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Rebirth Island is back in season 3 of War Zone, and there is a brand new Easter egg—probably one of the most complex and hardest Easter eggs to do in War Zone history. It's up there. I'm going to show you every step, every code, and how to complete this Easter egg completely by yourself. Yes, that's right.

Solo on Rebirth Island Even if you don't have a squad to run with right now, you can complete this Easter egg in full by following my guide and unlocking this ridiculously good-looking blueprint. Check it out. There are four separate locations you have to hit all the way across the math and Rebirth Island, and this has to be done in a single round.

You can't do one or two of them. One round, die, come back; the next round, do the next one. I recommend following the exact path that I give you because it is the absolute shortest. If you do it in different orders, you'll be running back and forth across the entire map multiple times. It's much more likely that you're going to die or simply run out of time because the gas has closed in too far.

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I'll show you all these little details and explain all the details, the codes, the puzzles, etc. As we go on, you're going to need to start at the factory. Grab a key card and head to this new building in the Northeast. Open that door, turn something on, then you got to go to chemical engineering and learn a new set of codes that changes every single round, so you can't just copy what I did in my round; you have to actually learn what the codes are that round.

Then you'll move to the end of chemical engineering while you have to do a puzzle with that code. Once you've done all three of those things, you have to make it over to industry. Learn a new code that changes every round; it'll give you a ton of loot and the new redacted blueprint for your gun. Now let me actually walk you through each step.

You're going to jump down, and you're going to hit the first balcony. Not the very bottom floor, but the first balcony, Right here, and you're looking for the main, Stairwell, we are popping here. I recommend grabbing some guns through this door right there and shooting that box, and you'll get the ID and badge.

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Now take that badge and start heading northeast, up the island, to your next location. Make sure to grab guns, armor, etc. because you're going to have to fight a couple people on the way. I almost guarantee it. Let's get really lucky. Now, when you do run into people, if they're really blocking your way, kill them quick and move on, but if you can avoid the fight and just pass them, then just pass them again.

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The goal is to get the Easter egg done. Ignore when they cuss you out too. That, so then you're going to head up Northeast a little further to this new building you're going to see a keep pad there I had to rush cuz there's a sniper on me get a UAV you're going to turn the power on here it says power restored and that's the, building and then there's a note all these notes just talk about what you're supposed to do there's a bunch of different notes in there I don't go through all those then you're going to head up to the chemical engineering building right here make sure to clear it out there's almost always a team or two chilling in or around this area that just took off there was one more that came back got him popped there with a mine and get the finish, okay now you're going to head to the second floor and right there you can see the symbol W and a number two note the symbol and note the number the number will change every single time now head up to the top floor into this office same thing there's the double w and a five whatever number that is Mark that I call it X and five cuz X is easier so we have W2.

X5 and then head north up this way again Scare anybody that's coming by. The goal is not to set a new kill record; the goal is to get this Easter egg done. Hop down on this side, and you're going to go through this door. Here, I'm looting up whatever I can to make sure that I can take on a fight if I need to.

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I'm closing all the doors as well because I want to be able to hear anybody that's coming as I'm doing this next puzzle, so this is the last one. A9, so they have W2, X5, and A9. You can write that down if you need it, or just memorize it. Now this is a biometric scanner. One of the consoles will change two of the tanks.

Number one of the consoles will change all three tanks up one number and the last console will change only one tank up one number so you have to remember I have A9. W2. X5 so now you have to figure out the puzzle and it's different every single round the numbers are different and which console does what is different every single round so you got to kind of play around with this, yourself now after tweaking with it for about a minute I figured out what needed to be done the idea is to get the middle one up to the number I want which is two then get the other ones up higher and remember I have nine and five so I had to get the a four higher than the one on the right so now X is five now I can just do three more on.


This I got lucky nobody came in so we were fine there you go, 925 pressure stabilized you'll get a durable gas mask for you and your squad if you're run into the squad and a squad rage now you have to head over to Industry this is where things always get a little fishy cuz typically have someone camping on that building up on the right there and often times you have somebody in or on top of this building again I got lucky and nobody was in this building at least the side of, it so you're going to come across this console right here this is very important so this is where you will get the next code and it's not actually that complicated let me explain It does change every single round, so you have to learn it properly, and that is to go from the highest numbers down to the lowest, which is your passcode.

22 17 13 5 1 are the highest numbers, down to the lowest numbers. 22 17 13 51, so then go put that into the keypad right behind you. Here we go. 22, 17, 1351, Code decrypted now, you can always do this; that's normal. And you get this armor box; you get all the vests; but this is what's unique: if you've completed all three, all three lights will be green.

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Now you can open the big Easter egg and get the new blueprint. Press the button, and there you go. There's the advanced UAV you get every single time, which is pretty great to have. And you have your blueprint secret challenge blueprint unlock this will unlock for you only the first time after that you don't need to unlock it however if you're in a squad and you do this together only the first person will get this blueprint unlocked it's not like how the old m113 used to be where if you unlocked it as a team as long as everybody picked it up but unlocked only the first person so if you do this in a squad you have to do a couple people.

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