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We just cracked the dark ether Tombstone glitch for season 2 of Modern Warfare Zombies. That's right, not only can you keep your original Tombstone while playing in the Elder sigil or the Act 4 portal, but there are a couple bonuses that this new glitch adds that the old one did not like. It's better than it's ever been in season 1, even pre-season 1, and not only can you keep your tombstone, but you're going to get a bunch of other benefits, which I will show you right now.

Okay, so here we are setting up our tombstone. We have a ray gun and a scorcher. Flawless couple ether tools Another Tombstone golden armor plate Elder sigil I use the tombstone because that's the fastest method to always keep one in and bring another one in. You can look at my article up here if you're trying to figure out what I'm talking about.

Now we're going to start that. Go into the water and do the drowning thing to set up the tombstone. If you're learning about the Tombstone glitch for the first time, especially for season 2, make sure to watch my article here, as it'll break down how to do it and everything about the Tombstone glitch.

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Then this article will make a lot more sense, so we're almost too red now that we see red, and you vote. Yes, let yourself die. Out, if you're on Xbox or Playstation, as soon as you see the portal, exit the app; on PC, wait for the black. Screen, now as always we have set our Tombstone with all of these items here and we also took them out so you're going to have all these items in your Tombstone but you want to keep those in your Tombstone all right so all I'm taking is a Tombstone Soda so I can quickly reset that without having to go buy one and a golden armor, also going to bring decoys throwing knife and energy mine we're now going to go back get our Tombstone and then I'm going to teach you how to go into the dark ether while keeping your original Tombstone for season two of zombies It works so well, all right.

We are now back to our Tombstone, so we're going to hit up the Tombstone soda so we can set up another one, and I'm just going to do golden armor. Here, see, there's another one right inside my tombstone. Alik as we fly over to the dark ether, Rift to use the Elder sigil. It's important to make a couple distinctions here for season 2.

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You've always been able to go into the dark ether and then drink a tombstone, then die in the dark ether, and you would keep whatever items were in your backpack as well as your essence. Etc., the problem with that is that any items that you use in the dark ether or before the dark ether are now not going to be in your Tombstone, as are any essences you used to buy perks like Casmir grenades.

Juggernaut etc so you can technically set a tombstone in the dark ether, but that's not the same as keeping your tombstone that already has Max Ence or already has all the items that you want to duplicate—a completely different thing we're talking about here now. If you need Max Essence, check out this article.

There's a very simple way to do it and to be able to share that with friends to help them set up Max Essence in their tombstone. When we go to the dark ether, our goal is to be able to run the entire dark ether, get classified schematics, or anything else, and still be able to keep that original tombstone with all the essence you originally had in it as well as all the items that we had in it.

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That is what we are trying to do here in this glitch. As you can see, we have picked up our items and crushed them. Tombstone, and then also drank our other Tombstone, so we have this and all these items with us, so we're going to set up the tombstone the same way we always do by drowning and then going through the portal at the same time.

The difference is we're now going right into the Elder sigil, so check this out, see, got your 30 seconds here right here, yeah. Tombstone and Sigil are now going to jump into that, and water is going to drown. Out, wait for that. Red, remember that those are the items that we have right now; there's your red right before voting ends.

Remember, here's the list of items that we have, so all these items are going to be set up in our Tombstone as well as our Essence, but then watch some weird stuff that happens here so you get eliminated, like you should get the portal; do not leave the game right now; don't quit the app; we're going to let it go through.

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So we both died, and we just went into the elder sigil. Right now, things are starting to get interesting. When you use this glitch, you're going to lose any weapons tactically lethal to your energy mine as well as your essence on your current character. But don't worry, because a bunch of really weird and really beneficial things happen with the actual tombstone; everything else stays intact.

But notice what happens to these items that we use after we leave the dark ether. If I put on a ray gun, notice the color of the ray gun, which is gray. That means you can also pack a punch for your Wonder Weapons when you use this method. Boom, and I'm put on a crystal. I'm going to drop this Tombstone cuz you don't want to drink another Tombstone that'll jack things up, and so let's take our ray gun and let's take our scorcher, and let's pack-a-punch for that scorcher as well, which gets insane, boom, and here we go.

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If you're ever tired of the animation, you can always just switch guns and switch back and lose your animation, so we have Pack-a-punch for Ray Gun. Pack-a-Punch for scorer, and we kept our golden armor. Now remember, you don't have any perks or anything, so you have to be careful, especially with the ray gun, so you can see the ray gun.

Look at the damage look at the damage for the Pack-A-Punch 4 ray gun. I'll make some more articles on how deadly the ray guns are, but that's not really what I wanted to show you yet. The real magic of this glitch happens when I head for the dark ether fill that's right in the rift portal. Okay, now remember that I have no perks right now; I did not take another Tombstone, so we're going to go into the exit here and see what happens like this: all the things I have.

I have nothing on me. We're going to do this; it's going to be successful, right? Rift is complete now at any other time. When you do Rift complete, you're going to lose your tombstone because that's a regular successful xfill. We'll let all this sck out to show you we brought out our legendary, we brought out our armor plates, our mission, and our progress.

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All these things are going to count down, right? What you extracted with, if you had any essence, if you had anything like this right now, all this actually proves is that I successfully xill. After dying in the map, this doesn't actually mean that the glitches happen. In order to show that the glitches happen, we have to go back into the game to see: Is our tombstone there?

NEW Tombstone Duplication Glitch in DARK AETHER SEASON 2 MW3 Zombies | Elder Sigil.
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