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Rebirth main focus for season 3

Rebirth main focus for season 3

This is very similar to that OG rebirth, where we had Control Center built out like in the Cold War era with a couple of updates and POI, tweaks for the full trailer, and my breakdown. Check out the article in the top left corner for Sky came back with all these crashing divots around the map, but Cod learned from their mistakes and kept it pretty much the same, but there is a lot of content coming at launch and throughout the season for Rebirth Island other than the map being reintroduced.

1 - ranked resurgence

The first off-rank Resurgence will be leaving Fortune SK for season 3 and moving to Rebirth Island for the season. As of right now. I haven't seen anything to confirm if this will be a full rank reset since it is a new map or if you just go down to division like in multiplayer, so if you're in Gold, you go down to Silver Diamonds, go down to Plat, etc., but you have a new map to run and slay out on to rank.

2 - champions quest

Up Reir will also be getting a modified Champions Quest or the new contract like on Ukan and Vondo. Currently, it says that once a certain number of consecutive wins or total number of wins are achieved, the ultimate contract mission will become active, big map, and vondo. I think you needed five wins in a row and 30 total wins in a season to have a shot with that contract, but we'll see if that stays the same for rebirth in the season.

3 & 4 - new modes for rebirth

3 & 4 - new modes for rebirth

We're also getting new modes of rebirth lockdown and rebirth-rebirth reurgence. Loaded rebirth lockdown is going to be vondo lockdown, which is that large hardpoint mode played out on the vondo rebirth map, but it will be played on rebirth, which is obviously a great way to level up new weapons.

Unlock camos and play the map without worrying about your teammates staying alive for those that don't have access or just don't want to play MW3, multiplayer, or rebirth. Resurgence Loaded is going to play very similar to a normal Resurgence match, but you are infilling with your custom loadouts.

So you don't have to worry about looting or anything else; you can just land and start fighting. Resurgence is still in effect, though, so one of your teammates still needs to stay alive for you to come back, and you can switch loadouts in between lives if you need different weapons to get the job done.

5 & 6 - new contract & public event

Some other features Coming is a new contract called Spy Drones, which will have a bunch of drones spawn into an area for you and your team to take out enemies. A third party can easily take out the drones and take the rewards, so check your six Later in the season, there will be a public event called Heavy Armor, which is very similar to the reinforce modes we previously played, where instead of three plates for an additional 150 HP, there will be an extra armor slot, so you can equip up to four for 200 HP.

It will scale with a tempered perk or vest, so to get that full 200 HP, you'll need to throw in three plates, and you get 66 and 23 HP per plate.

7 & 8 - new field upgrades for rebirth only

7 & 8 - new field upgrades for rebirth only

We also have some additional field upgrades that will be rebirth-specific to squad rage. This will be a combination of portable decontamination, a station, and battle rage. It seems like when activating, it removes the gas around you and grants you the effect of battle rage on you and the teammates nearby, giving you resistance to tacticals.

Infinite tactical sprints increase health and health regeneration. They're really trying to bring back gas plays because, combined with a PDS, maybe some Sims, and a gas mask, you'll be able to wait out the gas for a long time. The other new equipment is the utility box, which was in DMZ last year, not 100% about War Zone 2, but is the combo of the armor and the Munitions box, where you get fully kitted out and all extra ammo lethal, tacticals, or armor plates will still pop out for you and your team to carry extra later in season.

We got two major elements coming to the island there.

9 - variations of rebirth in rotation

There will be variations of rebirth that will randomly happen when you infill, which will change the lighting of the map. You can also get a clear blue sky rebirth, which, thank God, kept the fog around. The community was a huge fan of it when it was on Vondo, so Big W there, you can also get a clear blue sky rebirth or Dawn Sunset rebirth. Sometimes the change in weather and lighting will last the whole match, and other times it'll change throughout the game, so it's kind of cool that we're getting a sense of dynamic weather coming to Call of Duty.

10 - dynamic map changes

10 - dynamic map changes

The other major feature is random map changes that will alter certain points. According to Ren software, players will have a rare chance to encounter an infield strike that will alter one of three possible points at the start of a match.

The three points that could be hit are a water tower right outside a prison itself with a giant hole in the center. Then lastly, the lighthouse that looks to make a little ramp between the prison roof and the lighthouse building, solid possibilities of little twists that can make playing on rebirth feel a little different every time you load in.

11 - 13 - returning features for rebirth


A couple of returning features also in season are the weapon trade stations, where you could deposit a weapon and get a random reward based on the weapon. Rarity, the move was to get down and wipe on someone that had their loadi and then trade them in so they come back they can't find their stuff and you more than likely come out with a UAV and some stacks of cash specialist will also return where you will get all MW3, perks active, as well as the foursight kill streak that shows all the future circles for that match.

14 - rebirth island easter eggs

Lastly, it It looks like Easter eggs will be there on day one, as we got this section of unsubstantiated. Intel coming to launch Rebirth Island has always had some great Easter eggs for Big Time Rewards, so look forward to trying this out as people start figuring out what we have to do, but that about wraps it up for this article.

I appreciate you all hanging with me, but above all, stay safe out there, and I'll catch you in the

There are 14 Major Updates to Rebirth Island coming in Season 3 for Call of Duty Warzone. Here is a full breakdown of everything confirmed so far from Call of Duty for Rebirth Island. Quick Summary. -Rebirth Island Returns.
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