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Warzone new top 5 best assault rifle loadouts after season 2

Warzone new top 5 best assault rifle loadouts after season 2

ladies and gentlemen. The assault rifle category here in the War Zone is getting more and more competitive. It seems like with every single new seasonal update that we get and every new meta update that we get, so with that, today I wanted to break down the top five best assault rifle loadouts we currently have in the game.

There are some surprising spots on here.

Warzone best tr-76 geist loadout for season 2

Be honest, starting first at the number five spot that maybe you didn't see coming, the TR76. Guist one of our MW2, Season 6 weapons. It was really good back in War Zone 2 and hasn't seen much attention here so far in War Zone 3, but now, after various different updates and buffs to this as of late and some Nerfs to some other rifles, this is honestly feeling pretty good.

modern warfare 3

It's relatively easy to use for an MW2 gun and has some decent range to it as well. So initially, here we're going for a pretty standard rifle setup. We got the Spe fire suppressor, which has better control velocity and range. If you really need some extra control, something like a Cassis break or a Z35 compensator would work really well as well.

I've also got the bridal heavy barrel on here, and the trio again of range velocity and control all being added makes it just super lethal over the long range, obviously where we're going to be using this the most. Heavy support grip helps out with that firing aim stability, which is super clutch.

It also really attacks that horizontal control and makes the pattern super predictable across the board. The 45-round mag extend mag here is the max, so that's not a ton of ammo for a decent fire rate. It's sufficient, but just be mindful of that going in, and lastly, the 2.5-times Eagle ey optic.

You'll see this on the majority of the setups here today because, in my opinion, it's the best optic for the mid- to long-range. super clean T pose like from War Zone 1 obviously gets the job done nicely, but yeah, surprisingly, a good MW2. Rifle that I certainly was not expecting to have in the top five, but when I broke down the stats for it, this is certainly one that can hold its own here.

Warzone 3 best ram-7 loadout after update

Warzone 3 best ram-7 loadout after update

I've got , the RAM 7, and this is more of a sniper support style build because that's where this thrives the most while we've had some decent long-range options. So far, we'll continue to have some other good long-range options, including the Ram's best capabilities, stands in the close range, and mid-range.

That's where it's clear, above everything else. B Basically, unfortunately, it's long range, not all that great now postseason 2, but where it's good, it is good, so we're trying to optimize it for that mid-range. Basically, this great compensator helps out with the stability, which makes it super accurate, and the horizontal control, which makes the pattern super predictable.

This is one of the best compensators in the game. Mark 40 heavy barrel range velocity control that 3 in one you'll love to see that ruin heavy support yet again no surprises, there 60 run extend mag pretty basic and then I love the iron sights on this thing so I go for a 3.4.

Warzone best mtz 556 loadout after new update


It's a post by Zach here, by the way, because a couple of days ago we did see a pretty significant buff to the MTZ, 556.

And that buff really took this from being like a mediocre rifle, not really crazy good at any one particular thing, to actually being pretty consistent across the board. If you wanted to use this for something close to mid-range, maybe some sniper support, or just as a more aggressive iron-sight rifle, you could do relatively well.

You could also use this extremely effectively. Over the long range, though, especially if you're very accurate with this, it's pretty easy to use. Landing a head shot or a couple of upper body shots back to back means you're going to have a very quick ttk with this thing over the longer ranges, so I won't lie, it's kind of hard to balance this, and I think the Ram with three and four just because the ram is so good in the close range but then pretty mediocre over the long range, whereas this is just really consistent throughout, but doesn't necessarily thrive in like one specific area over the other regard, regardless, it's a really good rifle.

So for my setup here, which is relatively basic for like a mid- to long-range-oriented rifle, we got the 2.5-times Eagle on there, the 50-round drum, which does actually kind of burn through ammo kind of quick. This is a very fast-fire rifle, so just be mindful of that. I also go for brewing heavy support, but the angled under barrel for horizontal control could be worthwhile.

There as well, I also go for the spirit fire suppressor per usual, and then I go for the drifter. The heavy long barrel does a lot for your range, and velocity really extends its lethality out quite a bit, especially in the mid-range and the long range, which are really effective with that in general. pretty fun rifle, and obviously very fresh because we haven't been using this one really since launch, so it's nice to see a new Contender added to the mix, and at number two, I've got the SVA.

Warzone 3 best sva 545 loadout for season 2

Warzone 3 best sva 545 loadout for season 2

This is one of the easiest weapons to use in the entire game and is very effective across all ranges.

The mid-range and the long range are going to be really good choices, so when you factor in true accuracy and its overall stats, you get a very realistic TTK. There are some of the best options in the entire game, not even just the rifle category. Initially, here I got the spirit fire suppressor, yet again range velocity, and control our 3 in 1 combo barrel as well as the precision range velocity.

And control lately, I've kind of been switching things up by dropping the Brewing Heavy under barrel and throwing on the main V6 stock. This is going to do even more for your control across the board: 21% to gun kick, 9% to control. You won't get as much like firing aim stability here, but it's still a really easy weapon and a really good choice for control in general, so you could go either way or there.

Brewing heavy support or main V6 And you'll be set. Honestly, we got the 2.5-times Eagle Eye yet again, and then lastly, that 60-round accent mag is pretty basic there, but yeah, this thing gets the job done and is by far one of the best rifles we have.

Warzone best bp50 loadout for season 2

Warzone best bp50 loadout for season 2

Of course, in every single article, you guys see me rocking my Horizon frames, even when I'm not recording articles. These are on all day, every day. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm getting fewer headaches, reduced eye strain, and, best of all. I'm sleeping better at night, so I can wake up feeling nice and refreshed every single day to get back on that grind to make content for y'all.

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