


Now, like some sort of tack stance build, there's some strafe build. We're trying to use this as a true AR, so we got this one down here. They increased our bullet velocity and range, our gun kick control, our recoil control, and our firing aiming stability. I mean, you really can't go wrong with this thing.

I mean, it's going to be a very easy gun to be able to use, and it's got some great damage range on there, putting you out to almost 1, 000 m per second in our bullet flossy, which is really good, and so your shots just get hit real fast, and it's just a great overall assault rifle. Now we're going to go on down here and throw on the Bruin heavy support grip for our third attachment, just really helping stabilize the gun out.

This is an attachment we've run on a variety of our different ARS. There's a good reason, because it's just the most tried and true standard. I know some people like some of the different grips in here because there's like a plethora of them, but the heavy support grips ruin everything after everything's been data mined and tested.


This is just the most ideal grip to be able to run with the least amount of downsides to it, so now we're going on down here and running the 45-round mag here just to increase our overall magazine ammo capacity. I wish this had a 50- or 60-round mag because this gun definitely could utilize its high fire rate, but that's what it is, and lastly, for our final attach, we're using the brand new weekly challenge.

Optics. I believe it's about week four, or whatever it is; it's the Jack Black glassless optic. So this is an optic straight out of pretty much Advanced Warfare. This thing almost looks like it's 3D printed, but this is a great optic. I'll do it here a little bit, but look at that. And then for the final target down there.

I mean, pretty easy to be able to use right there for 45 rounds. The mag, like I said, feels kind of like a laser just because you know the blueprint variant and stuff like that, but this is just such a wonderful gun. All right, next up here, let's hop straight into the firing range. Here we'll just keep it right here.

modern warfare 3

We have the AR-9, which is another great gun. Of course, we have this new optic on it, which makes guns that have more recoil fairly easy to use. It's going to have a little bit of recoil to it, have to be able to control it but otherwise this is a really high Mobility high damage build so hopping here to our first attachment we have that ZEM 35, compensated flash hider so this is not going to be like a silencer but it's going to shorten our overall radar ping which I don't really feel like having a regular compensator was that big of an issue but this just has so many benefits to it that and so it kind of like keeps us off the radar which is really great but it also helps us out tremendous b l with our vertical and our horizontal recoil and just the overall stability of the gun it helps us out here with that 5% in our horizontal and our 15%, in our vertical because you lose quite a bit here when you have a high Mobility amr9 build and that's really in my opinion the only way to make this thing really a good SMGs because otherwise it's just too slow and I don't like using slow SMGs that's why I've gone like the HRM normally speaking or the ram9.


because they're just more mobile. After that, we're going to go on down here and throw on that DR6 hand stop, which if you guys want maybe, let's say, a little bit more recoil control, you could probably go for something like. I don't know, maybe the FTACM MSP 98 or the X10 Phantom 5, pretty much any of these in here, you can kind of throw on your SMGs interchangeably, and it'll make minor differences and variances to the build so you can't really go wrong, but you don't really need to go past pretty much the x10 Phantom 5.

season 2

These four ratings here are really all you need to worry about. I frequently alternate between the dr6 and the xrk edge as my go-to, not really as much as the ftac right there, but overall, this is a really solid underbarrel, and I really like running the dr6. Of course we're to go down here and throw on the 50 round mag here there's no reason absolutely no reason you guys to throw on the 100 round drum that just does not make sense so save to that 50 round mag just keep it very simple you're going to be too slow and the primary point of an SMG when you're making an SMG for Close Quarters is to be mobile I see people build their guns, and they're just very slow it's like what's the Point having an SMG if it's basically the same speed as an assault rifle doesn't make sense so for a fourth attachment here though we have like I said that Jack glassless optic I believe the amr9, pretty much needs an optic anyways because the iron sights are absolute garbage they're super hard to see through and I never have liked them so we always have to throw an optic on here if you guys don't happen to have that Jack glassless, throw something like a slight reflector a nidar model 2023.

Today I go over the warzone 3 top 5 meta loadouts top 5 best loadouts in warzone 3 to use. These are the warzone meta loadouts that will help you improve and drop more kills per game.
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