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New warzone top 5 best assault rifle loadouts explained!

New warzone top 5 best assault rifle loadouts explained!

Meta within War Zone right now just got a little bit more competitive. The season 2 reloaded update did actually make some interesting changes to a handful of rifles, and so with that, today I wanted to break down the new top five best assault rifle loadouts you want to be using right now.

The meta rifle ttk stats explained after new warzone update

We're starting first here on true game data because there are a lot of things you might want to look at when it comes to actually deciphering.

The top five and then going through and ordering them one by one by one, so, as always, shout out to Tony the man, the myth, the legend, for getting us all this information and making it so readily available here, and we got a bunch of different solid rifles BP50, which has been good. I wanted to look at the DG, and because I feel like they've sort of been quite good in the background, the hoger ended up getting buffed, and the MCW got buffed, and I've seen a lot of questions about that.

best assault rifle

The MTZ is feeling all right with the SBA. Then even the gist was in our last top five because it was actually holding its own when we go through and we look at 300 health, so max health, max armor there, and then combination shot, which is ultra important. We get a pretty interesting story here, so the first thing I do initially see that stands out a little bit more is just that the DG and the FR aren't necessarily all that competitive, but they're decent for sure, and they're solid for burst guns, but you can see they're close to mid-range.

TTK is not all that crazy overrange; it's all right, but they're not really standing out with our orange or our blue lines, so we can probably go through and hide those and knock those off the list. Now that we've seen a lot of talk about the MCWS, mention that it got buffed. It's got to be good now.


Just because a gun gets buffed doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be the new number-one meta. I've seen a lot of clickbait and a lot of overexaggeration of how good it is; it's super low recoil and easy to use, but that's not going to change the fact that outside of really 26. MERS, which is not the prime area to be using a lot of these guns, it's ttk is not all that competitive, and I mean, especially over longer ranges, being this far behind everything else past 48 is just making it non-existent.

In the real meta here, you can use it; it'll be decent; it'll be somewhat competitive; but it's definitely not a top-tier option, at least in my opinion. Also, it seems like right now the Guist is starting to fall off a little bit, which is unfortunate. You know some buffs that we got here. Also, the fact that it's going to be stuck with MW2 attachments for the most part is a little bit underwhelming.

That leaves us with five: the BP50, or red line, which has a super competitive ttk throughout and is actually the fastest killing Beyond 48 M, the hogre 556, which was buffed, is feeling very good all throughout the MTZ. The line is again super consistent throughout the ram, crazy good up through 43 M, then it's still even decent overrange, I guess, and then the SVA has super low recoils.

Warzone best mtz 556 loadout after update

Warzone best mtz 556 loadout after update

So at number five, I got the MTZ, 556. It's got a faster fire rate, and its control over the longer range is going to be a little bit iffy. I would say, for some players, but as we saw, it's, you know, early mid-range and longer mid-range ttks, up through about the 40-50ish meter Mark, super competitive with the remainder of the class here; it's just one that I do feel like struggles a little bit the further you get out just because of its range and consistency.

but initially here going for the glassless optic, this works so well for pretty much every single range. Honestly you could use this on subs for mid-range sniper support even for some early long range it's going to help out that firing aim stability in the ads con is just not really a big deal so that's pretty clutch there we'll be using a lot of that today the 50 round drum is the max here again a decently Fast Fire rate though so you do kind of burn through ammo ruin heavy support, the firing aim stability in the idol sway is super clutch here making the pattern more predictable, on top of the general horizontal control benefits as well I go for The Drifter heavy long barrel helps out a lot with range so that you know effective damage range area is even better now we got better velocity on here and better control as well the general velocity though 745.

Max here is a little bit rough for a long-range gun, so that's why, even more, this really sticks in the mid-range, the best in my opinion, or the early long range. I would say lastly, I do go for a CIS break just for ease of use again, making the weapon super predictable. If you wanted to stack a little bit more velocity on here, you could go for something like the spirit fire suppressor; that'd be a solid alternative too, but yeah, the MTZ 556 feels like maybe a little bit slept on up until this point, but it can actually hold its own.

Warzone 3 best sva 545 meta loadout

Warzone 3 best sva 545 meta loadout

Now at number four, I've got the SVA 545.

It's just extremely, extremely reliable. Here, if you want to use the hyper burst mode and just go for like the single fire, even though it's really a dual fire, that's incredibly efficient. It has like no recoil you can fry. It's going to be super, really good at any range if you can just keep your trigger finger consistent.

Full auto is also incredibly predictable and has, like we saw on the graph and like we broke down, just a super consistent tdtk there too, so regardless of how or where you're using this thing, it's going to be reliable for sure, and quite frankly. I feel like you can get away with using the same setup for hyper burst and full auto at this point.

Spirit fire suppressor, it's easy enough that you don't need mega control benefits here, so they just going for the basic control range velocity little three in one there. The precision heavy barrel has range velocity control and some added idle sway as well, making the gun easier to use even in hyper burst.

Lately, I've been using Breu and heavy support just because, with the firing aim stability and the idol sway benefits, it's going to make it really reliable and consistent with the reentering. There are things like Ripper 56 that would be viable here as well, and those other under Barrel attachments that focus on stability and whatnot will be very clutch for that specifically, then in full auto, of course, it's helping out with the control on top of that 60 onic cinemag, plenty of ammo for any fight, then we got the 2.5 times. Eagle eye optics are very consistent and reliable for the mid- to long-range, so pretty standard rifle setup here, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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