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If you're struggling to win on Rebirth Island, then this article is for you. I start off all my solo games on Rebirth Island by grabbing a scavenger contract. These are by far the best things to go pick up, as you can get your loadout dropped within 1 minute. Okay, so here I pick up the scavenger contract, get myself a bruin, which is a pretty good kind of ground loot, and just start a weapon course.

If I had my load out, the bruise is still really good, so here guy lands next to me. Me, actually, guy inside this building already. I get one, but the other one lands in, and I just barely kill him, so I had to use a bit of movement to kind of get the first one down, and then the second one was right behind me.

I'm surprised that guy didn't knock go for melee, as I think it would have been dead. Of course, AR9 ruined a pretty good spell loadout, and we've already got one of our scavenger boxes. I can normally get the scavenger box done by around 130 on the timer, but of course we had to fight someone there, so we're going to be doing it as quickly in this game.


On the mini map here, I actually see a few people inside, and this is where I have to go grab my scavenger. So, I went to St. Grenade and tried getting this guy, but, nope, there's actually another one there as well, so kind of run back up. I need to figure out exactly where he's at. There's a Claymore there, so chock that down, so in case this guy runs up and isn't paying attention, he'll run straight into it.

This guy was kind of moving around and really trying to evade me, the Hilo, flying over the control center as well, but I actually see someone at the end of the hallway there, and I almost get him. The MR9 for this kind of close and maybe up to medium range is still pretty decent. I've already got 11, 000, so we can go grab our load-out drop now.

Grab the vehicles; these just got added to Rebirth Island, and it's probably the best way to kind of cross the map. Of course, there are redeployments and also the helicopter, but just regular quad bikes. The tavs are pretty decent as well, and some of the boat vehicles are decent as well. I wouldn't really go into the water myself because you're very open there, but they get more distracted here as well.

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They're kind of moving back, so I don't take any more damage than I really need to load out. It's right over here, so I go pick it up. I was using the MCW p with the cat AMR and found that the cat works very well on rebirth. The one guy here on the compass, because I threw the P radar down, so I get him, but.

Bounties are really good to have as well, just for some money. If your bounty gets poached, you still get paid, so I mean free money back to the loadouts here. The cadar pair with the MCW with the Jack Raven conversion works pretty well, as with this cadar build, you do one shot headshot at all ranges, and actual sprinty and AD speed is pretty decent.

Try getting that guy there, as he's coming back in, but no shots connect. Of course, here we've got 4, 000. I also throw a claymore onto the B station; someone might not be paying attention, and they'll run straight into that, and I actually see a guy coming in, so I end up going after him. MCW at close range is very deadly as well.


I was using it for the whole day and actually won eight games within about a five and a half-hour time period on rebirth solos, so a really good outcome. A guy lands in, and of course with the stalker or the Moos, I think you would have gotten a one-shot kill there, but after that, like 70 to 80 M, it's going to be a three-play break, so the cat Mr.

is instantly on top. Of course, we saw a guy come in here, and I'm just trying to find him, and there he is. I tried taking him out, but there's another one that pushes me. Of course, for the first couple circles, Resurgence is active, so I'm really just going after the kills here. If the strategy comes in at kind of that end zone, fourth circle type, area, it pushes me, and I go prone.

I'm on the mouse and keyboard, so I have to be kind of careful at close range. and I'm happy I got that guy there through the proxy on the body there in case he comes back to go grab his stuff. Someone is shooting on the top of the control center, so I try to go a bit more to the right here, but the guy pops a mosquito drone, and I get hit by that, but he does not challenge me as he's going for that XP crate.

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If you hit those, you get an ammo box, a plate box, and a portable station. I believe some money as well, so they are worth hitting if you want some extra loot right over. Here, pretty easy Bounty kill. This MCW has a very good time to kill at close range. Guy there, I hit him once, but I decided it's probably not worth pushing that.

So another portable radar is down, and you can see the guy is still in that building at the living quarters. I believe I will go pick up yet another bouquet. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to go somewhere else. I really don't like fighting at control centers. It's a bit of a chaos guy here is trying to loot that guy stuff.

That guy might have been the person who ran through the proximity. I'm thinking so. Yeah, grab the redeploy and end up heading to the bu session, as I see someone on the edge over here and I want to go kill him. Of course, we're still going after kills. That's pretty much what you meant to do for the first couple circles.

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I just get this guy, and while running back, I see a guy right here to my right, so I end up pushing even further back. I throw a smoke down, and this gives me some cover. I jump up on top of the vehicle, and I smoke again. Guys, I have no idea where I went, as I'm just sitting on top of the truck.

I believe he's going to be right here in this hot weather. As you can see, get one, and there's actually a guy behind us, so try to challenge him. But something rather unfortunate happened: the person we killed on the stairs actually came back and grabbed his stuff. He's looting there while I'm shooting, and yeah, we got taken out with the Hulga 556, and since we just died, we need to get our stuff back.

I've got 23, 000 from doing the scavenger and a couple bonuses, so we have plenty of money to go land down here by Harbor. I do like Harbor; it's a pretty relaxing spot to go to. There aren't many people that go down here, and pretty much all the necessities load out and drop once again. It seems like the fire cell comes in; at least it's almost every match.


I'm not too sure if it's every single game, but it's definitely worth spending your money on once the fire cell comes in. And usually after that, that's when the resurgence ends, and this is where we kind of want to begin trying to position ourselves and really going after a bit of a win. We're already at 12 kills because we just hunted people for the first three circles.

This video is a Warzone Season 3 guide on how to improve your odds at winning on Rebirth Island. I will be breaking down a 16 kill solo gameplay and showing you some useful tips and tricks so that you can implement these into your own gameplay, start making make less mistakes and win more games.
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